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M Line Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: MLHC) a Sub Penny to Stay Away From


The article on MLHC has been deleted. We made the mistake of writing about something MLHC and ECEZ management posted on twitter which never materialized. We have received emails from users suggeseting we were trying to decieve people however this is not the case. We reported the news on MLHC as it was happening and management than decided to delete their tweets making it look like we were inventing stuff. We were just writing about what seemed important at the time and what everyone was talking about was the twitter messages from ECEZ and MLHC management so we reported on it.

Because of what has occured we will never write on anything posted on twitter again. We will only report on what is on the filings, press releases and the Company’s corporate website.

Disclosure: we hold no position in MLHC either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.



  1. Avatar

    When is the retraction article coming out re ECEZ and false info on buying M Line. Second largest fraudulent posts this week from hacked accounts. The other is ARCS

  2. Boe Rimes

    There is a reason why so many of these microcap companies post on twitter; becuase its not official and its easy to delete. Dont believe anything microcap companies post on their twitter accounts and dont talk to the ceo or believe anythnig they say

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