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Ambitious Vision for Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS: TRTC)


Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS: TRTC) – is a really exciting company that has its supporters and its detractors especially after the last quarterly report but nobody can dispute the incredible transformation that has taken place with Terra Tech over the last few years led by founder and CEO Derek Peterson. When TRTC first hit the OTCBB 5 years ago the Company had big plans but no revenues and no real business just like so many other over the counter cannabis stocks of the day. That is certainly not that case now with Terra Tech; last quarter aside Terra Tech has made something of itself.

Although it missed expectations Terra Tech reported revenues of approximately $7.1 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2018, compared with $10.1 million in the same period in 2017. This decrease was due to lower IVXX revenues due to the production facilities of IVXX currently being relocated to an upgraded facility that will facilitate an increase in production to support greater distribution throughout California.  Project completion is estimated to be in the fourth quarter of 2018. Sales at Blüm Oakland and Blum Santa Ana at the dispensaries were impacted by higher California state excise tax rates effective January 1, 2018, which affected demand.

Terra Tech Corp is a rapidly expanding vertically integrated cannabis-focused agriculture company that operates through multiple subsidiary businesses including: Blüm, IVXX Inc., Edible Garden, and MediFarm LLC. Blm’s retail and medical cannabis facilities provide the highest quality medical cannabis and has a strong footprint in Nevada currently operating its Blüm, Desert Inn Road and Blüm, Decatur Boulevard dispensaries, both of which are located in Las Vegas, as well as its Blüm Reno dispensary, in Northwest Nevada. The Company also recently purchased a retail property in downtown Las Vegas, located at 121 North Fourth Street, which it plans to convert into a Blüm retail dispensary. As owners of medical and adult-use cannabis business licenses in Las Vegas associated with these dispensaries, Terra Tech has the ability to apply for additional licenses based on its grandfather status. The company has two pending applications for additional retail permits in Las Vegas.

Terra Tech operates a 30,000 square foot cultivation facility in Sparks, Nevada and a 15,000 square foot extraction lab in Reno, Nevada, both of which it owns 50% in conjunction with NuLeaf. These facilities are driving a ramp in production of the Company’s proprietary, premium quality, IVXX-branded wholesale cannabis for the medical and adult-use markets. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Edible Garden, cultivates a premier brand of local and sustainably grown hydroponic produce, sold through major grocery stores such as ShopRite, Walmart, Ahold, Aldi, Meijer, Kroger, Stop & Shop and others nationwide. Terra Tech’s MediFarm LLC subsidiaries are focused on medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation and permitting businesses throughout Nevada.

At  the top of every Terra Tech Investors mind is the recently announced merge with Golden Leaf Holdings subsequent to the quarter end. Golden Leaf operates seven retail stores, six of which operate under the “Chalice Farms” brand, in Golden Leaf’s home market, Oregon, as well as indoor/outdoor cultivation and production facilities. It also has a wide selection of wholesale products including cannabis infused “Golden” fruit chews, “Golden Tinctures” offered in orange, cherry, mint and strawberry flavors, “Golden Private Stash” distillate vape cartridges, and its Golden CBD product lines. Moreover, combining forces with Golden Leaf would give Terra Tech an entry point into Canada’s market.

Consummation of the transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including entering into a mutually agreed definitive arrangement agreement, completion of due diligence, the waiting period for the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, state and local regulatory approvals, approval by the Ontario courts, Terra Tech board approval, Golden Leaf receiving a positive fairness opinion, Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”) approval and Golden Leaf shareholder and board approval.

The new Company would control 41 Permits Across Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Spanning Oregon, California and Nevada, in Addition to 21 Pending Permit Applications in Multiple Jurisdictions Throughout the U.S. As a condition of closing, Terra Tech will be required to list its shares on the CSE. Golden Leaf currently boasts $20 million in assets and just announced quarterly revenues of US$5.1 million for Q3 2018, compared to US$3.1 million for Q3 2017.

Upon closing, Derek Peterson “The Public Spokesperson for Medical and Legalized Marijuana”  & TRTC CEO would remain in his position. Mr. Peterson is a former Vice President at Morgan Stanley. He left Wall Street because he saw a huge opportunity in medical marijuana. His vision is setting up growing facilities in various states to grow herbs such as basil and thyme with plans to switch to Marijuana production as state laws permit.

Derek Peterson commented “As new participants enter the cannabis industry the market is undergoing rapid consolidation. The companies that are vertically integrated with strong brands and multi-jurisdictional operations are best situated to achieve scale and retain market-leading positions. We are planning to merge with Golden Leaf’s operations because its seed-to-sale business model is complementary to ours, encompassing both the Oregon and Canadian market which represent new markets for us, and touching Nevada where we are focused on gaining market share.

We will be updating on TRTC when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with TRTC.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in TRTC either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.


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  1. I held stock in this company. Witj-in 3 weeks of the purchase of my stock they Stoll 93% of my stock and over inflated the price. Since this move … The stock price has gone down further and further each day. All I want is my money back. There is no way that I will ever invest another dime with this corrupt company ever again. They are crooks !!! And I fully believe this is fraud!!!

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