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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Boe Rimes

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Swift Rise of Amazonas Florestal Ltd (AZFL) Pink Current, Green America Labs (GAL) Florida Hemp Oil Extraction Facility & Move on Mexican Cannabis Markets

Amazonas Florestal Ltd (AZFL) is making a highly explosive move up the charts in recent months out of the triple zeroes to recent highs...

Major Move on MRPI (Mera Pharmaceuticals, Inc) As Benny Doro Proprietor of All Your Foods & Subsidiary All Your Meals Becomes New Majority Owner

MRPI (Mera Pharmaceuticals, Inc) has skyrocketed out of deep sub penny land in recent months and continues to see new highs as Benny Doro...

Powerful Move on iMD Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICBU) As Co Posts Financials, Goes Pink Current & Enters Crypto Space

iMD Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICBU) has been making a strong move up the charts in recent weeks as the Company goes pink current and enters...

NTF Play ProTek Capital Inc (OTCMKTS: PRPM) Heating Up As Co Goes Pink Current & Acquires Black Dragon Resource (BDGR)

ProTek Capital Inc (OTCMKTS: PRPM) has been on the move in recent months heading northbound as the stock quickly gets noticed by investors who...

Oil at Peregrine; EEENF (88 Energy) Commences Drilling the Merlin-1 (Herrier-1 & Herrier Deep to Follow) Targeting 1.638 bbl

EEENF (88 Energy) has seen a massive surge of volume in recent days and is beginning to move northbound as the stock quickly gets...

The Swift Rise of VITX (Vitana-X) Major Global Expansion (MLM, Immune-X, Vitana Revival)

Vitana-X, Inc (OTC: VITX) is one of those fast runners that penny stocks speculators dream about recently skyrocketing out of the triple zeroes to...

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