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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Cannabis Kinetics Corp (OTCBB:CANK) Keeps Heading Upwards!

Cannabis Kinetics Corp (OTCBB:CANK) recently announced an agreement to supply Monarch brand Coco Coir growing medium to an established Colorado based retail and grow facility management company with multiple locations.

Cannabis Kinetics anticipates that it will supply between 1,000 and 1,500 bags of Monarch Coco Coir per month on an on-going basis to the purchaser, potentially generating approximately $250,000 in annualized revenue for the Company. The purchaser currently provides branding and fulfillment services to multiple retail outlets and growing facilities in the Denver area.

“This deal to provide an established retail operator and grow facility management company with a long-term supply of our Monarch brand of Coco Coir growing medium is an excellent example of the tangible synergies we are trying to create and leverage between our various businesses,” commented Eric Hagen, CEO of Cannabis Kinetics Corp. “We are confident that in the near future we will continue to utilize our expanding network of contacts and expertise within the sector to develop and implement many new opportunities for Cannabis Kinetics in Colorado and in other states across the country.”

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Coco Coir is an all-natural growing medium made from ground coconut husks popular among commercial and home growers and other indoor and outdoor gardening operations. Cannabis Kinetics acquires, markets, and distributes the highest quality Coco Coir from India and Sri Lanka under its national Monarch brand.

Cannabis Kinetics Corp (OTCBB:CANK) is a fully integrated cannabis management company with an office location in the Westminster suburb of Denver, Colorado. Founded and managed by experienced marijuana industry professionals, the Company has targeted various opportunities in the Colorado marijuana marketplace with a focus on the management of recreational and medical marijuana retail dispensaries, the management of licensed marijuana cultivation facilities, production and distribution of hemp and marijuana infused food & beverage and ancillary products.

Additionally, CANK will provide management of retail and wholesale operations for grow stores and intends to pursue additional business opportunities within manufacturing, equipment leasing, real estate, product licensing and distribution, and other strategic acquisitions. Cannabis Kinetics anticipates expanding this business model into other select marijuana friendly states.

On October 17 CANK announced that it has signed the definitive agreement for the purchase of the operating assets of The Big Tomato, an established Denver area store, warehouse distribution facility, and online hydroponics and indoor garden supplier.

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As per terms of the binding Merger Agreement, Cannabis Kinetics will acquire all the operating assets of The Big Tomato for a total purchase price of $2,400,000 in cash ($400,000 payable at closing and the balance payable over two years in eight (8) equal installments of $250,000 commencing six months from the closing), and 3,000,000 restricted common shares of Company stock.

“The successful acquisition of the The Big Tomato and its established operations will be a significant, positive milestone event for all Cannabis Kinetics stakeholders. The acquisition will mark the start of our strategy to build momentum for both The Big Tomato and our proprietary Monarch brand on a national basis,” commented Eric Hagen, CEO of Cannabis Kinetics Corp. “In addition to providing an immediate revenue stream of approximately $200,000 per month to the Company, this acquisition provides access to The Big Tomato’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced staff to build and leverage our cannabis sector consulting business in each new market we plan to expand into.”

The rumored phone room from Indiana and the $300,000 Investors edge Promotion should help to push this one up. One thing longs are betting on is that the Cannabis sector will heat up again as The Florida Right to Medical Marijuana initiative, Amendment 2 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in the state of Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure, upon voter approval, would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

To find out what OTCMAGIC projects for Cannabis Kinetics Corp (OTCBB:CANK) for both short term and long term please click here; CANK

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  1. The “War on Marijuana” has been a complete and utter failure. It is the largest component of the broader yet equally unsuccessful “War on Drugs” that has cost our country over a trillion dollars.

    Instead of The United States wasting Billions upon Billions more of our tax dollars fighting a never ending “War on Marijuana”, lets generate Billions of dollars, and improve the deficit instead. It’s a no brainer.

    The Prohibition of Marijuana has also ruined the lives of many of our loved ones. In numbers greater than any other nation, our loved ones are being sent to jail and are being given permanent criminal records which ruin their chances of employment for the rest of their lives, and for what reason?

    Marijuana is way safer to consume than alcohol. Yet do we lock people up for choosing to drink?

    Even The President of the United States has used marijuana. Has it hurt his chances at succeeding in life? If he had gotten caught by the police during his college years, he may have very well still been in prison today! Beyond that, he would then be fortunate to even be able to find a minimum wage job that would consider hiring him with a permanent criminal record.Let’s end this hypocrisy now!

    The government should never attempt to legislate morality by creating victim-less marijuana “crimes” because it simply does not work and costs the taxpayers a fortune.

    Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that’s approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

    Legalize Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!

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