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GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) hit the bb’s in April at around $0.80 a share and ran to highs of $1.06 on big volume. Since then the stock has been in steady decline recently hitting a low of $0.11 a share.

GROG was a Glossy Hard Mailer promotion from Stockstars.biz, Still in its first days of trading we will post the details of the hard mailer once we see a copy of it. GROG started trading on the bb’s in November of last year after the name change from Lisboa Leisure Inc.

GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) aims to become a leading producer of natural plant growth health technologies. The Company’s ‘AgraBurst’ is neither a fertilizer nor herbicide. The product is a plant growth technology blended from processed extracts of natural plant materials that directly improves the positive effects of commercial fertilizers and available nutrients.

GroGenesis latest product, “AgraBlast” is an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to synthetic fungicides. When used in combination, the Company offers an innovative solution for the control of plant pathogenic fungi and for plant remediation and stimulation of yields.

While the GroGenesis’ technology functions as a stand-alone product that significantly increases crop yields, it also integrates with, and enhances many widely used, mass-produced agricultural products. AgraBurst™ and AgraBlast can be tank-mixed or blended prior to application to significantly enhance the effectiveness of fertilizers and herbicides or combined with existing products during the manufacturing stage.

The scalable, synergistic nature of the Company’s technology makes it ideally suited for adoption by large-scale, vertically integrated food production interests. Global agribusiness leaders such as Dupont, Syngenta, Agrium, Uralkali and many others are focused on maximizing agricultural yields by consistently integrating advances in technology into their existing supply chains.

Because GroGenesis technology significantly enhances commercial crop yields — particularly in less than ideal soil conditions — it is positioned to serve leading global agribusiness interests at the forefront of global fertilizer production and agricultural innovation. While the Company is at an early stage, it may ultimately suit an acquisition strategy, or widespread commercial licensing of its patent-pending technology to both U.S. and multinational agribusiness interests.

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In September GROG announced meetings were held in August with Cuban Trade Officials with additional meetings planned for November.

Company representatives met with City of Camagueey Chamber of Commerce representatives on August 20th 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to open dialogue and identify an opportunity to develop a strategic alliance with the agricultural arm of the Government of Cuba. The meeting clearly identified the existence of an opportunity for GroGenesis to work in conjunction with the Cuban Government towards building a program to aid in providing sustainable agricultural practices. The thrust of the conversation was principally focussed on increasing the production of food crops in addition to enhancing the overall nutritional value of the food sources. During the meeting the Company presented the following key points regarding its products;

On November 9 GROG announced the appointment of David Colburn to the Board of Directors effective immediately.

David Colburn has over thirty (30) years of operating and executive level experience in public and private enterprises serving as President/CEO of six (6) companies and Chief Operating Officer of two companies. He has had P&L and revenue responsibility for companies with revenues from $8 million to $7 billion. He has an extensive operating background in automotive, industrial, technology and manufacturing.

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Currently trading at a $9 million market valuation GROG has minimal assets, minimal revenues and growing short term debt. The stock was subject to a hard mailer promotion which did not last long and only managed to lift the stock to $1.06 from $0.80 and has collapsed since then. Investors are hoping the Company which bills itself as a rights holder, developer and manufacturer of innovative agricultural enhancement products marketed under the trade names “AgraBurst” and “AgraBlast can see a signiicant comeback once a bottom has been established. We will be updating GROG as events unfold so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what is going on with GROG.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in GROG either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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