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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Meta Materials Inc (OTCMKTS: MMTLP) Short Squeeze is ON as George Palikaras Tweets S1 is Effective Giving Next Bridge Hydrocarbons Shorts 15 Days to Cover

Meta Materials Inc (OTCMKTS: MMTLP) is gearing up for an enormous week ahead after Geroge Palikalas tweeted on Friday after the close that the S1 is now effective and John Brda retweeted the tweet and pinned it to the top of his twitter page. Expect the filing on Monday and a press release from Nextbridge detailing what day MMTLP will stop trading. From Monday when the S1 is filed shorts will have 15 days to cover the estimated 80 million + shares sold short and if they don’t cover their broker will cover their shares for them.  

There is a brand new updated article on MMTLP published on November 24 HERE:

MMTLP has quickly emerged as the number #1 trending stock right now on Stocktwits and its not even close and Reddit is the same. On the subreddit ShortSqueeze,  two of the top three most upvoted posts are on MMTLP and the S1 approval and the excitement is palpable. $100 per share is being thrown around as a base for the stock in the coming says as brokers start covering their clients shorts in mass. It has also been widely shared now that top brokers are contacting shareholders with large blocks of MMTLP in their accounts to get them to lend or sell their shares.

ImageTuesday 4PM Close MMTLP Update: MMTLP continued to climb throughout the day hitting a high of $12.50 per share before an aggressive short attack at the end of the day took the price to lows of $9.20 before MMTLP rebounded to close at $10.20 per share. The short attack once again confirms that the MMTLP shorts are beginning to get desperate and represents another attempt to get shares by triggering stop loss orders. We have had many of these types of attacks over the past few weeks and it does not take long for the stock to recover completely. The price to beat now is 12.50, a break over and MMTLP will really take off. We gave the heads up on MMTLP initially on October 16 in this article found here when MMTLP was $4 per share. We will be updating on MMTLP in the next few days so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily be entering your email in the box below. 

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Meta Materials Inc (OTCMKTS: MMTLP) is the placeholder for the Next Bridge Hydrocarbons Spin off from Meta Materials. One MMTLP (Series A Preferred share) will be exchanged into one Next Bridge common share once the spinoff is completed. Next Bridge Hydrocarbons is exclusively developing its Orogrande Basin asset, the Orogrande Project, located in West Texas. The Orogrande Project has shown to have potential for multi-stack pay zone, totaling 600 to 800 feet thick, with geologic and reservoir similarities to the Midland Basin. 134,000 Net Acres, 3,150 Potential Well Locations and 3.2B to 3.7B potential Recovery (BBL)

As we said on the subreddit ShortSqueeze,  two of the top three most upvoted posts are on MMTLP:

In reply to the post: “S1 is now effective $MMAT $MMTLP”  dbCaeBLe posted: “It’s mostly speculation, but short interest on MMTLP by SEC says over 6 million, but the div came from a merger and over 68 million were on record date and there no evidence of almost half the available shares being bought back. Many are trapped overseas from what we understand and can’t buy or sell. Been trapped since the merger. Brokerages will force close on their behalf. Then add the millions of FTDs that have to be settled. Shit’s about to explode.”
In response to the post: “now that MMTLP has confirmed S1 is live” sparkit420 posted:“Allowed to cover ? Not sure what you mean. If there are half as many synthetics out there as I suspect this is the catalyst that I have patiently waited for over the last 12 months. One interesting point is if you follow the OG’s from TRCH ( Reddit/MMAT ) they have been getting phone calls from brokers to either sell or loan their shares. Makes me wonder why the newer owners aren’t getting the same call. Some own a ton of shares but NO CALL. Do we all own synthetics? Could be. Any way about it fooking HODL it’s gonna be a wild ride!”
On the subreddit MMTLP u/saitamaaaaaaah posted: “Around what price do you think MMTLP will peak? Why that number? There seems to be a big difference in expectations. Obviously, we have big gains incoming but I’m seeing a lot of $100+ speculations recently. Is such a thing even possible? Edit: Thanks for all the well thought out responses! I’m now pretty damn sure we’re going $100+! Who knows what we’ll see from there. Regardless, we’re all lucky to have found such an insane opportunity, especially with the wreckage that most of the market is right now. God speed everyone!
(The poll offered the choices $20, $40, $60, $80, $100, $500 and the most common responses were $20, $100, and $500 with $500 being the most voted on number)
Redhfx22 replied: “The shorts will be FORCED to cover in a short time frame. That’s the key thing to remember: Both MMAT and MMTLP are heavily shorted. If we hold tight, the last 2-3 days will see insane price appreciation. The company is going private. The shorts MUST cover. Lack of supply plus insane pressure equals a “Name our price” situation. This doesn’t happen all that often. MMAT is a great company. I truly believe its share price has been keeping pace with MMTLP at around 17% of its share price. In other words, when MMTLP reaches $100, I believe MMAT will reach $17.00. IF I’m right, the shorts will also be forced to cover those shares. DO NOT SELL MMAT DURING THE MMTLP SQUEEZE!

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Rollerpigeons stated: About a half hour ago George Palikaras tweeted that the S1 is effective. This means it has been approved by the SEC and FINRA. Monday is go time. I expect Monday you will see an edger filing with the dates as well as a pr about Nextbridge and when the last day for MMTLP will be and what day MMTLP will go bye…..Remember on MMLTP there are no options there is no after market or pre market trading. It works in our favor being on the OTC expect it to go from $10 $15 $20 that quickly to $100 very quickly. Price can go much more quickly on the OTC compared to a national exchange like NASDAQ where it can be halted. There are no volatility halts on the OTC so it can go up very quickly. Remember your trading, have a plan. I don’t start selling my shares until the triple digits because again I look at the underlying value of the oil and gas for the Orogrande and I think about getting shares in a big oil Company which will be a tax free event. Those shares will be getting quarterly dividends as well as value in a big oil Company. I have talked about how on previous oil deals the stock would go up when acquiring oil and gas assets. Image how much that stock would go up; big oil, if they acquired 3.2 billion barrels of oil and all the natural gas. It’s coming to fruiting, know your emotions and have a good plan. 

In an image currently being widely circulated online the second largest shareholder of MMTLP states: (please note, there is no proof if this is true or not)  “$MMTLP This is your #2 shareholder reporting back (17.8 million shares). TD Ameritrade just stopped my ability to purchase more shares because I would not lend or sell my shares. They have been bugging me over the last few over the last few weeks to “play ball with them” by lending or selling my shares. Other fellow holders have given me a similar story. Bottom line, this tells you there are not enough shares to clear TD’s books. This also explains why the limit “ask” continues to rise and is now above $350. They are doing this to understand the cost for the shares they need to close out shorts, if necessary. IMO do not lend out shares and do not set limit sale orders with stops or trailing stops. The stock price will start to move violently up and down in attempt to shake your confidence and grab your shares. Know what you hold. Go for the gold. This is not financial advice. just one person’s opinion. Good luck all. Stay strong.” He continues: “Bought 80,000 more shares yesterday to get to 16.45 million shares. Lots of day traders and desperate shorts in the same pie fight today. TD allowed me to place a $300 sale limit yesterday. They wouldn’t allow that unless they thought the (imminent) squeeze could (would) get there. AMC was pure luck and I was there. This play is based on known asset values. Life changing wealth is in front of us, oil friends. Hang tough. W. Stuart.  

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Currently rocketing up the charts MMTLP made new highs of $9.95 last week, a price point which we expect it will eclipse in the first 10 minutes of trading on Monday if not faster, then its blue skies ahead for MMTLP with zero resistance and a very loyal shareholder base who swears they won’t even think about selling for less than $100 per share. With 15 days to cover 80 million shares or more we expect brokers to start covering heavily Monday for their clients. It’s becoming evident that top brokers are beginning to realize they are going to have a really hard time clearing their books on MMTLP and it all has to be done in the next 15 calendar days and the count started Friday at 4pm.  We will be updating on MMTLP in the next few days so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily.com

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MMTLP either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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