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Sunday, November 27, 2022

ML Capital Group Inc (OTCBB:MLCG) Drops the Extra D

ML Capital Group Inc (OTCBB:MLCG) continues to move lower in recent days since the Company affected a 1 for 4000 reverse stock split in April.

The Company said in April they have developed their own exclusive product line of 30ml/30mg CBD E-liquids with 10 exotic new flavors, expanding the Superstar product line and customer demographic.

The 10 Exotic Flavors being added to Superstar’s growing list of selections are “Strawberry”, “Blueberry”, “Grape”, “Gummy Bear”, “Tropical”, “Pina Colada”, “Raspberry”, “Mango”, “Kiwi” and a “Natural CBD” Flavor. The Company is intent on developing a substantial presence in the industry by continuing to enhance and add variety to the Vapor world & Medicinal industries.

ML Capital Group Inc (OTCBB:MLCG) primary business consists of producing products and providing services that support the medical marijuana industry and that enhance the lives of the patients that have turned to medical marijuana/cannabis to manage their various ailments.

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The Company is currently producing and marketing its products and services under the SuperStar Products(R) brand name, including vapor pens, mobile applications, and books. The focus of the Company is to sell products and services that do not include the growing, manufacture, or distribution of medical marijuana, cannabis, or cannabis by-products. This places the ML Capital Group, Inc. as one of the safest types of companies to invest in within the entire medical marijuana industry.

On April 22 MCLG announced it has organized for sweeping nationwide expansion, beginning with the retaining of five Sales Executives representing five new demographic territories over three states.

In this initial phase, the Company has strategized to bolster representation in Hampton, New Hampshire, Portland, Maine, Chicopee, Around Orange, and Littleton, Massachusetts. ML Capital has also increased its presence with the addition of three stores in Colorado and four in New Hampshire which will be carrying its inventory.

The Company was also represented at the UMass 420 Amherst Extravaganja; a “pro-pot protestival” where crowds gather annually to raise awareness against marijuana prohibition and celebrate its numerous years of advocating for reform and responsible use. Moreover, the Company presented at Life Style Glass Gallery, which turned out to be a great success.

“We are extremely pleased with how well received we were at these great events. With the addition of our new Sales Executives, the expansion of territories, the enhancement of our product line, and the fact that our products are being sent out almost faster than we can replenish, we believe that we are primed for exponential growth. We have had to order more product in almost every 2 weeks, as the demand has just continued to increase,” stated Lisa Nelson, Founder and President, ML Capital Group. She concluded, “We are thrilled to be part of such a great thriving business at the prime of robust industry growth.”

ML Group recently announced six fresh flavor additions consisting of “Yummy Candy”, “Honey Berry”, “Raspberry Vanilla”, “Cupcake”, “Carmel Macchiato”, “Red Tobacco” & “Dolce De Leche”. Furthermore, the Company has also enhanced its Product Line with an additional 12 new E-Liquids divided into 6 – 30/70 – VG/PG Blends and 6 – 10/90 – VG/PG Blends; another selection of robust quality formulas that have been in high demand among consumers.

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Currently drifting in oblivion after the 1 for 4000 reverse split MLCG has minimal assets or revenues and rising short term debt that can and will lead to dilution. The Company is the of the Superstar Vapor Pen(TM), the Superstar Dispensaries smart phone application, and Superstar Medical Marijuana Recipe Book and still maintains a level of interest from Investors. We will be updating on MLCG on a daily basis so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily.com so you know what is going on with MLCG.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MLCG either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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