NaturalShrimp Inc. (OTCQB: SHMP) Stock Price Attempts to Grow


NaturalShrimp Inc. (OTCQB: SHMP) stock saw a massive surge in value in early February 2019, when the price surged from barely above $0 to being just shy from $1. The surge ended abruptly, and the price came back down, although it was stopped by a strong support level at $0.2. The support allowed the price to bounce back up and grow once again, although this surge was significantly weaker, reaching only $0.6 by the end of February. Since then, the price has been on a decline, until it approached the support at $0.2 in mid-March. While it remained rather close to this level ever since, there were a few weak attempts at growth, although the stock value mostly remained caged between its bottom at $0.2 and its resistance at $0.3.

About NaturalShrimp

As the name suggests, NaturalShrimp Inc. is a shrimp-farming firm that is working on developing new technology for producing fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp. The company seeks to produce its product reliably, as well as economically, but in an indoor, saltwater, re-circulating facility.

Its design is both bio-secure, as well as eco-friendly, as it doesn’t rely on the ocean water. Instead, the company recreates the environment of the shrimp’s natural habitat, precisely replicating it in any area of the world.

This type of technology has allowed NaturalShrimp to become the leader in the closed-system shrimp farming industry. The production of gourmet-grade shrimp is being done without the use of any kind of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, or probiotics. The company began its research and development back in 2001 when it started creating high-density, self-contained aquaculture system. As a result, it is capable of producing fresh shrimp every week throughout the year.

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NaturalShrimp growth and expansion

NaturalShrimp’s main goal is to change the seafood industry with its new technology, which has made the company very popular around the world. In early 2019, the company announced that they are ready to enter the next phase of development of their tech, which will allow them to expand their products and introduce even more saltwater species.

That way, the company will still be able to provide seafood to customers around the world without having to harvest shrimp from its natural habitat and endanger the environment. The company’s stock price surged in February, as mentioned, which came at the time when they placed an additional equipment order that would allow them to expand to LaCoste, Texas.

This expansion is one of the main reasons why their stock price surged. While the price started dropping soon after the initial hype, another surge came after the firm announced that they completed the testing stage of their patented technology. Only days later, the firm announced a fresh shrimp delivery to Mardi Gras event in Northern California, which truly exposed them to the eyes of the world.

The final massive move by the firm came only a bit over a week ago when they announced the delivery of new water treatment systems toward full production.

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With this type of growth and development, NaturalShrimp holds the potential to change the seafood industry in an environmentally-friendly way forever. As such, the company will gain a lot of support from all corners of the world. While its price is currently low, and so is its’ market cap, being at only $56 million, this is one of the companies with a very bright future ahead of them as the awareness of their environmentally-friendly way of enjoying seafood begins to rise. We will be updating on NaturalShrimp when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with NaturalShrimp.

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