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PHI Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PHIL) Running Northbound as M&A Player to Acquire 51% Equity Ownership in Van Phat Dat Export Joint Stock Company

PHI Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PHIL) has been on the move northbound since the Company reported its subsidiary Philux Global Trade Inc has signed an agreement to acquire 51% of Vietnam-based Van Phat Dat Export Joint Stock Company (“VPD”).  The closing of this transaction is scheduled to occur by October 15, 2022, unless extended by both parties. Philux Global Trade Inc will hold the 51% equity ownership in VPD and plans to file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to become a fully reporting public company in the United States. Van Phat Dat Export Joint Stock Company is primarily engaged in the export of agricultural and forestry products, raw materials and live animals. VPD’s revenues were approximately $40 million during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, with a net profit of $377,000. Philux Global Group Inc. has identified other targets in the same industry and intends to use Philux Global Trade Inc. as a platform to acquire them in a roll-up strategy to pull resources together, cut down on operational costs, and increase revenues. For more on this go here. 

We have been covering M&A player PHIL for a while now as they focus building out the world class Asia Diamond Exchange project (“ADE”) in Vietnam. The stock has a history of big moves skyrocketing from current levels to just under $0.02 per share in summer 2021. The Company is currently involved in a number of acquisitions several of which include KOTA Energy Group LLC and KOTA Construction LLC deals for $64 million and the $100 million acquisition of Five Grain Treasure Spirits Co., PHIL recently launched the C02 token on DigiFinex with a weekly volume of more than US$ 25 million at tone point. Also, recently the Company’s subsidiary, Empire Spirits, Inc., launched the first U.S. distilled USDA organic baijiu, a joint venture with Five-Grain Treasure Spirits Co., Ltd., to produce ultra-premium organic baijiu spirits to be distilled in the United States. PHIL has a large international following that could be a huge benefit as the stock is on the move again. PHIL is showing a lot of strength here holding the gains it made on August 22 very well and certainly looks like another leg up may be coming.

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PHI Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PHIL) is a diversified holding company currently sponsoring PHILUX Global Funds (a group of Luxembourg bank funds), developing the Asia Diamond Exchange project (“ADE”) in Vietnam, engaging in mergers and acquisitions and investing in special situations (www.co2-1-0.io) subsidiaries include (i) PHILUX Capital Advisors, Inc., a Wyoming company specializing in mergers and acquisitions and international capital markets, and (ii) PHILUX Global Funds, a Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund, with various sub-funds designed for investment in real estate, blockchain and crypto technologies, agriculture, healthcare, and energy, etc. For more on the Asia diamond exchange read our previous articles on PHIL. 

Earlier this year, PHI Group entered into a Business Cooperation Agreement with Siennalyn Gold Mining Corporation, a Philippine company with principal address at 19 Quezon Street, Del Rey Ville 1, Baesa, Quezon City, Philippines (“SGMC”), represented by Ms. Fe Melchora B. Alam, its Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, in order to cooperate with other to finance, develop, mine and process the mineral assets under the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) denominated as 076-97-IX granted by the Philippine Government through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) to Siennalyn Gold Mining Corporation, which covers 4,116 hectares contract area situated in the Municipalities of RT Lim, Ipil and Tinay of the Province of Zamboanga Sibugay, Republic of Philippines. Gold – It has been delineated and estimated that approximately 500,000 ounces of gold deposits exist in the SGMC MPSA area, particularly in the Sto. Rosario prospect and Nanao prospect of the area.  The property also has significant copper reserves based on the Technical Report (NI-43-101) prepared by Geologist Gregorio S. Hutalle, Jr.

Also, in February PHIL signed a LOI with KOTA Energy Group LLC and KOTA Construction LLC dated December 08, 2021 to acquire 50.1% of the equity interest of each of these companies which equity interest shall be common equity with economic rights pari-passu with that held by the founders of Sellers. 

KOTA provides solutions for solar energy to residential and commercial customers, with unique competitive advantages. Separated into two separate and unique companies, KOTA Energy Group (KEG) serves as the sales engine with some of the industry’s top talent in sales. KEG, as one of the fastest growing companies in solar, sold over 10 Megawatts in 2021 bringing in over $12M in revenue. KOTA Construction (KC) is a premier installer with one of the best reputations in the industry for quality and service. KC as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) side of KOTA has over $50M in contracts and 14 Megawatts under management from 2021. KOTA prioritizes itself to have the best employee and customer experience possible, through its high standard of installation quality, its industry leading technology platforms, which enable increased sales volume, while maintaining fast, and transparent project timelines. Its strategic partnerships with key players in the solar industry have increased margins, while delivering top tier products to customers without sacrificing quality. KOTA’s guiding core values of “Become, Create, Give” have been the driving factor in decision making that have led it to become the most highly sought-after solar company to work with in the solar industry. Website for KOTA: https://www.kotasolar.com. 

In April the Company’s subsidiary, Empire Spirits, Inc., launched the first U.S. distilled USDA organic baijiu, a joint venture with Five-Grain Treasure Spirits Co., Ltd., a company with over one hundred years of tradition in Jilin Province, China. The product will mark the first in a series of ultra-premium organic baijiu spirits to be distilled in the United States. Baijiu, a white spirit distilled from sorghum, similar to vodka but with a fragrant aroma and taste, is the world’s most consumed spirit that boasts sales of over USD 83 billion. Priced up to 10X that of a similarly aged Scotch Whiskey, baijiu is considered the king of all spirits. 

Empire Spirits, in cooperation with Five Grain Treasure Spirits Co., plans to use the finest, organically grown sorghum from Kansas and distill the product in California. The baijiu will then be shipped to China, where it will mature in our underground warehouses. In China, where over 90% of baijiu is consumed, there has been a concern in recent times of the safety of Chinese-made foods, particularly consumables. The Chinese have long realized their land, air and water are badly tainted. As Chinese consumers look increasingly to international goods, organic baijiu is one of the products that will fill a large void. 

PHIL has also signed and LOI to acquire a seventy percent (70%) ownership in Five-Grain Treasure Spirits Co., Ltd., a company with over one hundred years of tradition in Jilin Province, China, for a total purchase price of one hundred million U.S. dollars (USD 100,000,000), to be paid primarily in three tranches. The Closing of this transaction is scheduled to occur upon the payment of the final tranche on September 18, 2022. 

CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP., a subsidiary of PHI Group, Inc, PHIL, aims to provide a solution to the disruptive new carbon market (voluntary and compliance market) using blockchain-crypto technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and Six Sigma (6σ) methodology, which will empower the real environmentally sustainable projects (renewable energy, energy savings, heat recovery, industrial waste, agriculture, forestry, and many other new technologies), which projects have started in the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, other ASEAN countries, and worldwide. It has a clear and systematic product development roadmap and the ultimate milestones of the products. The solution, methodology, and improved TACCC (transparent, accurate, consistent, complete, and comparable) business process originally introduced by CO2-1-0 (CARBON) will bring full impact to better environment and life of millions. 

CARBON (CO2) is the most environmentally sustainable crypto on earth, developed under BEP-20 (BSC Mainnet) and has passed the CertiK audit, which is the #1 security audit for blockchain protocols, wallets, DApps, and smart contracts. CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP. is based in Wyoming, USA, with a fast-growing community named “Carbonian” all over the world. CO2 tokens currently traded at DigiFinex: http://digifinex.com/en-ww/trade/USDT/CO2 C02 launched on DigiFinex with a weekly volume of more than US$ 25 million and and initially traded as high as US$ 0.52/ token but has dropped to $0.125 where it is forming a new base for now. CO2-1-0 (CARBON) CORP., also recently appointed Mrs. TitaThy Nguyen, Chairman of Vietnam World Energy Council, as the new Executive Member of Advisory Board. 

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Earlier this year AZ Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company signed an agreement with PHIL to participate in a PHILUX Global Subfund focused on real estate and infrastructure development and in the establishment of the buildings, facilities and amenities necessary for the operations of the Asia Diamond Exchange in Vietnam. AZ Holdings Investment will initially contribute capitqal in exchange for a portion of ownership in this Subfund.  As for the development and establishment of the Asia Diamond Exchange, which will include lab-grown, rough and polished diamond trading centers as well as ancillary support facilities, both parties will continue to negotiate and finalize definitive contractual details regarding specific responsibilities. 

PHIL also formed an agreement with Danang Rubber Joint Stock Company (DRC) (https://drctire.com/) and Tin Thanh Group (TTG) (https://tinthanhgroup.vn/en/) to cooperate in increasing DRC’s tire production and executing an innovative sales and marketing program targeting annual revenues of 5.5 billion dollars by 2025. The DRC-TTG truck tire leasing service program with complete multi-function and insurance package will provide Smart tires with mounted chips to track and manage journey using clean and renewable energy thus also benefiting the environment and provding savings of 10-20% compared to buying tires  

Tin Thanh Group is a pioneer conglomerate with decades of experience in providing renewable energy and reducing global emissions covering the following fields: Environment, Energy, and Closed Circular Agro-Industrial Energy. It is supplying energy from renewable fuels to more than 40 industrial plants in Vietnam and around the world. The company specializes in sustainable development of closed circular agro-industrial energy by growing sorghum crops in order to create a clean energy source and reduce global emissions.  

To further this agreement PHIL and Tin Thanh Group (TTG) established a new subsidiary Philux Fidelity Global Group (“PFGG”) as the parent company to carry out the scope of business cooperation and joint venture. According to the Business Cooperation Agreement signed by Tin Thanh Group and PHI Group Inc. on May 20, 2022, both companies will jointly cooperate in the following fields: 

  • Global business development for leasing of smart truck tires under the DRC-TTG brand by Tin Thanh Group by using digital technology. 
  • Development of hi-tech agro-industrial projects for closed circular energy from sorghum crops (energy – agriculture – environment). 
  • Development of renewable energy projects from domestic and industrial wastes (from both currently generated wastes and previous landfills that have been buried underground for many years) by using Tin Thanh Group’s exclusive proprietary technology. 
  • Development of global renewable energy projects from discarded tires using Tin Thanh Group’s exclusive proprietary technology. 
  • Construction of low-income housing using areas of previous waste landfills that are cleared by Tin Thanh Group’s exclusive proprietary technology. 
  • Assisting Tin Thanh Group and affiliates to access capital sources and list on major international stock exchanges (such as The Nasdaq Stock Market or New York Stock Exchange). 

Initially, Tin Thanh Group will consolidate the majority of its 40 plants that supply energy from reusable sources to industrial factories in Vietnam and other parts of the world under Philux Fidelity Global Group and take this subsidiary public on the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Market. Alongside, both companies will continue to develop and implement the other projects and programs through this subsidiary. The stock ownership in Philux Fidelity Global Group will be determined by both companies based on fairness and merits. For the first phase of the envisaged consolidation of TTG’s 40 waste-to-energy plants under PFGG, TTG will hold 70% and PHIL will hold 30% of the issued and outstanding stock of PFGG immediately after the combination. As the other projects are added under PFGG, both parties will determine the updated stock ownership structure based on fairness and economic significance of each transaction. 

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]Currently trading at a $54 million market valuation PHIL has 30,273,790,656 shares outstanding, 2,036,720,077 of which are restricted leaving 28,237,070,579 free trading PHIL shares. PHIL is “pink current” and an SEC filer. PHIL is an M&A player in the far east with a number of subsidiaries that has a large number of deals in the works. The stock has a large following of investors and trades $500,000 in dollar volume on a slow day and we have seen this one do over $10 million in dollar volume in a day. Currently trading near its historical lows, the stock has a history of explosive moves running to highs near $0.02 in summer 2021. PHIL is showing a lot of strength here holding the gains it made on August 22 very well and certainly looks like another leg up is coming. We will be updating on PHIL so make sure you Subscribe to Microcapdaily.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in PHIL either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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