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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Quad M Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS: MMMM) Big Move Northbound as Staffing Co Gets Noticed by Speculators

Quad M Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS: MMMM) is making a strong move up the charts in recent days running 41% on Tuesday alone on 4.7 million shares traded or about $800,000 in dollar volume. There are a lot of good things happening for MMMM which reported its first profitable quarter earlier this year and bested that with $1.7 million net income on $18 million in revenues in Q2, 2022. An SEC filer MMMM has a webinar scheduled for Wednesday at 12 Noon EST. 

MMMM traded as high as $0.60 in November of last year, followed by months of decline culminating in MMMM reversing northbound off $0.10 per share, a support level it has maintained several times in the past. There is a large short position in MMMM which will need to cover and MMMM is starting to trend on reddit responsible for many of the biggest runners, especially major short squeezes in recent small cap history.  

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Quad M Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS: MMMM) operating out of Edgewater, New Jersey is a holding company that offers self-funded health plans, staffing services, HR-human resources, payroll services, retirement, supplemental and workers compensation insurance to small and mid-sized group employers with 1-500 employees, and to the exploding essential worker “Gig Economy,” a labor market that is characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, not permanent jobs. The Company operates four subsidiaries, NuAxess 2, Inc., PrimeAxess, Inc., OpenAxess, Inc. and PrimeAxess 2, LLC. 

Quad M Staffing offers a comprehensive employer-controlled HR and payroll service, as well as workers compensation insurance, risk and compliance controls, COBRA, 401 K, reinsurance, health savings accounts, financial services, employee healthcare insurance support, and even employee and employer retirement benefit services. 

NuAxess gives employer members access to timely and reliable healthcare information through interactive member engagement programs, enabling them to manage and control their health decisions along with their doctors. Nuaxess ‘Smart’ Plans include no coinsurance, no medical copays, full transparency and unrestricted access to any doctor. Furthermore, the NuAxess Smart Plan has a unique dual deductible feature that includes a Health Savings Account. The Plan is supported by an extensive technology platform of strategic vender programs operating under a single source administration. The technology and these programs are available24/7 365 to assist members in making healthcare-related decisions. 

NuAxess 2 is a full-service healthcare financial, employee benefits and self-insured insurance consulting company that provides comprehensive major medical self-insured value-based health coverage for group employers with 1 to 500 employees and their eligible dependents. Our proprietary offerings provide reduced premium cost savings compared to typical insured major medical health plans. NuAxess employer members have both choice and access to medical providers without network restrictions. Employees are able to manage their immediate and long-term healthcare needs through innovative wellness and prevention programs tied to financial incentives. 

The Company is led by CEO Joseph Frontiere, a co-founder of AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Venue Application). He developed his business acumen managing, fundraising, and operating software development ventures. Marketing his first product at eighteen, he discovered a passion for management and financing, particularly, in the technology sector. After years of building networks, Joseph excels in raising capital, establishing partnerships and bringing people together in applications within the medical devices, laser science, motion picture, and mobile applications sectors. Following in his father’s footsteps, Joseph is an accomplished pianist and studio composer. 


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On September 22 MMMM announced the appointment of CFO Squad to assist with periodic financial reporting and other accounting services. CFO Squad is an outsourced accounting and consulting firm that specializes in financial reporting, technical accounting research, and advisory services for both public and private companies of various sizes and from multiple industries. As part of the agreement with Quad M Solutions (Quad M) CFO Squad is to provide financial reporting and CFO advisory services together with outsourced accounting services. 

Joseph Himy, CPA, Founder and Managing Director of CFO Squad stated, “We are very excited to join Quad M’s team at this point in time. Quad M has a unique and truly unprecedented value proposition and a strong foundation from which the company can grow and execute its vision of making self-funded health plans, staffing services, and other human resources and retirement services to small and mid-sized group employers. Quad M is distinctively poised to the exploit gig economy, an emerging and growing labor market that is characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts and freelance work. With staffing contracts already in place coupled with the company’s technology platform and unique offerings, Quad M has the potential to transform the health care solution benefits marketplace.” 

Joseph Frontiere, CEO of Quad M commented “We are delighted to welcome our partnership with CFO Squad. They bring specialized expertise, multilayered skill sets, a wealth of public company accounting and CFO experience, and have a proven record in helping multiple public companies. CFO Squad will play a key role as Quad M transitions to its next stage of corporate growth. The diverse finance and accounting background of the members of CFO Squad team will undoubtedly add invaluable strength to the Company’s ongoing corporate governance and reporting initiatives. CFO Squad will bring a visionary perspective and leadership to our finance and accounting divisions and help us to maintain our growth while we are building our in-house team. I and the entire Quad M team is looking forward to working closely with CFO Squad to ensure that our ongoing accounting and reporting improvement projects are completed timely and accurately.” 

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Currently trading at a $21 million market valuation MMMM has a favorable share structure with just 175,002,979 free trading shares. MMMM is an exciting story in small caps, quickly emerging as a revenue powerhouse reporting $18.1 million in total revenues in Q2, 2022 and $1.7 million net income. These are enormous numbers for the OTC and with a valuation of just over 1 quarter in revenues MMMM is a stock to watch here.   We will be updating on MMMM when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with MMMM.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MMMM either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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