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Friday, December 2, 2022

Rjd Green Inc (OTCMKTS: RJDG) Record Revenue Growth & Profits and an Aggressive Acquisition Strategy in Medical Billing (IOSoft, Silex Holdings & Earthlinc Environmental)

Rjd Green Inc (OTCMKTS: RJDG) is making an explosive move up the charts in recent trading while the overall markets see deep declines. On Tuesday alone RJDG was up 55% and trading $500,000 in dollar volume as it rockets up into copper land after reversing off established support levels of $0.0045. On Wednesday RJDG was up over 30% in the first 20 minutes of trading. The stock is quickly getting noticed by investors; this Company is making money and profits are growing exponentially. Now management is focused on major acquisitions in 20222 targeting billing Companies that offer EBITDA of 20% -30% RJDG is looking to acquire companies with $5,000,000 – $20,000,000 in annual revenues.  This is a low float stock too; while authorized shares is 750 million, the OS is 359,357,992 which has not increased for over a year as the Company has little debt and is making money, RJDG reported $387,800 in net income in the past 6 months and recently projected 2022 revenues would be record $5 million plus. Currently there are just 104,823,459 in the public float worth $1,140,000. 

RJDG is a diamond in the rough; this is a pink sheet Company that is making money and they are quickly lowering their operating costs while increasing revenues. For the year end 2021 the Company reported $4.4 million in revenues and $411,000 in net income. The Company has a backlog for Silex Holdings over $1,000,000 as of February 28, 2022, and IO Soft Inc. has slowly increased service contracts from the additional software platforms launched in 2022, as well, additional business development contracts have been put in place.  The stock popped to $0.028 in early 2021, investors are looking for RJDG to break north of this and finally get noticed by the investment community and start seeing some real price movement.

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Rjd Green Inc (OTCMKTS: RJDG) operates as a holding company with a focus of acquiring and managing assets and companies. The Company is led by visionary CEO Ron Brewer who started of as COO before stepping into the CEO role. Mr. Brewer has been extensively involved in public Company formation and M&A activities and has big plans for RJDG. Mr. Brewer has made it clear he has acquisition efforts in place and rapid expansion on deck. Mr. Brewer has served as Managing Director of Southbridge Advisory Group since 1995. Southbridge is a boutique management firm with a primary focus in management services and merger / acquisition representation. RJD Green operates in three divisions:  

RJD Green Healthcare Services Division, which owns IOSoft Inc., a company that provides discrete payment technologies, services and software that can be integrated into targeted offerings for healthcare provider networks, hospitals, healthcare payers and individual providers. 

Earthlinc Environmental Services Division, which provides green environmental services and technologies. Earthlinc Environmental Solutions was formed to bring forward green applied technologies and offer environmental services with a focus in North America, providing performance driven solutions for environmental based issues in both corporate and small business needs. RJD Green Healthcare Division has developed a business model that utilizes the healthcare industry experience and extensive industry relationships of RJDG’S management and team. 

Silex Holdings Division, which is focused in specialty construction and industrial services. The initial operations, Silex Interiors, fills a market niche between the Home Depots and local contractors. Silex manufactures and installs granite and other counter tops, cabinets and related products to the residential builder, commercial contractor, remodel contractor and DIY customer. Silex Holdings Inc. was formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing high growth assets and business enterprise. Silex Holdings is focused on acquisitions in specialty niched industrial contracting, and building material products and services. 

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RJD Green is currently seeking merger & acquisition opportunities in companies or ventures that offer transparent organic growth capability with their market niche. The market niche can be well defined by competition, long-term stability of market, geographic size, market penetration capabilities, and team industry capabilities. RJDG seeks companies with $5,000,000 – $20,000,000 in annual revenues. RJD seasoned management team has a significant experience in launching emerging growth and restructuring of companies, therefore they will review opportunities that can offer the same said definitions previously mentioned while reflecting transparent capabilities of successfully reaching appropriate investment returns.  

In April RJDG announced highlights from the Quarterly Report for the six months ended February 28, 2022. For the Six Months ending February 28, 2022 RJDG had Revenue of $2,384,112 and EBITDA Profit of $387,800 (+16.3%) RJDG has monthly recurring revenues of $397,352 with $4,397,300 in assets, liabilities of $1,518,121 of which $968,160 is internal debt between two of RJD Green’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. Management is confident in RJDG ability to top $5m in revenues in 2022 as the second half of the year historically sales are much higher. What is impressive about RJDG revenues is the Company did $387,800 in net income in the past 6 months and according to their annual report they did $411,000 in fiscal 2021 ending August 31, OS while their revenues have increased a little bit, their operating costs have dropped dramatically so that net income is now almost double of what it was a year ago. This Company is making money, slowly increasing revenues while significantly cutting costs. In April RJD Green management said April revenues were $406,992 with Net Operating Profit of 14.9% and EBITDTA of 17.9%. Another record month in both revenues and net income. 

RJDG has a strong executive management team including Jerry Niblett COO a seasoned oil and gas executive whose management expertise includes executive management, operations management in the energy sector, as well as direct management. His corporate employment includes; Dominion Energy, Texaco, Shell and Sunoco Pipeline LP. Jerry helped structure an organizational growth from $37,000,000 EBITDA to $1,000,000,000 EBITDA in 8 years and had direct P/L responsibilities for annual expense budgets in excess of $25,000,000 and capital integration in excess of $500,000,000. 

John Rabbitt, the Company’s CFO has extensive and diverse background in business evolved through consistent promotion and growth within fortune 500 firms including The Pillsbury Company and PepsiCo, in addition to the CPA firm of Ernst and Ernst. Mr. Rabitt played a key role in assisting the growth of MEI Corporation from $20 million annual revenue to $850 million annual revenue in nine years, at which time it was acquired by PepsiCo. He also has served in CEO/COO and CFO positions for firms ranging from $5,000,000 to $300,000,000 annual revenue. He also served as a member of PepsiCo’s Mid-West Advisory Board, and as a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of their largest canning division. 

On may 18 RJDG announced their subsidiary, IOSoft Inc., received two additional corporate agreements for usage of services from the ioSoft Suites software platform. ioSoft Suites: where expedited payment systems are now teamed with claims processing and adjudication, a multi-level communications system, and accurate data collect software systems. IOSoft offers an integrated system pricing and payment of claims that enhances productivity, efficiency, and costs. The software solutions can be utilized individually or as a total claims and payment management system. 

ioSoft LinkUP©  is the ultimate communication interface that enables the plan participant to access their ID card, update enrollment and access their claim information 24/7 using their iPhone or Android. The Plan Administrator has 24/7 access through their tablet or laptop to review and approve enrollment or access the system data base as needed. 

RJDG subsidiary IOSoft provides proprietary software for medical billing, Healthcare claims adjudication, automotive warranty payments, and electronic payments between healthcare Payers and Providers, along with payment software platforms for corporations, government & institutional organizations. Since formation, IOSoft has been a third-party developer of software and provides IT support for the platforms developed. The primary focus of IOSoft is in healthcare payment systems where IOSoft can provide unique payment technologies and leading-edge claim services, and software that can be integrated with legacy or existing systems of healthcare payers and providers such as, major health insurance carriers and third-party administrators. IOSoft provides targeted product offerings for healthcare providers, provider networks, physicians and hospitals, and clearinghouse companies. 

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Currently trading at a $3.9 million market valuation RJDG has been ignored by the investment community for too long; this Company is making money and revenues are increasing rapidly. But management is getting itchy and has made is clear they are looking to close major acquisition in 2022 in the medical billing space; they are specifically looking for Companies with $5,000,000 – $20,000,000 in annual revenues to acquire. RJDG is a low float stock with just 104,823,459 shares in the public float worth $1,140,000. On Tuesday alone the stock traded $500,000 in dollar volume and was up over 50% In the past revenues were stagnant and operating costs were high however management has been slowly growing revenues whole significantly reducing costs and is making more money now than they ever have. Management is clearly gearing up for something big, they have not diluted the stock since last August and are looking to close some major Acquisitions. Acquisitions news, especially in the $5,000,000 – $20,000,000 in annual revenues level could be the vehicle that really puts a fire under RJDG and it goes into a whole new dimension. The stock is significantly undervalued, but in the past, it has bored investors. That could all be changing now. Microcapdaily will be covering RJDG as the Reverse merger unfolds so make sure you subscribe to Microcapdaily right now so you don’t miss it. 

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Disclosure: we hold no position in RJDG either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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