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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Stock in Focus is Generex Biotechnology Corporation (OTCMKTS:GNBT)

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (OTCMKTS:GNBT) continues to move higher in recent days on steady volume on excellent support. The stock has been upward bound since hitting an all-time low of $0.0105 in January.

On February 17 the Company said results of the last pre-specified analysis of data from a Phase II study of a novel cancer vaccine designed to reduce the risk of relapse in patients who have had breast cancer corroborate qualitatively prior results from the primary analysis conducted in January of 2014.

The Company plans to disclose the latest results from the Phase II clinical trial at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago from May 29 to June 2, 2015. The ASCO Annual Meeting is the premier annual oncology symposium, bringing together more than 25,000 oncology professionals from a broad range of specialties. An abstract in respect of the results of the Phase II trial has been submitted to the ASCO Annual Meeting; per ASCO rules, the contents of those abstracts are embargoed pending the meeting.

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (OTCMKTS:GNBT) is a Company with an exciting story behind it; The Company has developed a proprietary platform technology for the delivery of drugs into the human body through the oral cavity.

The Company’s proprietary liquid formulations allow drugs typically administered by injection to be absorbed into the body by the lining of the inner mouth using the Company’s proprietary RapidMist™ device.

GNBT also has a wholly owned subsidiary Antigen Express, Inc. focused on immunotherapeutic vaccines for the treatment of malignant, infectious, allergic, and autoimmune diseases. Antigen Express has pioneered the use of specific CD4+ T-helper stimulation technologies in immunotherapy. One focuses on modification of peptides with Ii-Key to increase potency, while a second relies on inhibition of expression of the Ii protein. Antigen Express scientists, and others, have shown clearly that suppression of expression of the Ii protein in cancer cells allows for potent stimulation of T-helper cells and prevents the further growth of cancer cells.

Antigen Express has previously published its work on the development of a vaccine for potentially pandemic viruses such as the H5N1 (avian flu) and H1N1 (swine flu) influenza strains. The advantage of the technology is that it entails entirely synthetic production methods, which are rapid, cost effective, and flexible. The vaccine is produced using a small fragment derived from a target protein modified to ensure activation of CD4+ T helper cells. This cell type is critical in the generation of an effective immune response to a novel agent.

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GNBT entered the red hot pot sector when they announced that it has acquired a substantial minority equity stake in CannScience, a leading cannabinoid drug development firm. This partnership positions MedCannAccess to be a leader in the development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products.

CannScience is an R&D biopharmaceutical company established in Toronto, Canada to conduct research and product development for extracts and formulations related to medical cannabis and its derivatives. CannScience is developing proprietary technologies and owns know-how related to the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids and potentially how they integrate with various medical devices and drug delivery technologies. CannScience intends to develop commercial ready products and obtain regulatory approval for RapidMist™ in the Canadian and international jurisdictions. The company’s founders have a wealth of experience in the life sciences industry and access to laboratories at some of the top research institutions in Canada.

CannScience CEO Har Grover said ”CannScience is working to develop its product pipeline which will include proprietary drug, device, and delivery technologies, On November 18, 2014, CannScience entered into a non-binding Letter of Intent with Generex to license Generex’s proprietary RapidMist™ drug delivery technologies to CannScience for the buccal delivery of cannabis derived products into the bloodstream.”

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Currently trading at a $15 million market valuation GNBT is cheaper now than it has ever been and used to trade at a valuation close to $100 million at its highs in 2012. The Company does have $2.2 million in the treasury and carries $1.9 million in patents on the books however they are carrying significant debt with $7.4 million in accounts payable.

GNBT has been losing ground for years and the current reversal off the $0.0105 represents a significant shift for the stock. Whether GNBT can maintain this turnaround remains to be seen but the volume and steady accumulation in recent days are very positive indicators indeed. At just over a penny GNBT deserves to be on speculators radars.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in GNBT either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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A journalist, with experience in web journalism and marketing. Ali holds a master degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and fintech. Ali’s work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications.

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