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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Exciting Rise of Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS: TNRG)

Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS: TNRG) has been on the rise over the past few weeks ever since the Company appointed  successful entrepreneur Scott Wainwright as its new CEO. Mr  Wainwright distinguished himself as part of the team that up-listed Magnegas Corporation to the Nasdaq market with a capital raise of $4 million.

TNRG is proving itself to be a fast runner and the stock has quickly attracted a fast growing shareholder base that has been bidding this one higher and has transformed TNRG into a volume leader.

Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS: TNRG) bills itself as a developer of new technologies that are being brought to market by three divisions: 1) Division of Nuclear Instruments (TEC-DNI 2) Division of Optical Instruments (TEC-DOI); and 3) Division of Fuel Combustion (TEC–DFC). Each Division is protected by patent applications. The Division of Nuclear Instruments is producing, selling and servicing new equipment producing on demand a flux of low energy neutrons synthesized from a hydrogen gas called Directional Neutron Source (DNS). This equipment is particularly suited to scan suitcases in airports for the detection of concealed nuclear materials such as Uranium 235. The equipment is also particularly suited to identify the existence and the concentration of precious metals in mining operations, for the test of large naval welds and other applications. One Directional neutron Source has been sold to a European customer and the company is now organizing its production and sale. The Company has filed research grant applications to the Defense Threat reduction Agency and DARPA for the completion of the available Directional neutron Source into a Nuclear Weapon detection Station. Funds expected from this filing are primarily intended to continue the development of this new neutron technology for the advancement of our national security;

The Division of Optical Equipment is producing, selling and servicing a basically new telescope with concave lenses, known as the Santilli telescope, for the detection of images produced by antimatter light known as isodual light. In particular, TEC-DOE is producing, selling and servicing pairs of 70 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm Galileo and Santilli telescopes where the Galileo telescope is needed to focus images in the Santilli telescope. Besides new astrophysical detections, TEC pairs of Galileo and Santilli telescopes are useful for a comprehensive surveillance of civilian, industrial and military installations since they can identify images produced by all possible forms of light, the conventional light and the new isodual light. Three TEC Surveillance Stations are now operational, one in the USA and two in Europe.

Earlier this year Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli stated on pubrelco.com/index.php/tec: “Thanks to private as well as my personal funds hypercombustion and hyperfurnaces are now established at the scientific level in view of papers published in referance journals in depth analysis done during informational meeting as well as numorous scientific exeperiments. Also i was able to build a number of prototype hyperfurnaces and test them sensibley. Despite the significant advances over a number of years it is my duty to indicate that industrial development of the new combusiont will indead require large funds that are not available at the OTC market. Howeve we are exploring at this moment a possible merger with an established Company that can bring together the reorganized Thunder Energy Corporation all the way to NASDAQ where all the necessary funds for the development of the new combustion are indeed available.

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Earlier this year TNRG announced the Development of the New HyperCombustion for the Clean Burning of Fossil Fuels. Dr. Santilli states: “The current combustion of fossil fuels is essentially the same as that at the dawn of civilization because now we strike a spark and ignite the fuel with ensuing known environmental problems due to incomplete combustion, resulting in the release of excessive contaminants in the exhaust. At the international conference icpam 2018, I announced the development, subject to proper funding, of the company’s new HyperCombustion(TM) whose aim is to achieve full combustion of fossil fuels resulting in the alleviation of environmental problems and an increase of energy output.

In October Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, Chairman of the Board of Thunder Energies Corporation, announces the appointment of T. Scott Wainwright, as President of the Company. Dr Santilli states: “I first met Mr. Wainwright in 2010 when, as CEO of Magnegas Corporation, I hired him as President of the company and Director of Sales. He was able to expand the sales territory by building a successful sales force and adding large accounts. In addition, Mr. Wainwright distinguished himself as part of the team that up-listed Magnegas Corporation to the Nasdaq market with a capital raise of $4,000,000. I am pleased that he accepted the offer to join our team as president of Thunder Energies Corporation at this important time in the development of our company.”

The last press release from the Company came on November 1 when TNRG announced as of this week, the company has completely satisfied its obligations under all existing, Convertible Promissory Notes from PowerUp Lending Group for a total due of $215,000 (https://www.otcmarkets.com/filing/html?id=13033640&guid=mZoMUnM0-d7X0th). At the time of writing Thunder Energies Corp has no other convertible promissory notes on record.

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Currently trading at a $1 million market valuation TNRG just released a 10Q on November 7 showing the Company has little assets or revenues and manageable debt. TNRG is an  exciting Company in small caps; the stock has been on the move ever since the Company appointed T. Scott Wainwright as its new CEO and announced it has completely satisfied its obligations under all existing, Convertible Promissory Notes from PowerUp Lending Group. Mr  Wainwright distinguished himself as part of the team that up-listed Magnegas Corporation to the NASDAQ market. We will be updating on TNRG when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with TNRG.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in TNRG either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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