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The Exciting Story of Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS: TTCM)


Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS: TTCM) has been running up the charts in recent months from a start point of $0.0003 back in March to recent highs of a penny.

The stock has attracted a fast growing shareholder base that has transformed TTCM into a volume leader and continues to bid this one higher.

Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS: TTCM) is an emerging growth company in the internet applications space, uniquely exploiting the technologies of the Augmented Reality sector, the blockchain/cryptocurrency sector and the smartphone picture and video technology sector. Tautachrome has high-speed blockchain concepts under development aiming to couple with the Company’s revolutionary patents and patents pending in augmented reality, smartphone-image authentication and imagery-based social networking interaction.

The Company has created an augmented reality based “ArKnet system” providing virtual interfacing between providers of household products & services, and the consumers of these goods & services. The Company is establishing a cryptotoken-based ecosystem to monetize this body of technology. The Company’s top priority is developing its branded KlickZie platform which will turn smartphones into trustable imagers meaning they are capable of capturing pictures and videos that can be verified as original, untampered and un-photoshopped. Furthermore the KlickZie platform will serve as the world’s first imagery-based social portal network. By clicking or touching a in the world who may be viewing the imagery. And finally, the Company’s ArKnet system will provide virtual interfacing between consumers and providers in the global household goods and services marketplace.

On June 5, TTCM announced a company update including user testing commencement of the ARknet version 1.0 app, completion of our KLK20 token sale, and a one billion share reduction in its authorized share count.

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Commencement of ARknet V1.0 User Testing – Tautachrome is excited to announce that user testing of its heavily anticipated ARknet 1.0 app has been kicked off. More than 450 people from all around the world have signed up to download the ARknet 1.0 test app to assist us with testing. Testing will be done in staged releases which will give users the ability to create real ARks with temporary content so that we can measure ARk creation behavior, load testing, security boundaries, privacy settings and other functionality. We anticipate testing to last a few weeks followed by development adjustments. From first thought to today has been an intense and crucial seven months as we have engineered our Ark vision into a reality.

Wrapping up the KLK20 Token Sale – The Company is working very hard to achieve liftoff with our ARknet platform riding on our own KLK cryptocurrency to achieve truly global and frictionless consumer interactions using the virtual geolocated ARknet ARks.  As a key part of successful liftoff, we have terminated our selling program under which we have been selling KLK20 tokens. We are taking this action because sales of KLK20 crypto tokens under our program are classified by the SEC as securities investments subject to regulations, which regulations remain in serious flux within the SEC. We have decided that the KLKs sold in this way risk having restrictions that could confuse and restrict the intended use of KLKs as an effective currency in our ARknet ecosystem. We believe that removing that risk will add fuel to liftoff! And to make sure there’s no going back, all purchases made under the selling program have been reimbursed by the Company to all buyers.

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Currently trading at a $17 million market valuation TTCM has little assets or revenues and $2.5 million in liabilities on the books. TTCM is an exciting story developing in small caps; the Company recently announced commencement of the ARknet version 1.0 app, completion of our KLK20 token sale, and a one billion share reduction in its authorized share count. We will be updating on TTCM when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with TTCM.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in TTCM either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.


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