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The Explosive Rise of Grisaffi’s Right On Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RTON)


Right On Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RTON) is making a highly explosive move up the charts since reversing off $0.0058 lows. The stock has quickly attracted a fast growing shareholder base that continues to bid this one higher.

The man behind RTON is Jerry Grisaffi and crew from Rocky Mountain High Brands (RMHB) that recently one a judgement against him for the return of a block of preferred shares. While many are quick to attack Mr. Grisaffi (and rightly so) he did orchestrate the rise of THCZ from well under a penny to over $0.30 before the entire thing collapsed and got slapped with a Caveat Emptor designation from OTCMarkets. We reported on it here.

Right On Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RTON) bills itself as a Carrollton, Texas based consumer goods company specializing in brand development of hemp based food and beverage products for health conscious individuals. Right On Brands consists of four operating segments: ENDO Brands, Humbly Hemp, ENDO Labs and ENDO Wellness Centers.

RTON describes its subsidiaries as:

Humbly Hemp is a hemp based snack company. We launched in May June 2017 and are selling our line of Hemp Snack bars in 20+ Retail Locations in Southern California, online through HumblyHemp.com, and on amazon.

EndoBrands is our innovative cannabis company. We focus on the creation of CBD and THC food, beverages, and consumer products. We will be launching our first product, EndoWater in December of 2017, in Los Angeles. This is a perfect place for a product like this and we will be in the biggest market in Cannabis industry with the passing of Prop 215 starting in January of 2018.

Humble Water Co. – On June 29th 2017 we announced a announced a joint venture with the Spring Hill Water Company of Cut Bank Montana. The partnership agreement will allow Humble Water Company a subsidiary of HealthTalk Live, Inc. to process and bottle water from this unique 3,000-year-old “protected” high pH aquifer.

Spring Hill Water Company a Native American (Blackfeet Tribal Member) Corporation and Humble Water Company have agreed to build a facility that will process and bottle water in 100% biodegradable bottles that generate yearly revenues. This ancient water comes from the Artesian Springs located on the Blackfeet Nation near Browning, Montana. This endless supply of naturally alkaline mineral water is the next step in the company’s investment into the health and wellness sector.

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Last month Harbinger Research, LLC issued a “report” on RTON suggesting a “Per Share Price Target of $0.70, Highlighted as “Strong Buy” in Research Report Released by Harbinger Research, LLC: Right On Brands, Inc. (TM) (RTON) a fully reporting SEC company, announced today, that Harbinger Research, LLC has recently released a new research report on the Company.

The report highlights the extreme potential for RTON’s share price to exceed our estimates either through multiple expansion, fundamental outperformance of our estimates, or both, making a current investment in RTON shares potentially very attractive to risk-tolerant investors at this time.”

On June 13 RTON announced the Company has received initial placement orders of approximately $300,000 since January 1st. Dr. Ashok Patel, CEO and President of Right On Brands, commented:

“I am pleased to report we are making tremendous progress in the rollout of Right On Brands’ National Distributor Network acquisition plan, which focuses on acquiring well-established beverage and food distributors in high-valued consumer markets across the U.S. Vic Morrison, the Company’s Executive Vice President – Corporate Development, has been responsible for adding a total of 12 new distributors since we announced this initiative last November. We view each new distributor as a strategic profit partner with hundreds to thousands of retail points of distribution for our products; initially for our ENDO Water™ product line of four delicious flavors: Pure, Lemon Lime, Cucumber and Watermelon, which also come in sparkling varieties.”

Vic Morrison commented:

“Many distributors are reordering and now asking to sell our full line of ENDO Brands™. This includes ENDO Water, ENDO Ease, our highly effective topical pain reliever and ENDO Drops, our alcohol free, coconut oil-based tinctures, containing full spectrum select hemp oil, which also is available in a salmon flavor for pets. A major milestone for Right On Brands was our announcement earlier this year that we had signed an ‘Exclusive Distribution Deal with a South Florida Budweiser Distributor for CBD-based ENDO Brands products.’ Double Eagle Distribution, Inc. has agreed to carry and distribute the entire CBD-based ENDO Brands product line in return for an exclusive distribution agreement for Broward and Palm counties. Double Eagle distributes over 1,000 alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage SKUs. We announced that we achieved another major milestone with the addition of Boardwalk Distribution, the largest independently owned distributor in the state of Oklahoma. They sell beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic items to liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, event venues and casinos. Boardwalk Distribution has over 3,000 points of distribution and will also carry our full line of waters, tinctures and pain relief products. In March we signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Worldwide Beverage Group located in Lenexa, KS for our full line of CBD-based ENDO Brands products. Worldwide is going to cover the entire state of Kansas which definitely expands our distribution footprint in the Midwest.”

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Currently trading at a $1.3 million market valuation RTON has small revenues, a few assets and has been plagued by plagued by debt conversions which decimated the share price from over $0.20 last year to recent $0.0058 lows. From current levels RTON is an exciting story developing in small caps; it certainly feels like the dilution is done or stalled for now and the stock is on an explosive rise up the charts and Investors are taking notice. One can say what you want about Mr. Grisaffi (and rightly so) but he proved on THCZ he knows how to sell a MJ/Beverage stock and turn that into serious gins for Investors. We will be updating on RTON when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with RTON.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in RTON either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article


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