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The Gloves Come off on BANGI, Inc. (OTC PINK: COBI)

BANGI, Inc. (OTC PINK: COBI) made a splash in November as the Bangi Investments, LLC merger became known to shareholders.

On January 13 COBI issued a Special Letter to Shareholders summarizing its recent accomplishments and, more importantly, outlining the bright future the Company believes is on the horizon for its clients, partners, employees and, of course, shareholders. The text of the letter follows: Dear Fellow Shareholder:

“We are more excited than ever about the growth prospects that we see for BANGI as we continue to execute on our national growth strategy.  Through a creative process and innovative thinking, we believe we have carved ourselves one of the most lucrative niches in the cannabis industry, that being our ability to provide land to cannabis growers and distributors at a lower cost of capital than current market rates.  This is, of course, possible due to the federal banking laws continuing the prohibition of providing growth capital to cannabis entrepreneurs.  Although this may have presented a hurdle for cannabis growers in need of financing, it has presented a unique niche opportunity for companies such as BANGI that is uniquely positioned to access the capital markets to make-up this significant shortfall.  This, in essence, is the BANGI investment story and why we believe BANGI today is one of the most undervalued equities in the cannabis space.  This, however, won’t last for long as we dive into 2019 with a strategic communications plan that is designed to broaden our exposure to Wall Street’s institutional investors as well as its traditional retail brokers who have predominantly been our key supporters.”

BANGI, Inc. (OTC PINK: COBI) is a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets and understands the integral role that real estate plays in the $30 billion cannabis industry and plans to further its reach with the acquisition of COBI. BANGI will trade as OTC: COBI until approval for its unique ticker symbol. The Company will go by the name BANGI, (pronounced bon-ghee), which is a noun in the African dialect Swahili meaning “marijuana” or “hemp”. They are currently developing their corporate domain at bangistock.com

The new Company is led by Richard Shykora, who is also the majority shareholder with 75% of the shares outstanding. Mr. Shykora  has been directly involved with a wide variety of public companies involved in a diverse range of industry sectors and with consulting firms specializing in services for public companies. These services have included investor relations, public relations and corporate governance capacities.

Mr. Shykora is also the chief executive officer and a director of Frontier Energy Corp. from approximately September 2008 to current where he is responsible for managing operations, the vice president of communications and a director of Diversity Group International Inc. from approximately August 2007 to present where he is responsible for corporate governance, and the managing partner of MSK Holding LLC from approximately June 2007 to present.

On November 19 Bangi Investments, LLC announced it has acquired publicly traded company Compass Biotechnologies, Inc. to gain greater access to public markets and to continue expanding its success in the cannabis marketspace. The company will go by the name BANGI, (pronounced bon-ghee), which is a noun in the African dialect Swahili meaning “marijuana” or “hemp”.

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CEO Rick Shykora message continues:

In 2018, BANGI focused most of its time and financial resources to ensure it had made the most opportunistic investments for our future.  From a successful reverse merger to the appointment of a blue-chip Board of Directors, last year’s investments will slowly but surely begin to bear fruit as early as the first quarter of 2019 when we begin announcing a series of positive developments that we have been diligently working on over the past several weeks to achieve one goal:  the enhancement of shareholder value.  This has been and will always be our overriding mission as the management team at BANGI and as a fellow shareholder want to ensure you that our interests are very well-aligned with yours. At BANGI, our employees are systematically working every day to create value for our shareholders; obviously, there will not be news every day, but be assured that every day we are working for you. We will use press releases, our Twitter feed @BANGI, emails and phone conversations to inform and reinforce institutional messages that we desire to be delivered to our shareholders and related parties.”

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Currently trading at a $1.2 million market valuation based on 1,858,830,930  COBI is the newest cannabis Company to hit the OTCPINKS. BANGI as the new Company is called is led by seasoned executive, Richard Shykora with an ambitious vision to turn BANGI into a powerhouse in teh booming cannabis space. COBI is quickly attracting a fast growing shareholder base who has been biding this one up. We will be updating on COBI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with COBI.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in COBI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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