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What Do You Know About Ibio Inc (NYSEMKT:IBIO)

Ibio Inc (NYSEMKT:IBIO) continues to trade strong well above established support levels at $0.50 a share. Last Mont IBIO announced its application for a U.S. patent for a monoclonal antibody targeting influenza is scheduled to result in issuance of a new patent on August 26.

The patent, US 9,155,201 entitled “Human Neuraminidase Antibody and Methods of Use Thereof,” includes claims for a method for treating influenza infection using a monoclonal antibody against the influenza neuraminidase protein. Neuraminidase is an influenza protein that is essential for viral replication and release from cells. Antibodies based on this invention are potential therapeutic agents against highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza, including strains resistant to drugs such as oseltamivir (marketed as Tamiflu(R)), and have blocked the replication of multiple influenza strains, including drug-resistant isolates.

IBIO made a spectacular move up in October of last year after they offered to assist the U.S. government by making its proprietary antibody production technology available to deal with the current Ebola virus outbreak. In response to shareholder and media inquiries, the company said the way it produces, in collaboration with Caliber Biotherapeutics, pharmaceutical proteins in plants has proven to have efficacy advantages over similar antibodies produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells. The stock has roughly quadrupled year to date through Wednesday, as the Ebola virus outbreak spread. On Thursday, an Air France aircraft flying from Paris was grounded in Madrid amid concerns one of the passengers onboard had Ebola.

Ibio Inc (NYSEMKT:IBIO) is developing a proprietary product, IBIO-CFB03, for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, systemic sclerosis, and other fibrotic diseases using its iBioLaunch(TM) platform. The company also offers proprietary products and product licenses to others, based on its proprietary iBioLaunch and iBioModulator(TM) platforms, providing collaborators full support for turn-key implementation of its technology for protein therapeutics and vaccines. In Brazil, iBio has been collaborating with Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) since 2011 to develop a recombinant yellow fever vaccine based upon iBio technology.

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The iBioLaunch platform is a proprietary, transformative technology for development and production of biologics using transient gene expression in unmodified green plants. The iBioModulator platform is complementary to the iBioLaunch platform and designed to significantly improve vaccine products with both higher potency and greater duration of effect.

On October 16 IBIO confirmed, in response to shareholder and media inquiries: (i) the applicability of its issued U.S. iBioLaunch(TM) platform patents and related proprietary technology to further development and production of antibodies that target the Ebola virus, and (ii) that iBio has an ongoing relationship with Caliber Biotherapeutics LLC reflected by a License and Collaboration Agreement dated February 14, 2013 pursuant to which iBio and Caliber have been collaborating on commercial opportunities for recombinant antibodies and antibody-related proteins based on the speed, efficiency, and cost advantages of producing pharmaceutical proteins in plants instead of with bioreactor-based manufacturing methods.

Based on published scientific data, the superior homogeneity of antibody glysolylation (the addition of sugars to proteins) in plants can provide significant efficacy advantages over similar antibodies produced in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

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Confirmed reports coming from a number of investors in the know suggest that IBIO is NOT in fact the manufacture partner to the government. In any case this stock is currently receiving massive publicity and could easily continue on way higher from here.

Currently trading at a $54 million market valuation IBIO continues to sit at the top of many speculators watch lists. The stock trades just over support levels and has a proven ability to make spectacular runs on national publicity. With several drugs in the pipeline and a loyal shareholder base IBIO is always one good news story away from a big move. We will be updating IBIO as events unfold so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what is going on with IBIO.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in IBIO either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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