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Media & Technology5 days ago

Global Tech Industries Group Inc (GTII) rally could be just getting started

Small-cap stocks have seen a significant increase in the first weeks of January, a trend that is often seen at...

BioPharma2 months ago

Cosmos Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: COSM) Huge Short Position Panicks as COSM Rockets Up the Charts

Cosmos Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: COSM) is rocketing up the charts northbound since reversing off $0.0675 lows earlier this month where...

BioPharma3 months ago

Cosmos Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: COSM) Heating Up as Co Looks to Take on Massive 5 million Share Short Position

Cosmos Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: COSM) is making a rapid move up the charts since recent reversing off $0.0675 lows. The...

BioPharma3 months ago

Vision Energy Inc., (OTCMKTS: VIHDD) Promo Continues as Phase 1 of Vision Energy’s Green Energy Terminal in Vlissingen Inks Major Engineering Deal

Vision Energy Inc., (OTCMKTS: VIHDD) is making a powerful run up the charts up another 7% on Friday on well...

BioPharma3 months ago

Anavex Life Sciences Corp (NASDAQ: AVXL) On Watch as Biotech to Present Results for its Phase 2b/3 Trial for blarcamesine for Alzheimer’s Disease

Anavex Life Sciences Corp (NASDAQ: AVXL) is an exciting biotech small cap caps targeting the holy grail of medicine; Alzheimer’s...

Emerging Markets3 months ago

Meta Materials Inc (NASDAQ: MMAT) Potential Gamma Squeeze as META Enters MOU with DuPont Teijin Films & Mitsubishi Electric Europe

Meta Materials Inc (NASDAQ: MMAT) has been rocketing northbound in recent weeks. It’s an exciting story and one of the...

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