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The Penny King

Rags to Riches Story

From a $200 ameritrade account to 5 years later a multimillionaire.


You Can’t Afford to go Another Minute Without this Information!

This detailed “how to” account profiles the magnificent rise of one young daytrader’s humble beginnings as a high school student calling in losing trades to his ameritrade account to building his own publicly traded companies and reaping millions in profits.

The Penny King rags to riches story is a detailed, step by step account, detailing exactly how he did it, what trading methods he used, what works and what does not and how it is possible for almost anyone to do this for themselves.

Learn exactly who the bashers really are
Learn the methods of stock promotion that work and what do not work
Learn how to understand NASDAQ L2 to where you will make money 9 out of 10 trades
Learn who is really behind the OTC and Pink Sheet markets
Learn why 5% of traders make 95% of the money while 95% consistently lose money
Learn how you too can consistently make money in the stock market

Don’t kick yourself later for not knowing this information! It will hurt!

Most daytraders lose or barely break even, while 5% make millions.

What does this small, elite group possess that the rest do not? Are they just smarter than everyone else?

Michael Isaacs, The Penny King, never graduated high school and will readily admit that he is not the brightest tool in the shed. You’ll soon realize that it’s not the smartest people that consistently make millions in the stock market. It’s the people who know this simple formula. If you’re willing to work half as much as you do in your current job, with these tools you could be a millionaire within a year.

This report was written in partial response to all the supposed get-rich-in-the-stock-market reports currently circulating the web. Michael Isaacs purchased a few of them as an early daytrader and was frusterated to learn that every single one of them was almost 100% scam. Not only were they vague, but they were also very misleading, leaving the reader confused and ultimately worse off for the experience. The Penny King rags to riches story is 100% honest and vivid, detailing in absolute clarity, exactly how Michael Isaacs made his millions.

The Penny King will tell you what patterns to look for and how the people who are moving the stock prices think!

99% of new online traders never get beyond the first step of really understanding the markets, as such, their experiences of the market are a long losing record of trades, so they continue to propogate the false mainstream belief thats its impossible for most people to make steady gains or make millions in the stock market.

This is completely false!

There are many, many people that make so much money its disgusting day after day after day, from the comfort of their magnificent homes.

Unless you are reading this message from a multi-million dollar home as I am as I sit and write this then let me ask you this:

How long is it going to take you to reach that plateau where you are 1 of the 5% that make huge gains everyday?

How much money will you lose trying to get to that place if you ever get there at all?

As with everything else, there are levels of knowledge you must attain before being able to understand the beginning steps of the next plateau.

Will reading this save you $149? It will save you hundreds of thousands if not more, you will learn as Michael Issacs reaches these plateau’s of knowledge, how he mastered the steps and became a highly successful daytrader; and then embarked on the ultimate task of building his own company’s and taking them public.

Once you understand the concepts and systems being taught here you will look at the market a whole new way. You will be able to recognize no-brainer plays and pass on obvious losers. You will get to a place where you can find stocks to buy where you are 100% sure they will move.

What will happen if you don’t buy this product? You will probably never be successful if you don’t know the information provided in this package. 99% of people that try the markets never do. Here is your opportunity to side step years and years of losing trades and heaps of lost money. Start making money in the markets today. Why wait? you can have the tools and the knowledge necessary to start making every trade a winning trade right this minute!

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Follow the incredible rise from a $200 ameritrade account to building his own publicly traded companies in vivid detail, learn his easy, step by step approach to winning 9 out of every 10 trades, learn all his strategies, tactics, what works and what doesn’t and exactly how he did it!


*The Penny King story does not guarrantee that the methods that worked for others will work for you. They take some work on your part and will have varying results based on how the techniques are implemented. This is a personal account of the Penny King sharing what he has learned through his own experiences. All sales are final.*

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