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Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY) Here Comes the Statler Train

Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY) is exploding upwards and looks like its about to make a run on all-time highs; a break over $0.385 marks confirmation of the next leg up and a serious win for shareholders who want to see this one outperform TGRO.

ECRY is the last pick from StockTips who gained prominence over the past year with such epic winners as TGRO, WPWR and ALKM. Their pick PGFY was suspended in May causing huge losses for StockTips following and hurting their ability to perform going forward. Some have expressed concern that the same could happen to ECRY which is true but not likely as the PGFY suspension had nothing to do with StockTips but rather the underlying PGFY shell.

ECRY initially exploded to a high of $0.385 on the StockTips alert but dropped big in the days that followed after ECRY issued a press release saying they were aware of a ”significant increase in the share price and trading volume of the Company’s shares” and that” the Company is the subject of a promotional campaign by at least one newsletter writer making unsupported, highly promotional, statements” and that ”Sources disclosing the Promotion indicate that Laluna Services Inc. (Laluna) engaged, and may compensate, the letter writer for the promotional campaign.

ECRY floundered in the days that followed the release from ECRY management; if they are in fact working with StockTips they could not have planned a better short trap if they tried, a significant short position built in the last few days on perceived weakness. The stock does not look week now however and shorts have to be getting concerned as we move towards all-time highs.

Statlers emails have increased significantly suggesting the stock could be on the verge of breakout; this morning he said: Hello Boys and Girls…I told you to expect a big week for ECRY! I believe this is just the beginning for ECRY! So far ECRY has shown MASSIVE gains for our readers, and once we break passed the resistance of 0.39 or 0.40 we should see an explosion of EPIC proportions. We see the shorters defending this sacred 0.39 / 0.40 mark, however, they cannot do it forever. So sit back and enjoy the ECRY show, I believe this is just about to get interesting (as in VERY interesting)! Could we see ECRY at 1.00 shortly? I would not be surprised for a single second! ECRY – now is the time!

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After the close Statler said: Hey Kids! I just have 2 words – “Oh wow!!!!” That pretty much sums up ECRY the last 3 sessions and today it appears we setup for the next leg up on ECRY Tomorrow could start the first BIG RUN for ECRY – so please be ready! In case you were asleep at the wheel the last few days – ECRY has had steady gains the last 3 trading sessions! It’s official – ECRY is flirting with the magic tipping point of 0.39 or 0.40. I believe once this line is cross – it is “strap in and get ready for one amazing ride!” If I am right, well you know how the story goes; It happens with all my picks – so I won’t bore you with the details. I believe we are just teetering with this line now – so watch ECRY very closely tomorrow at the opening bell! When I say watch it very closely, I mean don’t take your eyes off of ECRY for a single second! Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by and simply do keep a close eye on ECRY tomorrow morning! Have a great evening and be on the lookout for something magical tomorrow on ECRY!

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The magic tipping point that Statler references is $0.385 and a break over would be a significant win for shareholders and confirmation of a big leg up. The stock does have a number of positive factors in place for a move; it has tested the bottom and come back stronger on accelerating volume. Short term ECRY is about to get really exciting, long term the chances are the stock will end up exactly where it started or lower.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in ECRY either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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