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Interactive Buyside

Interactive Buyside is a research firm and Investor Realist research partner. Click here to learn more about guest experts on Realist Investor.

Interactive Buyside provides a niche community of analysts from hedge funds, research shops, and other investment institutions. Authors of the IB research reports (“IB Analysts”) have years of experience working at hedge funds, banks, and other investment-oriented institutions. IB reports contain investment recommendations and analysis on certain stocks, with catalyst-oriented timeframes for the investment thesis to play out.

The thesis behind Interactive Buyside is as follows.

The Wall Street Competitive Advantage

Individual investors have been disadvantaged too long in the investing world compared to larger firms that are in the know. Banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and other institutional investors get continual access to:

    1. Important market-moving news as soon as it hits the tape
    2. Company CFOs, CEOs, and other contacts at the drop of the hat
    3. Wall Street research
    4. Each other! (Street rumors, upcoming catalysts, et cetera)

The typical information available to the average individual investor is from blogs, low-quality brokerage research, or other random news articles. IB’s goal is to tear down these institutional barriers and give individual investors access to compelling research opportunities.

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