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Saturday, December 3, 2022

A CLose Look at American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ)

American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) has come back some since its recent highs at $1.01 a share. The stock has seen a huge run in recent weeks as pot stocks heat up across the board. AMMJ hit the cannabis sector last year after changing its name from Brazil Interactive Media, Inc; BZRT in October of last year.

AMMJ has run as pot stocks have heated up going into the election. The red hot Marijuana industry has quickly turned into a multi-billion dollar massive growth market that is sweeping across the Country with many new states legalizing the drug including Oregon and California likely next.

American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) offers end-to-end solutions to existing and aspiring participants in the cannabis industry. The Company plans to utilize their industry expertise to provide business planning and market assessment services, assist state licensing procurement, create business infrastructure and operational best practices. Through their two vertically integrated businesses, American Cannabis Consulting and American Cultivator Company, a group purchasing organization, they support their clients from concept to creation to commercialization to on-going operations.

AMMJ has successfully procured licensing agreements for clients domestically and internationally and is continually accessing new and existing growth opportunities as the cannabis industry continues to develop. ACC utilizes the ability to rapidly adapt to the ever evolving cannabis industry through the incorporation of the best business practices, best in-class products and innovative products and concepts.

The Company was co-founded by Corey Hollister and Ellis Smith. Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith are the former owners of The Village Green Society which is a cannabis business located in Boulder, CO. The pair were the first to utilize a niche growing technique known as True Living Organics (TLO) on a commercial scale to cultivate medical cannabis for the Colorado patient market; which was an innovation they received national recognition for. Furthermore, Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith were able to help the regulated cannabis industry identify a new type of pest/mite; the Hemp Russet Mite. After the identification of this new mite variety, Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith developed mitigation protocols for pest management, setting the standard for the best practices dealing with the Hemp Russet Mite.

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AMJJ knowledgeable team can work with you to build your cannabis cultivation system(s) that meets regulatory guidelines while producing consistent, quality yields. Some of our key proprietary products include:

The Companys products include:

The Cultivation Cube™: The foundation for a complete, commercial-scale grow operation, the Cultivation Cube provides exceptional environmental control, speed-to-market production, space efficiency, lean manufacturing and security.

SoHum™ Living Soil: A 100-percent organic growing medium, SoHum™ Soil prevents an improper balance of nutrients, improves plant immunity, and is more cost-effective than traditional soil and fertilizer growth methods.

The Satchel™: The Satchel™ is a pouch-like case for Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products that was designed to meet regulatory compliance with laws that require child-resistant exit packaging for licensed medicinal and recreational Cannabis businesses.

AMMJ also offers light systems designed to optimize yield and energy efficiency, automated watering systems like the AutoPot and other corollary cultivation products required to meet all your operational needs. American Cannabis Company understands the challenges faced within a regulated cannabis market, and our merchandise is tailored to control pests and plant disease, maximize your harvest, reduce waste, move your product quickly to market, and improve the overall effectiveness of your cultivation business. The Trade Winds™ GPO offers a wide variety of products for your operational requirements.

On September 27 AMMJ announced it was in attendance at a Canadian industry event featuring its SoHum Living Soils™ product and that it successfully established eight new retail sales accounts for the SoHum™ brand. ACC expects to begin filling these retail pre-orders in the spring of 2017.

SoHum™ soil is a proprietary “just add water” growing medium that contains 100% natural ingredients and provides the plant a full buffet of macro/micro nutrients to achieve genetic optimization of the cannabis plant. Not only does SoHum™ optimize the plant’s potential, it also eliminates both the need for complex feeding schedules as well as the associated risk(s) of operator error. The SoHum™ product overview may be viewed at goo.gl/Vr0pqs.

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Currently trading at a $41 million market valuation AMMJ is late on their filings with a NT 10-K filed on March 30. As of the November 10Q the Company had $228,000 in the treasury and small but growing revenues. The Company also carries debt on the books which is convertible into shares at a fixed price of $0.08 per share that could cause dilution down the road. AMMJ is an exciting story developing in small caps; the Company is a full-service business-to-business consulting solutions provider with a number of happy and successful clients under its belt and the seller of a growing line of ancillary products to the cannabis industry. As pot stocks have taken the OTC by storm in recent months AMMJ has shown us it can move big. We will be updating on AMMJ when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with AMMJ.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in AMMJ either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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