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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Back Where it All Started: Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY)

Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY) has come full circle recently dropping below a dime where it started in the first place. The run on ECRY started on November 19 after StockTips announced it as their big pick. ECRY hit an all-time high of $0.59 and has been in decline since on accelerating volume as everyone that bought into the multi-million dollar Laluna promotion runs for the exits.

Bulls have suggested that ECRY is simply consolidating here before the next leg up but this does not seem to be the case; to be sure consolidation is healthy but not a complete wipeout of all support levels. The chances of ECRY regaining its highs now are pretty much nil; as many a speculator would say ”stick a fork in er, she’s done”

Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY) says they are at the forefront of data security, specializing in information security solutions for enterprise, government and military.

The StockTips promotion on ECRY began on November 19 and it took the stock from illiquid at $0.12 to the top traded stock on the entire bb’s. It topped out at $0.385 after ECRY management issued a press release distancing themselves from the $5.1 million Laluna promotion. ECRY recovered and ran to $0.505 before a negative SA article appeared and killed the momentum again.

According to the ECRY disclaimer StockTips expects to receive $5,100,000 as a marketing budget for production and distribution of ECRY marketing material from 3rd party Laluna Services, Inc.

ECRY final run topped out at $0.59 and the stock has been in free fall since. Statler has done his best to revive the promo saying this morning:

”Good morning Kids! Statler here. Yesterday was a much better day in the office for ECRY! ECRY closed up 9.5 percent on strong volume, as it appears retail demand is very strong for ECRY at these discounted levels.

ECRY – It appears a MASSIVE bounce is in play! ECRY is bouncing amazingly, and that just goes to show why ECRY is such a strong play! At these discounted price, you should look really closely at ECRY, as I don’t believe we will be here very long! ECRY – all aboard! Happy Trading,”

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StockTips gained fame with TGRO which ran from pennies to $1.59 a share after they announced it as their pick. They took over where APS left off with such picks as ALKM which ran from pennies to $0.50 a share and WPWR that offered spectacular gains for investors who bought in early when it ran from pennies to over $0.80.

On December 9 ECRY announced that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, was elected as the Training and Certification Board Co-Chair of the Professional Capture Management Forum (ProCM).

The ProCM Forum is a nonprofit association that fosters the development, advancement and growth of all business development professionals. The independent Training and Certification Board oversees and provides independent verification of the FBD curriculum, reviews and approves FBD tests/testing, and is the professional certification granting authority.

CEO of ECRY, Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci said I’m excited about engaging with the ProCM Forum to share my experience in developing highly effective strategies for strategic business capture. The present federal competitive landscape dictates organizations effectively set standards and certifications for their business development professionals to allow for maximum ROI on their Business Development budgets.”

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While many investors still hold on to the dream that ECRY will recover and surpass previous highs of $0.59, they might want to think again. As I said some consolidation is healthy but not a complete wipeout off all support levels. The chances of ECRY recovering now are very slim. Speculators have to look no further than StockTips previous picks to get a better picture of where this one is going.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in ECRY either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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