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WINDSTREAM TECHNOLOG (OTCMKTS:WSTI) has seen a memorable rise in recent days since reversing off its $0.0639 lows. The move up has been marked by significant volume and excellent support as WSTI recently surpassed $0.25 a share.

The stock started trading on the bb’s in June of last year quickly rising from well under $1 to a high of $2.25. The run was caused by a hard mailer promotion from the Wall Street Revelator with a disclosed budget of $900,000 from Mandarin Media. Users on Twitter reported receiving the glossy mailers from WSR as early as June 15.

WINDSTREAM TECHNOLOG (OTCMKTS:WSTI) was established to create global low-cost hybrid, renewable energy solutions for urban, suburban, and on and off-grid environments. Made in the USA, its patented SolarMill® hybrid wind and solar system technology is a distributed energy solution, which produces continuous renewable energy for customers.

The SolarMill® is the world’s most complete renewable energy generation device. Instead of a footprint dedicated to a singular solution, WSTI engineers designed a unique set of vertical axis wind turbines, added the highest quality solar panels, and a patented system of integrated electronics, to create a hybrid device with the highest energy density in the market.

In January WSTI said it has broken ground on its 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility outside of Hyderabad, India. This new facility will be the Company’s second manufacturing plant focused on building its proprietary SolarMill® products and designed to service the India and South Asia markets.

The facility is being built by Sri Kiran Technologies, the landowner, as a “build to suit” lease agreement and will be ready to be occupied in March 2015. The ongoing operation will be funded through WSTI’s newly formed $2 million dollar Joint Venture with West Coast Ventures/Deepan Group.

On April 7 WSTI announced the first deployment of its TowerMill® technology in Nassau, Bahamas. The TowerMill® pilot is designed to provide energy on a continuous basis to power all of the electronics for the tower’s full functionality. The TowerMill® is another product line in the Company’s portfolio and is a derivative of WindStream’s patented SolarMill® renewable energy technology.

Configured to provide autonomous power to telecommunications towers globally, the TowerMill® uses wind and solar energy to charge a battery bank and, as a fail safe, has a fuel-based generator set as a last resort back-up if the batteries cannot provide the needed power.

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The integration of the TowerMill® with the cell tower equipment will be commissioned later this week by Walker Industries, a certified solar energy provider in The Bahamas offering design, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. “We are extremely excited to partner with WindStream on the installation of the TowerMill®. We see this installation as a bold step in revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape in The Bahamas,” said Ralph Walker, General Manager of Walker Industries.

Rolf Simmonds, VP of Business Development commented “We are elated to expand our core applications of the SolarMill® and deepen our product penetration with our clients. High energy costs and diesel fuel prices, in particular at greater than $4.50 per gallon in The Bahamas, are critical challenges facing mobile service carriers, in maintaining service reliability to their customers. The TowerMill® as a clean energy solution meets these challenges head on.

With greater than 20 similar off-grid telecom towers in The Bahamas, all driven from costly diesel generators and an estimated more than 640,000 worldwide, the TowerMill® presents a unique opportunity for the Company as way for owner/operators all over the world to reduce cost and provide consistent energy to a device that must achieve 100% uptime for reliability sake.”

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WSTI has seen a memorable rise since reversing of $0.0639 lows. Trading at a $17 million market valuation WSTI does have small but growing revenues and a few assets on the books however they are losing money and have rising short term debt. WSTI was previously the subject of significant promotion over the $1 level; these types of stocks have a history of running hard once they reverse off the bottom as WSTI has done. We will be updating on WSTI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with WSTI.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in WSTI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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