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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Blue Calypso Inc (OTCBB:BCYP) Stock Spotlight

Blue Calypso Inc (OTCBB:BCYP) is making a spectacular move up on record setting volume after the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) Upholding 4 of the Company’s Significant Patents. This was huge news for Blue Calypso who was the first patent owner to make it through the CBM review process and have claims in multiple patents pass. This means that all of BCYP’s patentable claims have been vigorously tested and are considered “battle tested”. This greatly improves the chances of a a settlement with the big boys.

Blue Calypso develops and delivers mobile engagement and social advocacy solutions for retailers and product manufacturers using its patented portfolio of products including Mobile ADvantage™, DashTAGG® and SocialECHO™

The Company recently transitioned from a development stage enterprise to an operating Company focused on leveraging its powerful patent position. While still relatively unknown, BCYP has very strong patent claims against some heavy hitters including Groupon, Foursquare, Yelp, IZEA and MyLikes.

BCYP intellectual property portfolio consists of five issued patents and eight pending patent applications that cover methods and systems for communicating advertisements and electronic offers between mobile and desktop communication devices.

The Patents were developed internally by Blue Calypso Founder Co-CEO and CTO, Andrew Levi, and Director of Innovation, Bradley Bauer, and assigned to the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Calypso, LLC.

In September 2013, BCYP acquired proprietary mobile gamification technology and subsequently applied for two additional patents based upon the enhancement and integration of this technology into our platform.

BCYP has a good management team; CEO Bill Ogle was the CMO of Motorola as well as the CMO of Samsung. Co-founder Andrew Levi is an inventor who has worked at the Federal Reserve and owned a restaurant at aged 19 while attending Florida State University.

On December 19 BCYP announced that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) issued its rulings on the Covered Business Method Review (CBMR) proceedings petitioned by Groupon over one year ago on all five of Blue Calypso’s issued US Patents. The decision of the PTAB judges resulted in a total of 28 significant claims relating to four of the Company’s patents being upheld. Multiple of these surviving claims have been asserted against the current defendants in the litigation in the Eastern District of Texas.

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The four surviving patents cover different aspects of, and improvements to one of the Company’s key inventions. This invention has now been determined to be patentable in each of the four patents at least twice by the United States Patent Office, which strengthens the patents standing for litigation.

Andrew Levi, co-CEO said “The CBMR process has validated the patentability of our invention, which has now been through the patent review process twice on each of our five issued US patents. We are extremely pleased that the PTAB agreed with many of our arguments and validated four of the patents, when we invented the Blue Calypso technology in 2004, mobile adoption was very early stage and social media as we know it didn’t exist. Today is a totally different landscape, which we believe makes our patent assets extremely valuable. Our patent portfolio is an important business differentiator in our ability to deliver innovative mobile advocacy solutions to the retail marketplace,”

The Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) ruling opens up huge new avenues for BCYP who’s patentable claims sit at the forefront of a vast market. BCYP is now free to target top social media Company’s as these tech giants monetize their user bases through network based incentive sharing methodologies directly infringing upon BCYP claims. The ruling also means Groupon and other defendants will view PTAB as a large validation for BCYP’s patents and will be looking to settle before a trial takes place.

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BGYP has a good cash position of $1,603,782 in the treasury and minimal debt. The Company boasts small but fasting growing revenues reporting $310,360 in sales for the quarter ended September 30, 2014 up from $235,483 for the same period last year. Currently trading at a $30,731,867 market valuation BCYP is quickly becoming one of the top most traded stocks on the entire bb exchange.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in BCYP either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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