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FORCE PROTN VIDEO(OTCMKTS:FPVD) has been making an explosive move up on accelerating volume since reversing off $0.0028 lows. The stock was down big in recent month due to toxic financing; the Company sold 450,000 shares at $.10 and still has an additional $600,000 worth of notes that are convertible into shares at a 40% discount to the current market.

FPVD has a long history of big moves. It was not long ago that the stock exploded up the charts to an incredible $44.80 before coming right back down to where it started. FPVD was a major league promotion perfectly timed as the booming Wearable Police cams sector gets a serious boost after Obama requested $263 Million for Police Body Cams.

FORCE PROTN VIDEO(OTCMKTS:FPVD) supplies on the body HD video cameras to law enforcement and Military. Force Protection Video has over 30 years of experience in supplying state of the art video and audio equipment to law enforcement.

In May the Company announced its entry into the on the body video law enforcement market with the LE10 camera System. The LE10 is a small body worn high definition (HD) camera which is half the size and half the price ($195.00) of most law enforcement cameras currently available.

The Force Protection Video LE150 camera is a rugged HD design which incorporates Ambarella made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high definition video. The LE10 is rich with features such as still picture ability 8MP, WIFI, 4x zoom and audio recording. The LE10 does not require special software or expensive storage contracts. The video files can quickly be downloaded into a standard Law Enforcement case file and the micro SD cards are sealed in the provided static evidence bags and then securely stored in the department’s evidence locker.

The Force Protection Video LE10 kit is an all-inclusive camera system. Everything to begin recording and preserving the recording is with the camera system. The process of storing evidence at a department has been used for hundreds of years. The original SD cards from our cameras are stored in supplied static evidence bags after copies are made for prosecutors and defense lawyers. There is no per month fee to store the video.

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FPVD has been around since 2011 when FPVD was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida for the purpose of providing an online marketplace for artwork created by German artist Reinhold Mackenroth on the internet. On February 1, 2015 the Company changed its name to its current name, Forced Protection Video Corporation.

On April 26 FPVD announced it has released the LE50 HD Bodycam. The LE50 is a state of the art designed body camera strategically built around Ambarella chip sets (AMBA).

The LE50 key design features are: Industry leading record time (10 hours @1080,12 hours @720). 50 hours of standby time. 32GB of internal tamperproof storage. White LED illumination. Audio announcements. GPS recording. 30 second pre and post record. Integration with VeriPic© Evidence Management Software.

“The LE50 was developed using current guidelines that Law Enforcement nationwide have written into their requirements for purchase of Bodycams for their officers. Our camera and software via VeriPic® meets and exceeds these requirements. We are also the first company to build into a Body Camera an audio announcement feature. When the camera first starts to record an announcement clearly states: ‘ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STARTED.’ When the cameras recording mode is stopped, it clearly states: ‘ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STOPPED.’ Our studies show when someone is made aware of a recoding taking place their attitude and demeanor tend to turn more positive and less aggressive towards police officers,” said Paul Feldman of Force Protection Video Equipment.

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Currently trading running up the charts since reversing off $0.0027 lows FPVD has minimal assets or revenues and fast rising short term debt. FPVD was a major league promotion perfectly timed as the booming Wearable Police cams sector gets a serious boost after Obama requested $263 Million for Police Body Cams. The stock being liquidated into this promotion campaign are likely coming from a number of private placements affected earlier this year; in one investors acquired 450,000 shares of FPVD at just $0.10 a share. Now that FPVD has reversed off lows Investors are all over it as these ex promo stocks can bounce big.We will be updating on FPVD when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with FPVD.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in FPVD either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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