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Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) on a Noticeable Pattern

Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) made a big move up recently topping out at $1.50 per share. Since then the stock has traded significantly lower and investors are hoping it can regain some of its previous luster.

The general consensus seems to be that cannabinoids (one of the major ingredients of Cannabis besides the THC) are a miracle cure for neurological disorders and seizures as well as the much needed synergistic maintenance therapy to improve the lives and treatment of cancers and HIV.

Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) missed the last time the sector heated up as the Company only started trading as Growblox Sciences Inc in April of this year after the name change from Signature Exploration and Production Corp.

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc., is a biotechnology research and development company focused on creating safe, standardized pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based therapies that target a variety of medical conditions. The company is pioneering technology, industry-leading processes, and a big data-driven clinical research and development algorithm to bring relief to patients in communities across the country.

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GB Sciences’ pioneering self-contained growing unit isolates and protects the plants growing inside while generating ideal growing environments to ensure high quality, purity, and consistency.

TissueBLOX™ – The tissue culture incubator is programmed to regulate lighting, temperature, and humidity to facilitate cell multiplication and the formation of embryos and shoots from the sterile explants.

GrowBLOX™ – GB Sciences’ pioneering self-contained growing unit that isolates and protects the plants growing inside while generating ideal growing environments

CureBLOX™ – The CureBLOX™ module enables us to eliminate the risk of mold growth and ensure that the chemical profile of our products is consistent from harvest to harvest.

GB Sciences ApotheCAREians – Highly trained and certified ApotheCAREians work with patients to determine their medical needs, identify therapeutic products, install GB Sciences’ app on their hand-held devices, and demonstrate how to place orders.

ApotheCAREians are patient-care professionals who know more about cannabinoid therapy than most physicians, since doctors are rarely trained in cannabinoid therapy. They understand the science of cannabis and can help patients choose the cannabinoid therapy products that will provide the most effective treatment for their particular medical conditions.

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On October 14 GBLX announced the names of five doctors joining its scientific advisory board. Chaired by GB Sciences’ Chief Science Officer Andrea Small-Howard, PhD, MBA, new board members include: John Abroon, MD; Alfredo L. Axtmayer, MD; Daniel Chueh, MD; Tony Ortiz, PhD; and Helen Turner, PhD.

“We are very proud to welcome these distinguished doctors to our scientific advisory board,” said Dr. Small-Howard. “GB Sciences will certainly benefit from the objective, external perspective and quality authentication this team brings to the table.”

Conclusion: GBLX recently saw a big move up as pot stock heated up and lit up the OTCBB. Currently trading at a $34 million market valuation GBLX has $3.2 million in the treasury and is fully funded going forward.

Longs are betting that with Marijuana legalized in Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C the entire industry will get a massive injection of publicity and drive pot stocks sky high again. If they do heat up and it looks like they already are then GBLX is one pot stock that deserves to be on investors radars here.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in GBLX either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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