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WINDSTREAM TECHNOLOG (OTCMKTS:WSTI) has been moving up steadily after a test or recent lows at a dime. The stock has a history of big moves running from $0.80 to highs of $2.75 shortly after coming on to the bb’s.

The Company said on January 5 that it has broken ground on its 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility outside of Hyderabad, India. This new facility will be the Company’s second manufacturing plant focused on building its proprietary SolarMill® products and designed to service the India and South Asia markets.

The facility is being built by Sri Kiran Technologies, the landowner, as a “build to suit” lease agreement and will be ready to be occupied in March 2015. The ongoing operation will be funded through WSTI’s newly formed $2 million dollar Joint Venture with West Coast Ventures/Deepan Group.

WSTI started trading on the bb’s in June of this year quickly rising from well under $1 to a high of $2.25. The run was caused by a hard mailer promotion from the Wall Street Revelator with a disclosed budget of $900,000 from Mandarin Media. Users on Twitter reported receiving the glossy mailers from WSR as early as June 15.

BestDamn has been positive on the stock in recent emails saying ”All Eyes Are On My New Pick..WindStream Technologies Inc. (WSTI) You Know What Time It Is.. And Every Second Counts. Time is Ticking.. Do What You Must and Act Now. WSTI Provides Inexpensive Energy to the Global Community, it is a “Former Runner,” and has Great News Coming Out on a Consistent Basis.”

WSTI was established in 2008 with the goal of designing, prototyping and manufacturing affordable and scalable renewable energy technologies for a global marketplace. The Company has developed and tested the first-of-its-kind, integrated, hybrid energy solution and is now marketing and selling SolarMills® to a worldwide customer base.

The SolarMill® is the world’s most complete renewable energy generation device. Instead of a footprint dedicated to a singular solution, WSTI engineers designed a unique set of vertical axis wind turbines, added the highest quality solar panels, and a patented system of integrated electronics, to create a hybrid device with the highest energy density in the market.

The Company announced yesterday that they have been honored with a feature article and appearance on the cover of the prestigious Energy Digital Magazine. Energy Digital is a widely read industry publication, which focuses on new trends and technologies making an impact in the traditional and renewable energy sectors. The article, an in-depth 8 page analysis of the Company’s technology, was found worthy enough by the editors of the magazine to place it on the cover of the November publication.

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WSTI mission is to build the most economical and innovative energy products available for residential customers, utility companies, Governments and Municipalities and small businesses both on and off grid. The Company has been vetted by several billion-dollar companies, from Government agencies and Defense organizations to strategic distribution partners, resulting in significant purchase orders.

The Energy Digital article comes on the heels of a successful sales trip by Management to Japan, the Philippines and India where new partnerships and strategic alliances have been established. The Company expects to announce the details of these new relationships in the coming weeks, which it believes will further bolster the claim made by Energy Digital, “SolarMill® is still one of the coolest pieces of tech we’ve seen in a while.

According to the over the top promotional material printed on the front of the glossy hard mailer ‘Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk’s Prayers for Cheap Energy May Have Just Been Answered. ‘WindStream Is My #1 Energy Stock Pick For 2014!’ – Andrew Carpenter. Don’t be the last investor to find out that WSTI has 1. A breakthrough innovation. 2. An approved patent 3. Is backed by a member of one of the world’s richest families 4. An 8-figure purchase order from a billion dollar giant. 5. Global distribution.

Conclusion: WSTI is making an explosive move up on accelerating volume after making a significant reversal off $0.10. Currently trading at a $13 million market valuation WSTI does have sales of $373,538 for the quarter ended September 30, 2014 up from $47,857 for the same period last year.

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Short term WSTI is a stock to watch; it traded massive volume at much higher prices on heavy promotion. Now that WSTI is trading at fraction of its previous highs and has just made a significant reversal off $0.10 investors are giving this one a second look.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in WSTI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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