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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Looks Like Support on Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc (OTCMKTS:RMHB)

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc (OTCMKTS:RMHB) looks to be forming a new base here in the $0.02 range 0n moderate volume. RMHB  has a long history of huge moves running from pennies to highs over $0.15 a share on a massive surge of volume. RMHB is made an ever bigger move last year when it ran from subs to highs over $0.30 a share.

The stock has fallen a long way over the past months since the $0.164 highs earlier this year. In March, the Company announced that Jerry Grisaffi was retiring and selling his controlling interest in the Company to LSW Holdings, LLC for 3.5 million.

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc (OTCMKTS:RMHB) bills itself as a consumer goods company specializing in brand development of health conscious, hemp-infused food and beverage products. The Company markets a lineup of four naturally flavored hemp-infused beverages (Citrus Energy, Black Tea, Mango Energy and Lemonade) and a low calorie Coconut Lime Energy drink. Rocky Mountain High Brands also offers hemp-infused 2oz. Mango Energy Shots and Mixed Berry Energy Shots. The Company recently launched a naturally high alkaline spring water, Eagle Spirit Spring Water.

Clever packaging and the purchase price is comparable to Red Bull. I am personally not a fan of energy drinks but not only do I enjoy this stuff, I have recommended it to my friends and several bar owners who also think it’s marketable and have ordered from Amazon. That says a lot. I see definite potential.”

Back when THCZ Initially launched the excitement was palpable with AMAZON rating Rocky Mountain High Hemp Lemonade as the #1 new release in the product category. Cold Spring Brewery in Minnesota initially produced about 4,100 cases recently for the first shipment to Amazon centers as a first test run. The product exploded off the shelves, incredibly selling out with no money spent on marketing in just 3 hours. Cold Springs will produce 45,000 cases for the next run anticipated to ship in about two weeks.

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In March RMHB announced that Jerry Grisaffi, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, sold his controlling interest in the Company to LSW Holdings, LLC through a private transaction that closed on February 28, 2017.

Lily Li, Managing Member of LSW Holdings, LLC, said, “We are excited about our transaction with Mr. Grisaffi and RMHB.  We believe that this Company will become a world-wide brand very soon.  We plan to merge Rocky Mountain High China into the Company as a wholly-owned subsidiary in the near future.  Rocky Mountain High China is currently a non-affiliated company and is the exclusive distributor for Rocky Mountain High Brands in China. This will allow Rocky Mountain High Brands to consolidate the revenue that we generate in China and will benefit the Company’s shareholders.”

On October 31 RMHB announced John Blackington has joined the Company as its Chief Commercialization Officer. In this role, Blackington will direct the Company’s product development, marketing, sales, and customer service to drive business growth and market share.

Mr. Blackington has over thirty years of experience, both as the owner of his own company and as a senior executive for several leading food and beverage companies, including The Coca-Cola Company. He has jumpstarted a number of successful new brands in critical areas ranging from building sales and distribution systems, expanding retail availability, developing equity strategies and sourcing capital. He has a passion for leading brands to reach commercial success.

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc.’s Chairman, President and CEO, Michael Welch, stated, “I am very excited to have John join the Company as our new Chief Commercialization Officer. He has an impressive background of high level beverage brand and marketing experience from his many years with Coca Cola and other successful brands. His experience and expertise are critical for us as we create and market world class hemp-infused products that are cutting edge, great tasting, and contain pure healthful ingredients. Our goal for this Company is to be the category leader in hemp-infused products and John’s guidance will be key for us achieving that goal.”

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Currently trading at a $15 million market valuation RMHB has minimal assets and revenues and growing short term debt that could result in significant dilution. Controlling shareholder LSW Holdings, LLC, has big plans for RMHB to turn it into a world class brand but obviously none of this has come to fruition and the stock has continued to drop. Investors are looking back at the glory days of 2015 when this one skyrocketed as THCZ and hoping some of that magic will come back. Even back then things did not really work out as the run was cut short after the stock was slapped with the dreaded skull & crossbones. We will be updating on RMHB when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with RMHB.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in RMHB either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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