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TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) is once again the top traded stock on the bbs; THCZ knows how to market itself like no other and continues to skillfully attract a massive shareholder base to bid up the stock price.

Considering the skull & crossbones THCZ is ultra high risk to trade; (Be very carefull: skull & crossbones could result in trading halt at any moment) the stock however has seen a significant comeback since the shakedown that started last week with the OTCMarkets skull & crossbones designation and continued into this week as questions arose regarding the founders past, the sudden increase of the authorized shares by 200 million on March 26 and continued speculation on exactly why OTCMarkets slapped the Caveat Emptor on THCZ and why they have kept it there thus far.

The stock hit a low of $0.07 on Monday and has been exploding upwards since on accelerating volume as the Company has fought back with a letter to OTCMarkets challenging the skull & crossbones designation.

Much has been made of Founder Jerry Grisaffi history but this does not mean that the Company will not succeed in their endeavor to become the premier hemp beverage company in the world. When a Company has an innovative product that people really like that sells and meets a huge new market demand anything is liable to happen.

TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) mission is to become the premier hemp beverage company in the world. The Company recently launched their Rocky Mountain High hemp beverage drinks on Alibaba and Amazon. Cold Spring Brewery in Minnesota initially produced about 4,100 cases as a test run which sold out in just 3 hours on Amazon.

The product seems to sell exceptionally well, maybe the following quote from Gadget White on Seeking Alpha explains why: ”THCZ has a GOOD product. I own stock and have tried the beverage. Not only does it taste much better than Monster energy drink and Red Bull, it is made from natural ingredients such as beet sugar and hemp seed which has been linked to many health benefits

Clever packaging and the purchase price is comparable to Red Bull. I am personally not a fan of energy drinks but not only do I enjoy this stuff, I have recommended it to my friends and several bar owners who also think it’s marketable and have ordered from Amazon. That says a lot. I see definite potential.”

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On April 6 THCZ announced ”third quarter financials have been posted and the Company has recorded revenues of $67,663.51 for sales of its Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused beverages in the last two weeks of March 2015. Based on current predictions the Company expects the next quarter sales to be in excess of $700,000.”

On April 7 THCZ announced a distribution agreement with the Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Elk City, OK. This is the first distribution deal for the Company in Oklahoma for the Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused line-up of beverages and is a possible gateway for other similar type of distribution deals.

Jerry Grisaffi said “Elk City Dr Pepper is a ‘power player’ in the local beverage community and will be able to quickly establish a strong foothold in the marketplace. We mutually agree that once the product is available on retail shelves, it has the capability of exponential growth that only a unique product category can generate.”

According to the 10Q THCZ filed on April 6 the Company has $523,000 in the treasury and a $1.17 million convertible note. They also have small but growing revenues reporting $67,663.51 in sales of its Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused beverages in the last two weeks. The stock trades at a $40 million market valuation.

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Currently making a significant comeback THCZ does have a great product that seems to sell really well that could transcend the Company’s beginnings that so many have brought to question. Clearly the investment community is impressed with THCZ who definitely knows how to market not just its products but its stock as well. While they are working with OTCMarkets to get the Skull & crossbones designation removed this remains a very serious issue that could result in a trading halt if not resolved mmediately. Shareholders almost always lose everything in a halt. We will be updating on THCZ when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with THCZ.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in THCZ either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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