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Saturday, November 26, 2022

On the Move: Neutra Corp (OTCMKTS:NTRR)

Neutra Corp (OTCMKTS:NTRR) recently made a major reversal off $0.04 lows and has been upward bound on accelerating volume since. The stock has a history of big moves running from $0.25 to highs of $1.30 short after hitting the bb’s. Again in the first few months of this year the stock ran from $0.30 to highs of $1.

In recent news the Company said it sold its first self-contained, indoor horticulture system to a California cultivator. The first unit sold is a 30-ft. blooming system crafted from a shipping container and featuring a 1000-watt Gavita light fixture, six custom planting trays, a four-ton split A/C unit, a carbon dioxide supply, circulation fans, digital light timers and more. The unit was built by Contain A Grow, the indoor horticulture company acquired by Vertigo last year. “Interest in these self-contained horticulture containers is very robust; particularly in those states where medical and recreational cannabis is legal,” said NTRR CEO Chris Brown. “Contain A Grow products can be built to order and are a terrific solution to the scalability problem faced by many indoor growers across the country.

There are lots of reasons for pot stocks to heat up here; according to a report from MMJ Business Daily, 2015 is expected not only to see more investment dollars flow into the market but it could even outpace the growth rate seen in 2014. States like Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Alaska have all been identified as industry drivers this year. Furthermore, the rise in “big money” from some major investment funds has just started to hit the sector.

The major catalyst however for 2015 is expected to be the rescheduling of marijuana out of its current Schedule I classification. In October U.S District Judge Kimberly Mueller heard testimonies during a five day evidentiary hearing aimed at determining if the Schedule I dangerous drug is unconstitutional.

The ruling is expected to come sometime later this year and many expect to see a domino effect for the entire pot sector culminating in treasury issuing rules and regulations for working with marijuana businesses. Once they are able to use banks the entire business is expected to really take off.

NTRR is a healthy lifestyle company that specializes in the development and marketing of natural wellness solutions, including cannabis-related products. By providing a variety of new technologies designed to ensure safer, more reliable access to cannabis in approved markets, Neutra Corp. plans to compete alongside GW Pharmaceuticals Growlife Inc. and Medbox Inc. delivering technological advancements in the cultivation and processing of cannabis in approved markets.

Neutra Corp (OTCMKTS:NTRR) acquired vapor innovators Diamond Anvil Designs earlier this year in order to develop a lightweight, portable, smoke-free delivery system that will stand out from competing products in the marketplace. The new Diamond Anvil vapor pen features customizable power levels, multi-substance vaporization capacity and best-in-class durability, making it a unique and groundbreaking product in the fast-growing vaporization industry. Neutra Corp. ordered the first production run from the manufacturer in July.

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“The demand for cannabis and cannabis-related products is growing every day. The Diamond Anvil Vapor Pen is only one of several game-changing products we have in the pipeline to capitalize on what is proving to be an unprecedented market opportunity.”

On October 28 NTRR announced they had finalized plans for its first commercial production run of the cutting-edge Diamond Anvil Vapor Pen just as analysts are predicting the cannabis industry will not only be legal, but have more annual revenue than the NFL by 2020.

Greenwave Advisors, a cannabis-focused research and analysis firm, recently projected federal legalization of the herb in the next six years, which would push first-year countrywide revenues to an estimated $35 billion, surpassing the annual revenue of the NFL. Even without full federal legalization, Greenwave still projects $21 billion in legal cannabis revenues, however, the firm believes 12 states and the District of Columbia will have legalized recreational cannabis by 2020, with medical cannabis being available in 37 states. Currently 23 states have legalized medical cannabis and two states have legalized recreational cannabis use.

“This is the kind of research that gets us excited because we are more than ready to deliver new market-ready ancillary products to the fast-growing cannabis sector. The timing is perfect because we’re preparing for the first commercial run of our cutting-edge all-in-one portable Diamond Anvil vaporization pen,” said NTRR CEO Chris Brown.

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Currently trading at a $3.7 million total market valuation NTRR is one pot stock that deserves to be on Investors radar here. NTRR has seen a massive reversal off $0.04 lows and is moving up fast on accelerating volume. As pot stocks heat up again NTRR is one to watch.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in NTRR either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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