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Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL) on an Explosive Move

Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL) is making an explosive move up on accelerating volume. This one has a history of big moves running from pennies to over $3 a share earlier this year.

It seems that the general consensus seems to be that cannabinoids (one of the major ingredients of Cannabis besides the THC) are a miracle cure for neurological disorders and seizures as well as the much needed synergistic maintenance therapy to improve the lives and treatment of cancers and HIV.

The widespread euphoria has driven pot stocks sky high and PLPL was no exception the last time around. Now that the sector is heating up again the stock seems to be under accumulation.

Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL) and its subsidiaries develop highly bioavailable, phytonutrient rich extracts which are being utilized to deliver a new family of drugs to safely and affordably treat a multitude of diseases and conditions. Plandaí Biotechnology, through its South African subsidiaries, controls every aspect of production, from growing specific raw materials such as green tea on its farms to producing its proprietary Phytofare(TM) extract, allowing the Company to guarantee the continuity of supply as well as quality control throughout the entire process. The manufacturing facility has also been engineered for citrus fruits and the recovery of limonoids. Targeted industries for the Company’s products include beverage, cosmeceutical, wellness, nutraceutical, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical.

PLPL products include Phytofare™ Catechin Complex, a water-soluble powder, Ph2™ Topical Catechin Complex, a topical cream that has Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™, Ph2™ Oral Catechin Complex, a gel tab version of Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™, suitable for oral consumption, and Ph2™ Liquid Catechin Complex, an oral version of Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™ in a liquid suspension, suitable for mixing into beverages and liquid medications.

In August, PLPL started two clinical trials. The first includes 35 participants and focuses on the depth of penetration of the company’s Phytofare™ Pheroid™ Catechin Complex to demonstrate that Plandaí’s product can be effectively used in topical creams to deliver Phytofare™ into target tissues. The second clinical trial includes 35 participants, and focuses on the anti-inflammatory properties of Plandaí’s Phytofare™ Pheroid™ Catechin Complex. The company’s goal is to show reduced redness and irritation in a topical application which will allow Phytofare™ to be used in various skin care products.

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PLPL announced on October 29 that Uruguay’s Ministry of Public Health has approved an academic collaboration between Plandaí and the Group of Medicinal Chemistry from the School of Science at the University of the Republic (“University”) in Montevideo, Uruguay. The approval, issued in September 2014, allows Plandaí to grow cannabis in conjunction with the University, for medical research, which will be undertaken by students and scientists from the School of Science at the University.

Plandaí Biotechnology – Uruguay, SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Plandaí Biotechnology, is currently the only company given authorization to grow cannabis and conduct medical research in Uruguay. Published research indicates that Plandaí’s proprietary extraction process should render the complete cannabinoid complex from the live plant while retaining the acid forms of THC, which are devoid of psychotropic effects. The result should be a highly bioavailable extract that retains all of the potential medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive properties. Plandaí intends to establish a pharmaceutical platform in once the initial scientific investigations have been successfully completed.

The University of the Republic is a State institution founded in 1849. With several campuses throughout the city of Montevideo, the university provides an academic platform to more than 80,000 students.

Conclusion: PLPL saw a spectacular run up earlier this year with highs over $3 per share. Clearly this is a stock to watch when the Cannabis sector heats up. As PLPL continues to move north on growing support investors are accumulating betting it will continue up from here.

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One thing longs are betting on is that the Cannabis sector will heat up again as Marijuana is on the ballot in a number of states. The expected massive publicity should push pot stocks skyward. PLPL is a stock that deserves to be on investor’s radars here and might just provide a spectacular trade opportunity in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in PLPL either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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