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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Reversal Time for Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH)

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) continues to see significant volume at its base right under a penny a share. The stock saw a pop to highs near $0.02 last month but has come back to where it started since.

PPCH made a big move up last year from subs to highs of $0.1338 a share transforming from illiquid to become one of the top most traded stocks on the entire OTC exchange. The run was sparked by an Investment Newsletter called the Wealthy Biotech Trader as well as a paid feature in the NY Times Sunday Edition Magazine under Health Essentials: Cancer Prevention & Treatment on April 19th.

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) is focused on developing new cancer treatments for patients suffering from pancreatic and colorectal cancer. Together with their scientific and oncology consultants, they have developed a rational, composite formulation of anti-cancer compounds which exert a number of effects designed to control or prevent tumors from recurring and spreading throughout the body.

PPCH lead drug candidate, PRP, is a once-daily pro-enzyme treatment as a clinically proven therapeutic option in the treatment and prevention of cancer. PRP would be the first therapy of its kind, as there are no FDA approved therapies used for the long-term prevention or management of these conditions. Propanc is focusing on providing oncologists and their patients with more effective metastatic cancer therapies with a substantially reduced side effect profile; specifically, colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Improvement is needed for the standard of care for late stage cancer, with the incumbent treatments causing significant adverse effects for the modest benefits provided.

The last time PPCH ran it was helped along by an Investment Newsletter called the Wealthy Biotech Trader as well as a paid feature in the NY Times Sunday Edition Magazine under Health Essentials: Cancer Prevention & Treatment. This time around ACR Communication, LLC was paid $41,000 to issue a press release titled ”History Could Be Repeating, For this Biotech Stock”

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PPCH has some big names behind it; Klaus Kutz, CMO of Propanc has prepared multiple investigational new drugs (IND) FDA applications for Sanofi, a $48 stock. Dr. Ralph Brandt of Propanc successfully led the tumor biology program for animal studies at Novartis. Novartis is now trading at $98 a share.

On December 5 PPCH announced that the December 1 presentation from James Nathanielsz, Chief Executive Officer, is now available for on-demand viewing at VirtualInvestorConferences.com. LINK: http://tinyurl.com/1201postpr

Propanc’s presentation will be available 24/7 for 90 days. Investors and advisors may download shareholder materials from the “virtual trade booth” for the next three weeks.

Recent Company Activity:

Filed applications for Orphan Medicinal Product Designation (OMPD) to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for PRP, a solution for intravenous administration of pancreatic proenzymes trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen. The proposed orphan drug indication for PRP is for the treatment of ovarian and pancreatic cancer, responsible for 338,000 cancer diagnoses and 331,000 deaths worldwide in 2012, and a major unmet medical issue.

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Currently trading at a $7.38 million market valuation PPCH has little assets and no revenues to date. They also have a significant debt problem that has caused the OS to more than double in the past 12 months alone. But PPCH is one exciting story here; this Company knows how to market itself and regularly trades several million dollars in daily trading volume. PPCH recently indicated they are making huge strides forward with PRP a once-daily pro-enzyme treatment for cancer which if approved by the FDA would be the only therapy of its kind in a combined world market for pancreatic, ovarian and colorectal cancers that is expected to reach over $12 billion by 2020 according to PPCH’’ We will be updating on PPCH on a daily basis so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily.com so you know what is going on with PPCH.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in PPCH either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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