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COASTAL INTGRTD SVCS(OTCMKTS:COLV) is the new pick from Stocktips announced this morning that is making an explosive move up off its base under a dime.

According to the disclaimer in Stocktips email AC expects to receive $4,500,000 ($4.5 million) as a marketing budget for production and distribution of COLV marketing material from 3rd party Laluna Services, Inc.  The stock is being promoted by emails and a landing page at stocktips.com/COLV/

COASTAL INTGRTD SVCS(OTCMKTS:COLV) has acquired Simply Lids Inc., an award winning company whose specialty is disposable beverage lids in the food services industry. The company’s patented technologies provide a safer, more enjoyable drinking experience, without splashing or spills, and has the added benefit of unique marketing opportunities never before realized in this industry sector. Simply Lids plans on being the leader in this multi-billion dollar sector through the application of its unique technology and innovation.

In April COLV announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Simply Lids Inc. signed a non-disclosure agreement with Havi Global Solutions. Simply Lids, has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Havi Global Solutions, a leader in procurement for major food and beverage retailers. The agreement enables Simply Lids to work closely with Havi to provide it’s customers the latest advancements in liquid delivery systems focusing on beverage lids.

Havi Global Solutions states, “At Havi Global Solutions, we have refined our industry leading capabilities for three decades in partnership with some of the world’s largest supply chains. Companies such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola turn to us for sourcing, program execution, logistics, and other aspects of supply chain management”.

John Newman, President of COLV stated that “ Subsequent to execution of the NDA, Havi and Simply Lids have entered into discussions with one of the largest fast food chains in the world. This is a major step in the development and execution of our award winning lid. ”

Later in April COLV announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Simply Lids Inc. was requested to quote pricing to supply 2.5 billion lids annually. Simply Lids was requested to quote supplying lids based on an annual volume of 2.5 billion. Subsequent to providing the quote, Simply Lids entered into a nondisclosure agreement with this major worldwide beverage retailer to further this potential business opportunity.

John Newman, President of COLV stated that “After recent validation in our efforts to produce the safest and most functional beverage lid, the food & drink industry has taken notice. This opportunity to quote our lid is the ultimate complement and is the beginning in a series of stages to becoming the leader in this multi-billion dollar sector.”

Stocktips gained prominence with TGRO which made a spectacular run from $0.20 to highs of $1.59 after they announced it as their pick. Since then they have alerted such winners as ALKM which ran from pennies to $0.50 a share. WPWR offered spectacular gains for investors who bought in early when it ran from pennies to over $0.80.

More recent Stocktips picks are ECRY and TLPY. ECRY did see a nice move to highs of $0.59 before the collapse while TLPY saw much less movement.

According to Stater ”Hey Kids, Statler here. I am going to keep this email short and sweet. You know what my newest MONSTER PICK is – COLV. I strongly suggest you watch COLV like a hawk. I expect that COLV could be my biggest MONSTER PICK EVER!

Lots of exciting things going on for COLV and I want this to be a HUGE win for my loyal followers. COLV – the time is now! Happy Trading, Mike.”‘

Currently trading at a $35 million market valuation COLV has minimal assets, no revenues to date and rising short term debt. But this is Stocktips new pick responsible for such winners as TGRO and ECRY although their last pick did little. We will be updating on COLV when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with COLV.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in COLV either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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