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SANOMEDICS INTL HLDG (OTCMKTS:SIMH) recently announced that their Thermomedics Inc. division has sent the first 20 Caregiver® Touchfree™ Clinical Thermometers to the Firestone Natural Rubber Company, whose healthcare personnel are involved in combating the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Western Africa.

Keith Houlihan, President of Sanomedics, noted “Caregiver® Touchfree™ Thermometers are well suited to handle the temperature diagnostics needed to identify this type of highly infectious virus without putting the healthcare worker at risk, since the virus’ method of transfer is via contact with body fluids and contaminated substances from the victims.”

Mr. Houlihan went on to say that “Because our thermometers do not touch the patient, in all cases, there is much less contamination attributable to the temperature-taking process as there is with traditional oral thermometers. In this dire case, that could mean the difference between life and death.”

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Thermomedics’ VP of Marketing and Sales, Ron Benincasa, indicated that the first 20 devices have been shipped by the Company’s Kentec Medical (Ameritus®) distribution group, and that Firestone has forecasted immediate additional requirements if the outbreak continues to rage.

SANOMEDICS INTL HLDG (OTCMKTS:SIMH) is a medical technology holding company that focuses on game changing products, services and ideas — a place where physicians, entrepreneurs, and medical companies can work together to drive innovative technologies through concept, development, and ultimately commercialization. Sanomedics plans to grow existing business organically and through strategic acquisitions specifically relating to healthcare technology and services.

It all started on October 10 after SIMH announced that the Company’s Thermomedics, Inc. division has shipped the first group of devices to Atlanta Headquarters of the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) for immediate distribution to selected ports of entry, where touch-free temperatures are destined to identify fevers in arriving travelers from at-risk countries.

On October 17 SIMH announced that demand is soaring for its Caregiver® TouchFree™ Clinical Thermometers, primed by the growing concern for spread of EBOLA and MERS infections. The Company is gearing up for heavy inventory requirements to support this global effort at all healthcare facilities and ports-of-entry.

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The Company also announced that their Thermomedics subsidiary recently strengthened its penetration of the Professional Healthcare vital signs business with the signing of a long-term agreement withNovation, a world-renowned provider of healthcare supply chain expertise and contracting. The 3-year agreement goes into effect October 1, 2014.

Based in Irving, Texas, Novation serves more than 100,000 members of VHA, Inc. and UHC (two national healthcare alliances), Children’s Hospital Association (an alliance of the nation’s leading pediatric facilities), and Provista, LLC, and operates 40 percent of the staffed beds in the United States. Novation accounted for $43 billion in annual purchases in 2012, handles 45% of the nation’s admissions and represents 94% of the nation’s academic medical centers.

Novation’s markets include acute care hospitals and systems, academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, ambulatory care, physician clinics, home health and long-term care facilities. Through Provista, Novation also serves the education and corporate segments.

Keith Houlihan, the Company’s  President, commented,  “This arrangement helps to confirm the growing demand for the Caregiver Thermometer’s unique combination of accuracy, ease-of-use, reduced cross-contamination, speed, and cost-savings for Novation’s broad base of hospitals, medical offices, clinics, long-term care sites, and all aspects of the continuum of care. Given its competitive pricing model and the fact that no costly probe covers are required for it to deliver results, we’re confident that Caregiver is the superior choice among thermometers in the market today and look forward to seeing increased interest in and adoption of it through this strategic partnership.”

Currently trading at a $2 million market valuation SIMH recent developments are enough to keep it in the spotlight for a while as Ebola continues to dominate both local and international headlines. As SIMH forms a base here over a dime smart investors have their eye on recent highs of $0.6′ as the price to beat!

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