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Stock in Focus is Nutech Energy Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:NERG)

Nutech Energy Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:NERG) is one penny stock that has got everyone’s attention making a huge move up in recent weeks off its $0.0009 lows and becoming a consistent volume leader transforming into one of the top traded stocks on the entire bb’s.

NERG was incorporated in 2007 under the laws of the state of Delaware as Resource Group, Inc. In July 2009 they changed their name to Ecoemissions Solutions, Inc. before becoming Nutech Energy Resources Inc in June 2015.

Nutech Energy Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:NERG) bills itself as a natural gas and oil exploration and development company that has developed a patented technology for the production of coalbed methane (CBM) without the need to pump water. NuTech currently operates wells in the Powder River Basin area of northern Wyoming and has commitments to acquire thousands of additional wells. NuTech Energy Resources, Inc.’s development of proprietary equipment uniquely positions the Company to be able to acquire and profitably operate wells that were previously cost prohibitive.

NERG is currently focused on acquiring abandoned coalbed methane gas wells in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, and to convert those wells into profitable producing assets. The Company has acquired a patent to use a proprietary technology to produce natural gas without pumping water out of the ground from inside a well. This device reduces overhead from conventional methods of natural gas production by as much as sixty percent (60%).

The Company recently announced an agreement to acquire Emerald Operating and Rocky Mountain Exploration Wells, an operation representing 74 existing wells, and their underlying lease agreements. Additionally, NuTech will acquire Emerald’s minority non-operator interest in 42 of Mountain Hawk Exploration’s wells.

Emerald Operating currently has 27 of NuTech Energy’s state-of-the-art IGOR tools installed on location. Gas from this location is being produced and sold, using the Company’s patented, proprietary Natural Gas Production Technology, but no production results are available as of yet. Emerald Operating personnel have, over the past several months, extensively tested, and continue actively running diagnostics in an effort to optimize the production and transportation process.

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On December 3 NERG said it has received approval by its board of directors, and proceeds to finalize the acquisition of Emerald Operating and Rocky Mountain Exploration Wells, an operation comprised of 74 existing wells, and their underlying lease agreements. Moreover the Company has taken ownership of an additional 2000 wells in that territory, and is in the final stages of obtaining regulatory approval.

The two thousand wells being acquired have been shut in for numerous years, and the equipment has been idle. Once the wells are retrofitted and rehabilitated with any necessary pipeline repair, these properties have the potential of producing 100 MCF per day, per well. At a 5 year average baseline of just in the range of $4 per MCF, this could translate to right in the arena of $288,000,000 in gross sales, with a rewarding potential profit margin in the range of $180,000,000.

On December 7 NERG announced the Company is very aggressively moving forward on a dynamic plan to take ownership of an additional 7000 wells situated on State and Federal land in the state of Wyoming.

CEO Kevin Trizna said “This is where the real value of our Company is made evident, there are thousands of wells that are operating at a loss, and thousands of others that cannot operate in this financial environment at all. Because we have the exclusive potential to operate profitably at the current price of natural gas, a world of opportunity is laid before us. What is currently an unprofitable landscape in the Coalbed Methane industry, is an exciting and advantageous threshold for our Company and its shareholders.”

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Currently exploding out of sub penny land NERG has minimal assets or revenues and significant fast rising debt. At the same time NERG knows how to market itself and has successfully attracted a large and growing shareholder base excited by the Company’s aggressive plan of acquiring 10,000 wells in 2016. We will be updating on NERG when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with NERG.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in NERG either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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