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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Exciting Rise of Real Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RLBD)

Real Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RLBD) is making a steady move up in recent days continuing its rise that started at $0.0045 and recently saw highs of $0.21 per share. The stock has quickly attracted a fast growing shareholder base that has transformed RLBD into a volume leader.

The Company operates in the booming CBD space; research has cited tremendous growth including Hemp Business Journal, an industry market research publication which projects that the CBD market will reach $2.1 billion by 2020. CV Sciences’ vertically integrated process allows for Full Traceability – From Seed to Shelf™ and ensures product quality and safety for its complete line of finished products.

Real Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: RLBD) has an ambitious vision to be the recognized  leading brand building company in the legal CBD hemp industry. The Company is based in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Company’s acquisition strategy is for accretive acquisitions of trademarks, patents, other IP and related business opportunities that can be efficiently integrated into the Company’s infrastructure and financial capabilities so that the Company can benefit from the gross profit contribution from distribution, licensing, joint ventures and other opportunities.

RLBD has been making big moves in the booming CBD space! Last year RLBD acquired the Omega Hemp Water trademarks and brand Intellectual Property from Alkame Holdings, Inc. via a controlling interest in a newly created subsidiary. Through this transaction RLBD will own the super-majority interest in a new subsidiary, and Alkame owns the balance. This subsidiary will focus on developing proprietary formulation(s) and growing the operations and trademark value for Omega Hemp branded beverages.

Real Brands has seen significant growth through acquisitions; the Company acquired the CBD Pharmacy trademark™ plus four (4) US utility patents for the manufacture of consumable legal cannabis and hemp products as defined by the states on a state by state basis. In addition, RLBD has also agreed to acquire four (4) Colorado trademarks for use in legal cannabis and hemp products.

The four (4) additional Colorado trademarks are: Marijuana Cigarettes, Cannabis Cigarettes, Hemp Cigarettes and Cannabis Smoke Tobacco. The four (4) utilities patents include: An Inhaler for the consumption of Cannabinoids, Cannabis Infused Chewing Composition, A Method of Manufacturing a Smokable Cannabis Product and Cannabis Smokeless Tobacco.

Earlier this year RLBD launched CBD Pharmacy® Vape Cartridges in Texas and Florida. The CBD Pharmacy® Vape Cartridge line includes three sizes:  500 mg, 750 mg and 1g cartridges with unique flavors such as Whisky, Tequila and Pina Colada as well as existing flavors that are already popular with consumers such as Strawberry, Pineapple Express and Vanilla. Real Brands, Inc. is also finalizing the Omega Hemp Water® label and is planning our initial launch of the Omega Hemp Water® brand of CBD infused water.

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Last month Real Brands and Dragons, Ltd. announced they have mutually agreed to terminate the October 2017 license agreement, which granted Dragons, Ltd exclusive rights to commercialize CBD Pharmacy® branded products worldwide. Under the terms of this agreement, Real Brands will regain all rights to the CBD Pharmacy® trademark it owns for the existing vape cartridge business and all new CBD Pharmacy products worldwide.  Real Brands, Inc. will also receive the sufficient inventory of CBD Pharmacy® branded vape cartridges to enable a smooth transition and ensure that retail customers will continue to have supply.

On November 5 Real Brands executed a Letter of Intent to acquire trademarks for Humboldt Brands®, Hemp-Aid® and HempAid®. This Letter of Intent is part of a broader effort by Real Brands to expand their brand holdings while creating unique marketing strategies in at least three CBD Categories:  smokables, edibles and topical balms and lotions. Real Brand’s vision is to be recognized as a leading brand building company in the legal CBD hemp industry by formulating a unique marketing strategy for each of its brands. Real Brands aims to grow and expand through focusing on three core CBD Categories: smokables, edibles and topical balms and lotions.

Real Brands CEO Jerry Pearring stated “The proposed acquisition of the Humboldt Brands®, Hemp-Aid® and HempAid®.  trademarks represent the next step in Real Brand’s branding strategy. We are pleased with the development to date of the CBD Pharmacy® brand launched in 2017 and believe these trademarks will fast-track our market segmented branding strategy. We believe the heritage that Humboldt County has in this industry will accelerate consumer awareness of the proposed Humboldt Brands® line in multiple CBD categories” said Pearring. “While Hemp-Aid® and HempAid® can be positioned for the mass market as CBD categories evolve.”

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Currently trading at a $17 million market valuation RLBD has little assets or revenues and $1.4 million in current liabilities. Real Brands is an exciting story developing in small caps; the Companys vision is to be recognized as a leading brand building company in the legal CBD hemp industry and is currently selling their CBD Pharmacy® Vape Cartridges in Texas and Florida, is planning the launch of Omega Hemp Water® brand of CBD infused water and recently announced an LOI to acquire trademarks for Humboldt Brands®, Hemp-Aid® and HempAid®. We will be updating on RLBD when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with RLBD.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in RLBD either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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