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The Fascinating Rise of Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CELZ)

Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CELZ) has been running up the charts in recent week since briefly dipping below a penny. The Company issued an important update in December. Domestically the company is continuing marketing the CaverStemTM to physicians across the United States. Additional physicians are scheduled for training, patients are being treated and revenues are being generated and increasing each month.

For 2019 the Company has several exciting marketing inititives such as Physician Marketing Campaigns: Scheduled for release in January 2019, CaverStemTM will begin a series of mailer and email campaigns introducing the CaverStemTM procedure to licensed physicians in the areas of urology, sexual function and plastic surgery as well as Brand Awareness to Patients: Scheduled for launch in January 2019, CaverStemTM will increase its online presence on Social Media by sponsorships and banner advertising on websites and search engines attracting the active male. We are currently negotiating an advertising campaign in Los Angeles as our first city to expand into print and radio advertising.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CELZ) is a commercial-stage biotechnology company focused on Urology and Neurology using stem cell treatments. The company’s team consists of leading international researchers in regenerative medicine with a “science-first” approach to treatments ensuring that all of its treatments are proven to be both safe and effective.

CELZ is engaged in stem cell research and applications for use to treat male and female sexual dysfunction, infertility and related issues. It holds a patent for its erectile dysfunction (“ED”) treatment and was granted a license by Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, a non-profit biomedical research and education institute (“LABIOMED”), for the infertility treatment. It has also filed a patent application focused on physical manifestations of female sexual arousal disorder, as an extension of the work with stem cell therapies for ED.

Creative Medical is currently in the commercial stage of its bone marrow based stem cell treatment for Erectile Dysfunction known as CAVERSTEM, which is being marketed both nationally, and internationally. Earlier this year the Company formed the subsidiary CaverStem International LLC for the purpose of commercializing its erectile dysfunction technology to international physicians.

CaverStem™ received positive reception at international urology conference. Dr. Alexander Gershman stated “I am very impressed by the strong endorsement we have been receiving from colleagues attending the American Urological Association conference.  Since beginning to offer the CaverStem™ procedure in December 2017 we have treated multiple patients of which approximately 90% have reported positive improvements.  These are all patients for which pharmacological interventions such as Viagra and Cialis do not work. rWhenever a new procedure is introduced to the community, it is fundamentally important to obtain the support of our peers, and to share our findings with our peers.  We are enthusiastic by the interest in CaverStem™ by the American and International Urology Community.”

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CEO Timothy Warbington said “Now that the AUA conference is over we have immediately began working on vetting the physicians to insure they meet our criteria, negotiating and preparing contracts. Once this is all completed each physician will be scheduled for training on the use of the device and disposables (kits), their CaverStem™ affiliate website will be launched and the CaverStem™ technology will be marketed in each territory.”

In December CELZ updated shareholders on the FemCelzTM; as previously announced, we are progressing with the development of the FemCelzTM procedure for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction using stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. We are preparing the patient protocol and designing the website in anticipation of this launch in Q1. Many of our existing CaverStemTM affiliated physician’s also treat female patients for sexual function and we anticipate that they will be the leaders in progressing the FemCelzTM program.

U.S. and international agreements have been reached for exclusive distribution rights for the FDA approved Generation 2 bone marrow harvest technology which has been used with multiple ED patients in the past 90 days with excellent results. By replacing the centrifuge technology with our Generation 2 technology we realize the following benefits; Reduced bone marrow harvest from 60cc to 20cc, Higher cell count (less blood harvested). Reduced procedure time and Reduced startup cost for physician by eliminating centrifuge.

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Currently trading at a $13 million market valuation CELZ is fully reporting OTCBB, has $100k in the treasury, little revenues and $10 million in current liabilities. CELZ is a really exciting Company developing in small caps; CELZ flagship CaverStem has the only procedure to treat Erectile Dysfunction with adult stem cells in the US. The erectile dysfunction market is booming! According to a recent report from ResearchAndMarkets.com, the size of the global erectile dysfunction market is expected to reach $4.25 billion by 2023. CELZ also has runner in its blood and a long history of huge moves skyrocketing from $0.002 in March of last year to highs topping $0.07 per share in August, CELZ loves to run and is a volume leader regularly among the top most traded on the OTCBB.We will be updating on CELZ when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with CELZ.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in CELZ either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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