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Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Long and Short on Lexaria Corp (OTCMKTS:LXRP)

Lexaria Corp (OTCMKTS:LXRP) is making a small reversal off $0.27 a share and investors are hoping this continues. The stock saw highs of $0.70 in January of this year but has been coming back down since.

LXRP is one exciting penny stock that has got everyone’s attention boasting patent-pending ground breaking bioavailability technology, one of the tightest share structures for any bb in the sector and a fast growing loyal shareholder base who believes this one goes much higher.

Lexaria Corp (OTCMKTS:LXRP) searches for projects that could provide potential above-market returns. LXRP owns 50% of ViPova(TM) that uses only legal CBD oil extracts, grown from legal hemp in locations where it is legal to do so, in ViPova(TM)-branded tea. ViPova(TM) uses its patent-pending process to infuse concentrated amounts of CBD within lipids in its tea, providing more bioactivity and comfort to the body during the absorption process. Only ViPova(TM) has this ground-breaking technology for CBD/lipid infusion.

Lexaria has been trading on the bb’s for some time; the Company was initially registered in Nevada in 2005 to explore and develop oil and gas assets in low-risk areas of North America. The Company still owns significant oil production in Mississippi, producing oil from wells at the Belmont Lake oil field.

LXRP still receives revenues from these wells reporting $463,798 in revenues for the 9 months ended July 1, 2014. The Company says they have earned a total of $3.5 million oil production revenues since their inception.

In November of last year LXRP acquired 51% of PoViva Corp. PoViva literally means “Taking in Life” PoViva uses a patent pending process to bind active CBD ingredients with a lipid, allowing for a more efficient and comforting delivery of the CBD than competing products that do not have the benefit of our patent-pending process.

In August announced a suite of new ViPova(TM) products available for purchase immediately. The new products all utilize Lexaria’s patent-pending technology designed to enhance bioavailability.

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In addition to the new products listed below, Lexaria is pleased to announce that ViPova(TM) brand coffee and hot chocolate are expected to be available in September; and that the much-anticipated Lexaria Energy protein bar is expected to be available around the end of September, in two initial flavors. More information on these products will be released as available.

On October 8 LXRP announced the manufacturing process to infuse active hemp oil utilizing Lexaria’s patent pending technology designed to provide higher bioavailability, has been completed for both coffee and hot chocolate. Both products are currently under packaging development and will be available for our customers soon.

According to the PR once the products have been delivered to ther Phoenix distribution facility, ViPova Coffee and Hot Chocolate will be available for purchase both through their online store at vipova.com; and also at their growing network of retail locations. Lexaria will announce when these two products are available to be purchased.

Vipova tea is currently available at a growing number of dispensaries across California. Contract sales efforts will also be made during the next 3 months, for dispensaries in Nevada; Oregon and Colorado. These new sales initiatives will continue to broaden the availability of ViPova products.

On September 6 LXRP announced two important new developments: the Company announced it has entered its first ever Private Label agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Lexaria will cause a certain new line of cannabidiol/herbal products powered by its patent-allowed technology to be manufactured under the Timeless Herbal Care Limited (“Timeless”) brand name for Timeless to market and distribute across the USA, Canada, and Jamaica. The Timeless brand with Lexaria’s enhancements will offer Timeless’ consumer base improved taste and bioavailability for hard-to-absorb molecules. By utilizing Lexaria’s protected technology the products will be unique in a sector where tangible benefits are highly sought after.

Lexaria has also entered a definitive technology out-licensing agreement with Timeless. Under the terms of the agreement, Timeless has acquired exclusive rights along with only Lexaria itself in the country of Jamaica and the option to acquire semi exclusive rights in each of Canada and the USA to use Lexaria’s patent-allowed palatability and absorption improving technology to develop, produce and sell certain products containing cannabidiol and other active ingredients under the Timeless brand in those nations.

On May 10 LXRP announced plans for research and formulation development (“R&D”) on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (“NSAIDs”) utilizing its patented technology and as provisioned within its previously announced 2017 & 2018 R&D program.

Lexaria will conduct in vitro absorption studies utilizing the Company’s technology to examine improvements in absorption across human intestinal tissue, which is expected to be followed by in vivo (animal) studies to confirm the Company’s hypothesis regarding first-pass liver metabolism. The Company postulates that its technology may enable oral delivery of NSAIDs without encountering first-pass liver metabolism, which has the potential to greatly reduce corresponding liver damage.

Pain-relief drugs are comprised mostly of NSAIDs and of opioids and represented a $36.6 billion market in 2014. (MSP, BCC Research – The Global Market for Pain Management Drugs and Devices, September 2015) Long term use or overuse of NSAID’s has been associated with chronic liver conditions that can be debilitating and even cause death.

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Currently trading at a $21 million market valuation LXRP has a tight share structure and a strong cash position of $830,000 in the treasury and no debt. LXRP is one exciting situation developing in small caps that has quickly attracted a loyal shareholder base who believes this one goes much higher; the Company is led by CEO who seems to be making all the right moves including buying up shares on a regular basis to augment his already 9M shares. LXRP patent pending technology designed to provide higher bioavailability has led to many new exciting products such as their much-anticipated Lexaria Energy protein bar as well as ViPova(TM) brand coffee and hot chocolate. We will be updating on LXRP when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with LXRP.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in LXRP either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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