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The Steady Rise of Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB)



Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) has been on the move up in recent months since reversing off $0.0318 lows in the beginning of December last year. The stock initially popped after PMCB announced it had finalized its pancreatic cancer for U.S. FDA approval to begin clinical trial.

Microcapdaily has been covering PMCB for years, we noted back on January 18, 2015 shortly after PMCB started trading on the OTCBB after the name and ticker changer from NVLX. We stated at the time – Pharmacyte Biotech Inc started trading on the OTCBB on January 8 after the name change from Nuvilex, Inc. The ticker symbol changed from NVLX to PMCB. The Company said that the name change is part of its transformation process to operate solely as a pure biotechnology firm leveraging its Cell-in-a-Box® technology.

Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) is a biotechnology company developing cellular therapies for cancer and diabetes based upon a proprietary cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation technology known as “Cell-in-a-Box®.” This technology will be used as a platform upon which therapies for several types of cancer and diabetes are being developed.

PharmaCyte’s therapy for cancer involves encapsulating genetically engineered human cells that convert an inactive chemotherapy drug into its active or “cancer-killing” form. For pancreatic cancer, these encapsulated cells are implanted in the blood supply to the patient’s tumor as close as possible to the site of the tumor. Once implanted, a chemotherapy drug that is normally activated in the liver (ifosfamide) is given intravenously at one-third the normal dose. The ifosfamide is carried by the circulatory system to where the encapsulated cells have been implanted. When the ifosfamide flows through pores in the capsules, the live cells inside act as a “bio-artificial liver” and activate the chemotherapy drug at the site of the cancer. This “targeted chemotherapy” has proven effective and safe to use in past clinical trials and results in little to no treatment related side effects.

PharmaCyte’s therapy for Type 1 diabetes and insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes involves encapsulating a human cell line that has been genetically engineered to produce and release insulin in response to the levels of blood sugar in the human body. PharmaCyte is developing the use of genetically modified liver cells and stem cells, as well beta islet cells, to treat diabetes. The encapsulation will be done using the Cell-in-a-Box® technology. Once the encapsulated cells are implanted in a diabetic patient, they will function as a “bio-artificial pancreas” for purposes of insulin production.

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PMCB has been around for years and was initially incorporated as, Inc. in 1996 in Nevada. The live-cell encapsulation technology employed by Pharmacyte Biotech is a way to enclose living cells in protective “cocoons” about the size of the head of a pin. Each capsule can enclose approximately 10,000 cells and the technology is considered a “platform” upon which treatments can be developed.

Dr.Mark Rabe, chairman of the advisory board of Pharmacyte Biotech subsidiary, Medical Marijuana Sciences (MMS) summed it up perfectly when he said ”The live cell encapsulation platform employed by Nuvilex is a unique patented technology on which treatments can be developed for deadly and debilitating diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The technology has shown to be successful in the treatment of pancreatic cancer in initial clinical trials using the conventional chemotherapy drug ifosphamide. ”

Many investors in the Company view Pharmacyte Biotech Cell-in-a-Box® cell encapsulation technology as THE future of diabetes treatment and suggest the Company is a prime buy out candidate from a major such as Bayer who may be closely watching PMCB.

PMCB spiked in December after the Company announced it has finalized its pancreatic cancer PMCB has a clinical trial product, a clinical trial protocol, including a clinical trial design, a Principal Investigator, and the company is ready to present its treatment for locally advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer (LAPC) to the U.S. FDA in an effort to secure approval to begin a Phase 2b clinical trial in LAPC

Commenting on those earlier trials, PharmaCyte’s Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth L. Waggoner, said, “What’s unique about our therapy is looking back at the earlier clinical trials, patients that had stage 4 metastatic pancreatic cancer had their tumors go from inoperable to operable.”

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Currently trading at a $77 million market valuation PMCB has very little debt and has done a lot to clean up the balance sheet in recent years. PMCB is an exciting story developing in small caps; according to available information the Cell-In-The-Box technology beats the current Gold Standard on The market, and we are talking about a market worth billion. Not only does PMCB have a history of explosive moves the stock has a loyal shareholder base who believes this one moves much higher. We will be updating on PMCB when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with PMCB.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in PMCB either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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1 Comment

  1. Gerald Jones

    February 18, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    The capsules actually hold 20,000 cells and for the Pancreatic Cancer therapy, there will be 300 capsules implanted by an interventional radiologist. So that is 6 million enzymatic cells that will activate the prodrug Ifosfamide at the site of the tumor in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer whose tumors can not be removed. There will be few if any side effects of this therapy. The goal is to shrink the PC tumor to a point where it CAN be surgically removed. So the PharmaCyte therapy is not a cure for cancer by itself, but is a “stepping stone” to removal, which is a cure for solid tumors.

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Meta Materials’ (NASDAQ:MMAT) Journey: Legal Hurdles, Innovation and Future Potential



Meta Materials (NASDAQ: MMAT) has been a hot topic as of late, with investors all over the web talking about a potential resurgence. If we rewind to late 2020 and glance at their stock chart, we witness an impressive surge from ~$0.54 to a peak of $13.52, an astonishing 2400% gain within’ the span of a few months. If you’ve been following our articles lately, you’ll notice a similar kind of performance from Tempest Therapeutics’ (NASDAQ: TPST). This is of course a rare event, but there’s a noteworthy angle to consider. While TPST’s initial data release triggered a significant surge, what propelled it further appears to be its “Poison pill” strategy. Recent tweets from MMAT’s CEO suggest a similar strategy is in the works. Could MMAT experience a colossal gain reminiscent of 2021 or even rival TPST’s performance? Let’s delve into Meta Materials, its recent developments, and potential prospects to uncover what’s in store.


Meta Materials stands at the forefront of advanced materials and nanotechnology. Their focus is on pioneering novel products and technologies utilizing sustainable and innovative scientific approaches. The interesting part is their advanced materials have the transformative power to enhance common products, infusing them with heightened intelligence and sustainability. Leveraging its technology platforms, they’re capable of empowering global brands in creating cutting-edge products that elevate overall performance. Their technology has application across multiple industries including aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, 5G communications, batteries, authentication, automotive, and clean energy. Overall, that’s ~$32B TAM and with current growth rates, it’ll increase to a whopping ~$61B TAM by 2026. Their goal is to shape a smarter and more sustainable world. If you look through their presentation, there are a number of ways their technology can transform our everyday lives. We highly suggest you take a look.

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You’ll notice MMAT has faced a challenging year as its valuation took a hit following the initiation of two separate class action lawsuits that stemmed from a short-seller report and statements related to Meta’s business combination with Torchlight Energy Resources.

We’ll keep this section short and focus on the accusations related to the business combination. If you’d like more information on the short seller lawsuit, click here.

Long story short, a shareholder filed a class action lawsuit against Meta on behalf of individuals who acquired the company’s publicly traded securities between September 20, 2020, and December 14, 2021. The lawsuit alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complaint outlined that Meta Materials, initially known as Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc., exaggerated its business connections, product capabilities, and pricing during its merger with Metamaterial Inc. The filing highlighted a subsequent SEC subpoena, leading to a share price drop. Additionally, a critical report by Kerrisdale Capital triggered another significant share price decline, further impacting investors.

However 11 days ago on October 2nd, 2023, there were significant positive developments regarding this situation. It appears that MMAT will no longer have this legal burden to bear. The lawsuits were entirely dropped, and the court ruled to dismiss all the allegations made against them. As you might of noticed, the initial announcement earlier this year led to a huge selloff. At the current moment, it’s trading at extremely low levels and many online believe there’s substantial upside.

Poison Pill:

As we previously mentioned, it appears the CEO, George Palikaras is working on a poison pill of his own. After Tempest Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TPST) released their latest data it brought ~2400% gain, but their poison pill managed to push that gain even further to ~4000%. If you’re not familiar with what a poison pill is, allow us to explain below.

A poison pill is a defensive strategy used by a company’s management to deter or prevent hostile takeovers or acquisitions by another entity. The term “poison pill” implies that it is intended to be unattractive or undesirable for the acquiring entity.

Typically, a poison pill involves issuing new shares or other financial instruments to existing shareholders, or allowing them to purchase shares at a significant discount, in the event that an outside entity acquires a certain percentage of the company’s shares. This dilutes the ownership and voting power of the acquiring entity, making the takeover more difficult or costly.

The objective is to make the acquisition financially less appealing or more difficult, encouraging potential acquirers to negotiate with the company’s board of directors instead of pursuing a hostile takeover.

Palikara just recently tweeted, “Revenue, strategic partnerships, cost efficiencies, hiring & paying for performance, non-dilutive capital, poison pill, relentless work, Revenue… Plenty of time 2 get in compliance, but our bar is set a lot higher than that.”

If you look through some of MMAT’s latest releases, you’ll notice they’ve announced various forms of funding, more recently they closed a financing for 50M with Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC.

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Potential Application & Outlook:

Pay special attention to this section, as we’ll be spotlighting potential applications of MMAT’s technology and where they’re at in the commercialization process. Many believe the application alone could hold substantial returns for long-term shareholders.

One user from Twitter, @Seashellpants, has shared a video that outlines in great detail MMAT’s agreement with the Simon Fraser university, one of the top universities in Canada and worldwide.

In this video, we’ll catch a glimpse of how the R&D process is going so far and potential application across various verticals. You’ll need to be cautious, as this video may cause “Heavy breathing”.

We’ll provide a brief summary below, but don’t miss out on the hyperlink above. It’s not only entertaining, but also packed with valuable insights.

Breakdown of the Video:

Just over 2 years ago on October 5th, 2021 MMAT acquired Nanotech Security Corp. which is now considered a subsidiary of MMAT. If we delve into MMAT’s 10Q from May 12th, 2023, there are multiple updates on how their research is going with the Simon Fraser University. Within this 10Q we also find an interview with the CTO, Clint Landrock, who unveils numerous case studies related to their nano-manufacturing commercialization efforts.

First and foremost, MMAT has been granted a parent-patent that includes it’s claim for nano-hole structures and applications for those features in the security and authentication industry. It also includes claims for the use of those nano-scale structures that are smaller than a wavelength of light in conjunction with printable electronic components, which would include electronic displays, batteries and solar cells.

Landrock states,”It seems like it could be used for a range of possible markets, including games and interactive displays for consumer products”. He even touches on how these displays could be used for specific light wave optical guides used in medical programs for sensing bacteria and disease or for drug application.

If we delve deeper, the initial purpose of this technology was to enhance solar panels by maximizing electron production, leading to more efficient and durable batteries. Considering their nano-scale structures are tinier than a wavelength of light, you can envision the implications for battery performance. Especially in the context of the ongoing global shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), this presents a significant opportunity to integrate such a groundbreaking technology.

However, given the immense demand for this technology across various applications, achieving scalability is critical, necessitating a roll-to-roll manufacturing approach to handle the high volume needed. Typically, scaling up can pose a significant hurdle, but what amplifies the excitement here is Landrock’s affirmation that they have effectively demonstrated, in collaboration with a third party, the ability to produce and operate their technology using high-speed roll-to-roll casting machines. The outcomes were remarkably positive with 100% through-put yield. Which means 100% of the images produced could be used for commercial purposes.

Another common barrier to entry is the costs associated with scaling a new technology. To make things even better, their technology also aligns with global initiative to be more green. Landrock states, “Also, this is a true green technology that will not harm the environment, costs less to produce than the current technology and provides far improved security for authentication requirements”.

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Agreement with Panasonic:

On September 29th, 2023 MMAT teamed up with Panasonic Industry Co. (An operating company in charge of device business within the Panasonic Group) to advance transparent conductive materials. This collaboration aims to enhance the supply of NANOWEB® films, which would benefit sectors like automotive and consumer electronics, transparent film antennas, heaters, and electromagnetic shielding.

The demand for ultra-low sheet resistance and high optical performance is increasing, particularly for flexible solar cells and smart windows. According to BCC Research, the global transparent conductive films market is projected to reach $7.6 billion by 2025 from $4.9 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.2%.

George Palikaras, CEO of META, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, emphasizing their shared goal to advance transparent conductive materials. Panasonic Industry has a track record of mass-producing quality transparent conductive films, making them a strategic partner for META.

Yuichi Yoshikawa, Director of Touch Solutions Business Unit at Panasonic Industry, expressed excitement about the collaboration, foreseeing it providing advanced solutions and creating new possibilities across various applications.

This collaboration merges NANOWEB® metal mesh designs by META with Panasonic Industry’s cutting-edge process technology, aiming to set new industry standards. They will showcase their collaborative solutions at CEATEC 2023 which goes from Oct 17 – Oct 20 to demonstrate the potential applications of this partnership.

This agreement holds significant weight. Keep a vigilant watch, the event is around the corner and they’re expecting ~200,000 attendees. A collaboration with a well-established and reputable name like Panasonic certainly changes the landscape, and could bring notable shifts for the company in the near future.


In essence, MMAT stands at a pivotal moment. With the resolution of lawsuits, it appears things could be looking up. Coupled with their recent strategic maneuvers and advancements in commercialization, MMAT certainly holds promise. Could they potentially see a significant valuation upswing in the near term? The consensus among thousands online is yes. Considering the innovation and potential impact, MMAT is undeniably a company worth vigilant monitoring in the months ahead.

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Disclosure: We have not been compensated for this article/video. MicroCap Daily is not an investment advisor; this article/video does not provide investment advice. Always do your research, make your own investment decisions, or consult with your nearest financial advisor. This article/video is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article/video is our opinion, is meant for informational and educational purposes only, and does not provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Picture by geralt from Pixabay

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Clean Vision Corporation (OTC: CLNV): Understanding the 180% Surge and Key Insights



Shares of Clean Vision Corporation (OTC: CLNV) have seen an uptrend of 180% since September 18th, 2023. This emerging developer of sustainable clean technology hasn’t had a press release since September 7th, 2023. The company’s seen substantial growth without targeted press releases to update investors. However if you look closer, a deeper narrative emerges. We found a number of SEC filings and there also appears to be a number of notable Twitter users talking about the company, believing it has substantial prospects near term. Before we move forward, let’s pause to gain a deeper understanding of the landscape surrounding Clean Vision.


Clean Vision is led by Dan Bates, and their goal is to tackle the global plastic waste crisis head-on. Their wholly owned subsidiary, Clean Seas, has developed the Plastic Conversion Network (PCN), a groundbreaking technology aimed at diverting millions of tons of waste plastic from landfills, incineration, and oceans. The PCN converts this plastic feedstock into clean fuels and green hydrogen, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering the carbon footprint.

For a 2 minute overview on the company, we found a great video that CLNV’s subsidiary put together just recently. Feel free to follow this link to watch.

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Clean Seas utilizes proven pyrolysis technology to produce environmentally friendly products, which are sold to multinational petrochemical companies, driving the circular plastic economy. Operational PCN facilities are already in place in Morocco and India, with additional conversion facilities in development across West Virginia, Arizona, and Southeast Asia. Long-term feedstock supply agreements exceeding one million tons of waste plastic annually have been secured at no cost.

Furthermore, the company aligns with ESG investment criteria and adheres to five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Backed by a seasoned management team with extensive experience in sustainability, international development, and finance, Clean Vision is poised to be a key player in the clean energy economy. They invite collaboration to make a significant impact on the global waste plastic problem, striving for a cleaner environment for future generations.

No Press Releases:

Often with OTC companies, it’s common that updates within the company aren’t always accompanied by press releases. If you can’t find press releases, it’s a good practice to search for SEC filings to ensure you haven’t overlooked any important information. There are a number of SEC filings to keep in mind that can be found on CLNV’s IR portal of their website. If you can’t find information on a public issuers website, you can also find anything you need here.

S-1 Filing:

There were a number of filings from August 31, 2023 to October 3rd, 2023 which were mainly related to their S-1 filing. This means the company will likely be up-listing to the NASDAQ. For those that don’t know what this filing is, here’s a brief description:

The S-1 registration statement is a comprehensive document that includes detailed information about the company, its business operations, financials, risks, management team, and the proposed terms of the public offering. It’s a crucial step in the process of conducting an initial public offering (IPO) and making shares available for public trading on major exchanges such as NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

A S-1 registration document is often lengthy and complex, making it challenging for everyday retail investors to grasp. To assist in understanding, we’ve broken down and simplified the initial page of CLNV’s S-1 for you:

CLNV S-1 Filing:

In essence their filing is saying that they are selling a large number of company shares (820,598,246 shares) owned by different people. These shares are part of Clean Vision Corporation, a company based in Nevada.

The people who own these shares can sell them at different times based on certain agreements they had with the company. The agreements are related to three specific dates and are linked to previous investments made by these shareholders.

May Purchase Agreement: This allows the sale of up to 269,042,604 shares based on an investment deal made on May 26, 2023.

February Purchase Agreement: This allows the sale of up to 454,166,752 shares based on an investment deal made on February 17, 2023.

August Purchase Agreement: This allows the sale of up to 97,388,890 shares based on an investment deal made on July 31, 2023.

The company, Clean Vision Corporation, won’t directly make money from the sale of these shares. But if the people who buy these shares decide to use certain options to get more shares, then the company will receive some money. The people selling these shares will handle the costs associated with selling them, like commissions and discounts. The company will handle the paperwork costs associated with registering these shares for sale.

8-K Filing:

It’s also important to note that the company filed an 8-K on October 3rd, 2023 mentioning that on September 26, 2023, Clean Vision Corporation made a deal with an investor. The investor agreed to buy 10,000,000 shares of the company’s common stock for a total of $198,000. The agreement was signed on that day but didn’t take effect until the investor paid the money on September 28, 2023.

As per this deal, the company sold these 10,000,000 shares to the investor at a price of $0.0198 per share. Additionally, the investor received 5,000,000 more shares, but these have restrictions on their sale. The company also has to register these 10,000,000 shares with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission within 45 days from the signing date, allowing the investor to sell them in the future.

Twitter Posts:

While exploring online discussions, we found Twitter users @FrankieBstock, @realsheepwolf, and @borders_LLC all showing enthusiasm for Clean Vision’s future potential. Although it’s important to remember that their views aren’t financial advice, it’s encouraging to see how CLNV’s journey has progressed since their initial thoughts on the company.

@realsheepwolf put things into perspective in a simple, comprehensive format for investors to see key takeaways.


✨non-dilutive financing

✨massive revenue growth

✨Morocco India operational

✨WV operational Q-1 2024

✨Arizona operational Q2-Q3 2024

✨Michigan, Mass., Puerto Rico moving toward definitive agreements.

✨Uplisting to NASDAQ”

Following the mentioned individuals, the video showcasing the company’s story above has been widely shared by @FrankieBstock and @borders_LLC.

As the company experiences a surge in daily trading activity another larger user jumped in on the action and took note of the company – expressing surprise at the remarkable increase in trading volume. Specifically, on October 4th, 2023, CLNV achieved a trading volume that equaled nearly $450,000 worth. This is quite significant, especially considering a singular share is being traded for a mere $0.05.


Clean Vision’s story has garnered significant attention of late, suggesting the possibility of broader recognition among retail traders. It may only be a matter of time before various investment communities direct their focus towards the company. Notably, certain influential users on Twitter, some with a substantial following nearing 20,000 people, are actively discussing the company, adding to its visibility.

However it’s important to note that consistent with their nature, these stocks demonstrate high volatility, carrying the inherent risk of potential loss of your entire investment. Yet, for some, the allure lies in the thrill of potentially substantial returns, akin to the potential behind the roll of dice at a casino.

We will update you on CLNV when more details emerge, subscribe to Microcapdaily to follow along!

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Disclosure: We have not been compensated for this article/video. MicroCap Daily is not an investment advisor; this article/video does not provide investment advice. Always do your research, make your own investment decisions, or consult with your nearest financial advisor. This article/video is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article/video is our opinion, is meant for informational and educational purposes only, and does not provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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MSP Recovery (NASDAQ: LIFW) in the Spotlight: Legal Battles, Luxe Living, and Stock Surge



MSP Recovery (NASDAQ: LIFW) has been on quite the rollercoaster ride, defying gravity with over 400% gain since September 14th, 2023 with over 240% of that gain happening this week alone. However, the exact reasons behind this meteoric rise remain elusive. Typically, when a company drops major news, you’d expect an instant stock reaction. But in this case, the last significant update from the company was about a week ago, and it’s questionable whether that news was much on the positive side, yet the stock is still zooming upwards.


Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of what MSP Recovery, more prominently known as LifeWallet, is all about. Imagine them as the healthcare financial detectives, diligently sifting through the complexities of medical billing and reimbursements. They specialize in recovering money owed to healthcare providers. If an insurance company owes a hospital for a patient’s treatment, these folks ensure that the hospital gets the rightful compensation. But their innovation doesn’t stop there.

Enter “LifeWallet,” their brainchild—a powerful tool designed to revolutionize healthcare transactions. Picture it as a savvy assistant for healthcare professionals, standing by their side in the hustle and bustle of medical care. LifeWallet’s magic lies in its ability to decipher the complexities of healthcare billing and insurance. It guides doctors and hospitals, helping them navigate the tangled web of who should foot the bill, especially in post-accident treatments. It’s a digital ally ensuring fair compensation and smooth financial transactions in the intricate healthcare landscape.

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MSP is making waves in the healthcare domain with this innovative approach, leveraging data analytics to streamline processes and champion fair compensation for healthcare providers. Much like a rollercoaster ride, their journey promises excitement, surprises, and an undeniable thrill in the world of healthcare finances.

Legal Battles and CEO Extravagnce:

Step back and look at their stock chart—MSP has taken a major hit in value this year, and it’s not without reason. Surprisingly, digging into the company’s operations revealed some unpleasant surprises we hadn’t anticipated. It’s been a rough ride for them.

The company was just recently involved in a class action law suit led by recognized leader in shareholder rights litigation, Robbins LLP. The case revolved around MSP not providing essential information to investors transparently.

There were a number of claims mentioned, here’s a quick list.

  1. MSP didn’t reveal there was an ongoing investigation by the SEC and federal prosecutors.
  2. They gave out financial information to investors that was significantly wrong and deceptive.
  3. When admitting they needed to fix their financial results, they didn’t reveal the full extent of the issues.
  4. MSP couldn’t financially handle the claims they were assigned to manage by a major health and engaged in deceitful actions with said provider
  5. The Registration Statement had lots of wrong or misleading statements and was poorly prepared.
  6. Their Proxy also had false or misleading statements.

It all started on July 31, 2023, where The Miami Herald unveiled significant revelations. Stating the CEO John H. Ruiz has been living quite the lifestyle buying several waterfront mansions in Miami, even an entire Boeing passenger jet.

It’s not surprising the Ruiz’s lifestyle was so extravagant considering LifeWallet was once valued at more than $32 billion, but as you can see the company is now worth a small fraction of that. That said, Ruiz’s expensive lifestyle would be tough to continue.

Then again, on August 1, 2023, the Company made disclosures to the SEC (Form 8-K), confirming The Miami Herald’s findings. The stock took another substantial hit, dropping over 12%. Adding to the unfolding drama. After that, a substantial $67 million lawsuit was filed against the Company on the same day, resulting in an 18% plummet in the stock price.

The narrative continues on! On August 17, 2023, MSP acknowledged a notification letter from Nasdaq’s Listing Qualifications Department. They confirmed the Company’s non-compliance with Nasdaq’s Rule 5250(c)(1) due to a delayed Form 10-Q filing for the period ending June 30, 2023. This revelation caused a 19% stock price drop over two days.

With that said, we’ll bet you’re seriously wondering how could this company could possibly see recovery (pun intended) after all these allegations were laid out.

What happened:

Surprisingly enough, it seems Robbins LLP just recently lost the case against MSP and there was an announcement made on September 13th, 2023 about it. All those allegations have vanished into thin air. It’s baffling how a company with so many strikes against it can seemingly wrap things up so quickly. The whole situation leaves us questioning what’s really going on.

Since the announcement the other week, the company’s valuation has skyrocketed, at some points even peaking at an increase of over 400%. Naturally with that kind of trading action, it’s no surprise day traders are getting in on the action. MSP is trending all over Twitter amongst notable users like @timothysykes, @stockplaymaker1, and @AngryRed316 talking about it.

At this point, it looks like investors are basing their trades more on chart patterns and less on the company’s solid financial footing. MSP didn’t deliver great news in its latest earnings report, showing quite a large net loss of over $400 million. It’s quite likely the allegations had a role to play in this financial blow. The real question is if MSP can get its act together, start making real profits, and avoid a chapter 11. Either way, we’ll continue to follow along to see how things pan out!

We will update you on LIFW when more details emerge, subscribe to Microcapdaily to follow along!

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Disclosure: We have not been compensated for this article/video. MicroCap Daily is not an investment advisor; this article/video does not provide investment advice. Always do your research, make your own investment decisions, or consult with your nearest financial advisor. This article/video is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article/video is our opinion, is meant for informational and educational purposes only, and does not provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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