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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Todays Stock Spotlight is AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN)

AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN) has seen an increase in volume and price off its base just under $0.50 after several online newsletters covered the stock to their followers.

AVRN just recently started trading on the bb’s; prior to their change of direction the Company was focused on marketing and distributing of Smart TV boxes to home consumers throughout the United States. In their filings they state they have not completely abandoned this business.

AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN) is focused on solutions in the digital currency markets, particularly in offering payment solutions to businesses worldwide. The Company’s business model is divided into four distinct categories: AvraPay: to develop a complete, turn-key and painless way for merchants to accept Bitcoin as Payment; AvraATM: to promote usage and acceptance of digital currencies through the Company’s proposed network of ATMs; AvraTourism: to provide cryptocurrency payment processing solutions for merchants such as hotels and casinos; AvraNews: to provide a news portal focusing on digital currency news.

The Company announced their entrance into the cryptocurrency sector last November when they announced a change in its business direction with the Company now being focused on solutions in the cryptocurrency and digital currency markets, particularly the Company’s planned focus is in offering payment solutions to businesses worldwide.

Avra’s flagship product, “AvraPay” plans to allow businesses and merchants worldwide with the ability to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The “AvraPay” solution hopes to provide a one stop shop for a business to accept cryptocurrencies.

AvraATM solution, when developed will work with kiosk operators worldwide in order to facilitate the creation of bitcoin and altcoin ATMs. Avra will provide the software and facilities to convert a simple bill pay kiosk quickly and easily into a cryptocurrency ATM.

Exciting AvraTourism will enable participating hotels, casino’s, restaurants and other tourism related businesses to target the Billions of dollars held by cryptocurrency travelers.

AvraNews will bring it together in one website portal publishing up to the minute stories, opinions, data, offers in the cryptocurrency markets, as well as sections devoted to the growth and investment opportunities through a virtual meeting place where investors can meet and conduct business with cryptocurrency companies looking to raise capital.

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AVRN CEO Steve Shepherd said “The high level innovative technology such as Bitcoin will change how we make transactions and therefore we believe this is a once in a decade type game-changer. With more than 8 billion dollars of Bitcoins already in circulation worldwide, we believe that Avra can position itself to be a force in providing business solutions in this exciting space.”

The most recent press release from AVRN was on January 8 when they announced the appointment of Mr. Barry Johnson to the position of Consulting Data Security Manager.

Mr. Johnson brings over twenty years of managerial, security, and engineering experience for commercial and government organizations. He has advised Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies on a number of security and technology issues.

Steve Shepherd, AVRA CEO said “Mr. Johnson is an industry leader in data security and we are pleased to have him join the team here at Avra. His experience, qualifications and reputation throughout the industry are impeccable. Barry will significantly aid Avra to provide the highest level of protection to both our consumers and industry partner.

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Currently trading at a $29 million market valuation AVRN has minimal assets and no revenues to date as well as rising short term debt. The stock has seen a recent spike in interest and volume after several online newsletters covered the stock to their followers. We will be updating on AVRN when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with AVRN.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in AVRN either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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