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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Todays Stock Spotlight is Spriza Inc (OTCBB:SPRZ)

Spriza Inc (OTCBB:SPRZ) is making a spectacular move up on massive volume from a start point of around $0.50 back in October last year to recent highs near $2 a share. The big has tightened and the volume accelerated in recent trading suggesting the stock is on the verge of a breakout.

SPRZ looks like the next big promo play but as of yet we see no evidence of hard mailers or landing pages yet. There are a number of promotional videos out there now that are starting to get some attention.

Spriza, Inc. is the world’s leading social network for group prizes and incentives and an emerging growth public company.

Spriza Inc (OTCBB:SPRZ) intellectual property is a robust and effective incentive marketing system that builds brand awareness and generates qualified targeted leads for any size of business through an online contest marketing solution “SPRIZA(TM)”. SPRIZA(TM) is modular, scalable, and fully customizable. It taps into the power of shared interests and personal relationships within targeted markets producing traceable and quantifiable results at every stage of the contest.

SPRIZA(TM) provides deep, real-time analytics and reporting, through a robust tool that measures marketing and advertising budgets for real time return on investment analysis and demographic profiling. SPRIZA(TM) leverages social strategies based on business objectives enabling branders to measure results of marketing efforts.

The result is a network of subscribers that participate in contest promotions centered and shared around their personal interests. SPRIZA(TM) produces quantifiable and verifiable participant data results, which can be used for ongoing marketing purposes with targeted demographics. SPRIZA(TM) data results assess how many consumers responded, whom they shared the campaign with, the level of engagement, how many other campaign participants were influenced and sales value generated.

SPRIZA(TM) is designed to work with Social Media engines including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and offers full mobile capability to engage popular mobile applications including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile operating systems.

In recent news SPRZ said it has begun beta testing its native app for the Android platform. Over the past 12 months the Company has attracted millions of viewers to its website through the hosting of numerous contests. The Company has hosted campaigns for Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp Canada, Hard Rock Hotel, House of Blues, Willie Nelson, Mandalay Bay Hotel, the NFL, GoPro and many more.

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Currently the Company is hosting 170 contests on its website with a total of 5,340 hosted to date. The average conversion rate from viewer to subscriber has been 16% and the time a person has spent viewing the website has been up to 29 minutes with an average of 4.14 minutes. The conversion metric is well above industry averages of .02-10% for conversions.(i)

“We’re like the Google search engine of contests,” said Spriza’s CEO, Rob Danard, adding the Company which launched in May, 2014 has consolidated contests into one central portal. “How we distribute contests is very similar to how Pinterest or Flipboard displays their content. Our social media contest platform was designed to engage and attract the user in the same way any social platform attracts millions of users. We are striving to parallel Pinterest and its 70 million+ users and with the state of the social media space we feel this could be attainable. The Android App parlays nicely into our global expansion plans where the majority of the population carries the Internet with them. Android devices currently own a large part of the market share.”

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Conclusion: Currently trading at a $125 million market valuation SPRZ is making a huge move up into dollar land that has all the markings of a massive promotion in the early stages. The website, spriza.com does in fact get a lot of traffic which has been growing steadily in recent weeks. From a fundamental standpoint SPRZ has little real numbers to back up anywhere near this kind of valuation and could drop significantly in the long term. Short term this one could go way higher.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in SPRZ either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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