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A Close Look at Kirin International Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:KIRI)

Kirin International Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:KIRI) has made a highly explosive move up in recent days from a start point of $0.05 to recent highs over $0.40 after several online newsletters alerted it to their followers.

The stock has run well over 800% in several days which is incredible considering KIRI has not issued a single press release thus far. KIRI is a stock with a history of big moves running from pennies to a high of $1.83 back in June of last year after the stock first hit the bb’s.

Kirin International Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:KIRI) and its subsidiary, Variable Interest Entities are engaged in the development and sales of residential and commercial real estate properties, and development of land lots in Xingtai city, Hebei province, People’s Republic of China.

The Company focuses on middle-income customers in tier-three cities. They also provide property management services, including security, clean environment preservation, flower and tree planting, and community facilities maintenance; and garden design and planting services.

KIRI is a U.S. corporation which controls Huaxia Kirin Real Estate Co., Ltd., the largest non-government developer of residential mixed-use properties in the southern Hebei Province city of Xingtai.

For 17 years Kirin has specialized in master-planned real estate development in China’s Third Tier cities such as Xingtai, where GDP has grown at a double-digit rate for the past four years, and is now the sixth largest economy in Hebei Province.

Kirin International was incorporated on December 23, 2009 under the laws of the State of Nevada as Ciglarette, Inc. focused on vaporizers, under the Ciglarette brand. In March 2011 they changed their name to Kirin International Holding Inc.

According to the 10Q from November 12 KIRI has over $25 million in cash and restricted cash with $355 million in total assets. They have $98 million in accounts payable and another $175 million in customer deposits and loans payable.

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KIRI is also doing huge revenues reporting $34,621,648 in total sales for the 3 months ended, September 30, 2014 down from $36,900,545 for the same period last year. These are huge numbers indeed but KIRI is a Chinese Company and lack of clarity makes it common for these Companies to trade at fractions of what their numbers suggest they should trade for.

According to a newsletter covering KIRI ”I really love this company because they are making MILLIONS and yet they continue to trade at such a low price. The last Financial report from KIRI has it making $.10 cents per share if PROFIT!! At its current price that’s 50%!! KIRI had $158MM in Revenues.

KIRI also operates in a sector that is seeing increased growth according to Moody’s Investors Service who said ”based on the communiqué released after the just concluded Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party — the central government will continue the urbanization process, loosen control of interest rates, and rely more on market dynamics to determine resource allocation.

This policy agenda will support the stable development of China’s property sector. In particular, a more market-driven sector will benefit large developers. These large developers will also have better access to bank financing at lower costs under the government’s intention to relax control of interest rate.

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KIRI has transformed itself in recent days from illiquid at $0.05 to one of the top traded stocks on the entire exchange recent hitting highs over $0.40 a share. Like many Chinese bb stocks KIRI has massive numbers but lacks the credibility to trade anywhere near what these number suggest it should. Currently trading at a $5 million market valuation KIRI has responded well to recent publicity and is holding its gains well. KIRI is a stock to watch.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in KIRI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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