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CHUMA HOLDINGS INC (OTCBB:CHUM) is making an explosive move up on accelerating volume off its base at a $1 as pot stocks heat up across the board and light the bb’s on fire. CHUM is fresh of the name change from Cannamed Corporation back in August of last year.

CHUM is a stock promotion from Mike Normans Report using the landing page mikenormanreport.com/page.php?pg_bl=69. According to the disclaimer ”Rigal Ltd. paid all of the costs associated with creating, printing and distribution of this advertisement. The publisher was paid $25,000 for its contributions. The publisher understands that Rigal Ltd. owns 1 million shares of Chuma Holdings, Inc., stock and has warrants to purchase an additional 1 million shares at $0.70.”

Mike Normans Report seems highly positive on the stock slapping a ”strong buy” and a $4.75 price target on CHUM. They say CHUM is like getting an opportunity to get into alcohol when prohibition ended. Why? A company producing revenue and growing at a rate you wouldn’t believe.”

CHUMA HOLDINGS INC (OTCBB:CHUM) and their wholly-owned subsidiaries provide turnkey financing and support solutions to the rapidly evolving and growing legal cannabis industry. The Company provides “seed to sale” key business services including financing, compliance consulting, dispensary solutions, banking and payment processing solutions, and marketing and sales consulting.

Chuma’s experienced team has over thirty-five years combined experience in the lawfully organized cannabis industry in California, and they are currently generating revenue from existing financing and service solutions. CHUM is planning on expanding throughout California and bringing our array of services to each new state that legalizes the use of cannabis.

The shell was incorporated in the State of Nevada on February 14, 2006 under the name XTOL Energy Inc. Over the years the Company has had a number of incarnations including LAUD Resources Inc., MASS Petroleum Inc., Dyna Nutra, Inc., Cannamed Corporation and finally Chuma Holdings Inc.

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The Company’s principal business was formerly the acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties located in the United States until the sale of its sole oil and gas property on May 30, 2014.

In recent news CHUM said it has acquired Paul Shively & Associates Inc. PSA is an industry leader in corporate compliance in the legal cannabis industry having worked with over 500 dispensaries and industry businesses. In the California medical marijuana field PSA brings seven years of expertise in the design, operation, compliance and required day-to-day mandates needed to run a legal collective, production and product company in the state.

Acquiring PSA provides Chuma the intellectual property Mr. Shively and his team have created over the last seven years. This intellectual property includes trade secrets and business best practices specific to the marijuana industry and critical to the execution of the Chuma business strategy.

CHUMA president Mr. Kevin Wright said “We are delighted to elevate our working relationship with Paul through the acquisition of his company. He brings twenty-six years of experience in corporate accountability and fiscal management for both public and private companies.”

Mr. Wright continued “We’ve had the benefit of Paul’s expertise since we began our operations. He has served as a Director of Chuma and as a consultant to the company. Paul has proven the value of his contacts, databases, operational know-how, financial analysis tools and ongoing knowledge of the legal medical marijuana industry in California.” continued Mr. Wright. “PSA is one of the most highly regarded service firms in Los Angeles. Our shared commitment to integrity, trust and teamwork will enhance our ability to provide quality services to our clients.”

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Currently trading at a $50 million market valuation CHUM has little real fundamentals to back this up with just $32,000 in the treasury, mounting debt and no revenues to date. The stock benefits from operating in the red hot pot sector and a significant promotion from Rigal Ltd. and Mike Normans Report that just got underway. As CHUM explodes over $1, the pot sector heats up and the CHUM promo comes into full swing this is a stock to watch.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in CHUM either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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