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Bulls Take Charge of Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA)

Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) is making a powerful move up the charts as pot stocks are heating up again.  5 states just passed legal marijuana measures, potentially growing the industry by $9 billion. MCOA is one of the original mj’s on the exchange that has seen several big moves this time of year and one historic run a few years ago; a run Microcapdaily reported on. Currently moving up off its all-time lows its easy to see why smart penny stock speculators are accumulating here.

MCOA management recently updated shareholders on business strategies stating: “Our primary goal in 2021 will be to expand our market reach into South America and Europe, and this is an initiative we have already set in motion. We see significant opportunity for our hempSMART™ CBD products in these markets and will utilize existing business contacts and relationships to bring this plan to fruition. We are optimistic that the future of MCOA is stronger than even the best day of its past.”

Marijuana Company Of America Inc(OTCMKTS:MCOA) is an emerging industry leader with focus in product development and sales & marketing with its proprietary botanical ingredients legal hemp-based cannabidiol (“CBD”) quality products under the brand name “hempSMART™”.  The Company’s premium quality products are double lab tested for purity and potency and sold to wholesalers, distributors, via online e commerce consumer platform, and a proven network affiliate marketing program.  The Company recently announced plans for international sales, production, and marketing expansion.  MCOA has developed Club Harmoneous to deliver all the benefits of cannabis conveniently and discreetly. Through MCOA’s Managed Services, the Company offers Marketing Services designed to increase membership. This is done through an affiliate referral program where members refer new member patients and earn discounts and income.

MCOA operating subsidiary is hempSMART™ who’s wellness products offerings include hempSMART Brain™ a proprietary patented and formulated personal care consumer product encapsulated with enriched non-psychoactive industrial hemp derived CBD. This encapsulation is combined with other high quality, proprietary natural ingredients to compliment CBD to support brain wellness. hempSMART Pain™ capsules formulated with 10mg of Full Spectrum, non-psychoactive CBD per serving, derived from industrial hemp, which along with a proprietary blend of other natural ingredients, delivers an all-natural formulation for the temporary relief of minor discomfort associated with physical activity. hempSMART Pain Cream™ each container formulated with 300mg of full spectrum non-psychoactive CBD derived from industrial hemp. The newly developed product contains a synergistic combination of natural botanicals and full spectrum hemp extract featuring CBD, CBG and a broad range of terpenes. The Company’s proprietary blend of Ayurvedic herbs along with Menthol, Cayenne Pepper Extract, Rosemary Oil, Aloe Gel, White Willow Bark, Arnica, Wintergreen Extract and Tea Tree Oil, provides an immediate cooling and soothing sensation. This topical wellness consumer product is formulated to help reduce minor discomfort and promote muscle relaxation on areas that it is applied.

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MCOA recently launched a series of promotional campaigns, where “Every Friday is Black Friday, at HempSmart”. These amazing “bundled’ packages will be offered both through our Affiliate program and online through the newly revamped HempSmart web site. Every Friday, a new special product package will be promoted and offered until the end of the year. By purchasing these packages, for less than the regular price of one product, the customer gets 2 or 3 extras with increased value. Once all discounts are considered and added, the overall cost of product could be reduced by up to 50% on some packages.

Last week MCOA management; Jesus M. Quintero, CEO and Robert Hymers, Founder updated shareholders on current strategies “One of my first tasks after being appointed CEO in December 2019, was to overhaul MCOA’s marketing strategy and lead us to profitability. Rather than using buzz words to market our hempSMART™ brand, we will emphasize the quality of our CBD products, shifting the limelight to the products themselves. MCOA offers organic, natural, high-quality CBD products, and that’s what consumers need to know. We invest extra funds to double-test our products, which is rare in the health and wellness industry, ensuring the integrity of our products is solid. When we send hempSMART™ products to a consumer, we know it’s backed with trust and credibility. Our new strategy is to leverage the credibility of our products to pursue international expansion and reach bigger audiences.”

On the debt reduction management stated: “Because of this model and investments in several since-failed ventures, my appointment as CEO carried with it $3.5 million of toxic, convertible debt. The Company is still laden with that debt, but we see it as an opportunity to change gears and demonstrate our commitment to the future of MCOA. Though this debt affects our ability to raise more capital, we have successfully cycled through nearly half our legacy debt, keeping MCOA out of bankruptcy and making sure it remains relevant to the investment community. Our quarterly filings demonstrate our ability to reduce debt. As you’ll see, under new management, MCOA’s debt has gone only one direction: down.”

Microcapdaily first reported on MCOA in October 2016 commenting at the time: “MCOA is an exciting story in small caps that is led by seasoned CEO in Donald Steinberg the man behind MJNA back in its hay day. MCOA is very well positioned to cash in on the Marijuana craze and has been highly successful in quickly attracting a large shareholder following who is currently bidding this one up.

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Currently running northbound as pot stocks heat up across the board and light up the OTCBB MCOA is an exciting story developing in small caps with a long history of big moves when mj;s heat up; its hempSMART products are gaining traction quickly and Company management; Jesus M. Quintero, CEO and Robert Hymers, Founder have been working hard reducing debt and ending dilution.. Microcapdaily has repported on MCOA for years as well as its historic this time of year 2017 leading into 2018. We will be updating on MCOA when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with MCOA.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MCOA either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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