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Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS: ENZC) Running Up the Charts After Biotech Outlines Progress and Future Plans (Update on: Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics & ITV-1 and IPF Immune)

Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS: ENZC) is making an explosive move up the charts after the Company announced a progress update and more on its future plans. The Company spoke in depth of its work at Texas A&M University Institute for Preclinical Studies focused on the production of fully human monoclonal antibodies targeting multiple infectious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1. Management also outlined the Company’s development of Artificial Intelligence for use in in-vitro diagnostic tests that diagnose viral diseases based on the presence of the conserved sites that remain unaffected by mutations.  At Enzolytics’s Dallas laboratory, managed by Harry Zhabilov, the Company’s CSO who coordinates the development and the production of two of the Company’s primary therapeutics, ITV-1 and IPF Immune. Both therapeutics are produced under patents invented by Mr. Zhabilov, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,066,982, 7,479,538, and 8,309,072. ITV-1 is a therapeutic for treating individuals with HIV. It has been successfully produced and has been earlier successfully clinically tested in human trials under the Bulgarian Drug Agency requirements. The Company has also completed the production of IPF Immune, a product shown to function effectively as an immune booster. 

ENZC is easily one of the most exciting stocks currently trading on the OTCQB. The stock was one of the biggest runners of 2021 skyrocketing to highs of of $0.958 and now that ENZC has reversed off $0.054 lows speculators are jumping back in and looking for something big here. ENZC has not disappointed so far running hard all day and closing at the high of the day (HOD), a very positive harbinger of things to come. Currently racing northbound, ENZC has huge liquidity, strong momentum and legions of investors from all over the world accumulating at current levels. Microcapdaily first reported on ENZC on September 16, 2020 just as it was taking off northbound after closing at $0.0009 the day before. 

Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS: ENZC) is a drug development company committed to the commercialization of its proprietary proteins and monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of debilitating infectious diseases. The Company is advancing multiple therapeutics targeting numerous infectious diseases. Enzolytics has been building up a strong Advisory Board to support Enzolytics’ leadership team in achieving the Company’s goals and mission recently adding both Dr. Suraj Kumar Saggar and Dr. Lachezar Bogomilov Ivanov to its Advisory Board. Management is putting a lot of focus on its Intellectual Property portfolio which continues to grow. The focus is on gaining competitive advantage through an aggressive patent strategy. The Company owns patents protecting both ITV-1 and IPF Immune as well as patents in HIV, Coronavirus and a Artificial intelligence platform for use in diagnosing COVID-19. 

One really exciting aspect of ENZC its its Artificial Intelligence platform which is being built under the leadership of Dr. Gaurav Chandra., the Company’s COO. The Healthcare A.I. market is expected to be 34 billion USD in 5 years. Enzolytics A.I. platform is unique because it has been driving the Company’s discoveries and Drug development. A.I. has helped Enzolytics move beyond big pharma’s monoclonal antibody discovery and development. As a result, Enzolytics continues to forge ahead with the immediate strategy to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets, design innovative diagnostic and prognostics tests, and expand the Company’s Patent portfolio. Enzolytics’ long-term plan is to be a serious contender in the personalized medicine market.  

ITV-1, Enzolytics’s therapeutic for treating individuals with HIV, is being successfully produced and has been earlier successfully clinically tested in human trials under the Bulgarian Drug Agency requirements. The Company has also completed the production of IPF Immune, a product shown to function effectively as an immune booster. Both ITV-1 and IPF are currently in production in accordance the precise methodology and specifications developed by Mr. Zhabilov. IPF Immune will now be available on the U.S. market. The Company IPF Immune dedicated website is expected to premiere this or next week. And the Company expects the product to be available in both large and small retail outlets as well as accessible from the dedicated IPF Immune website. 


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With regard to the anti-HIV therapeutic ITV-1, the Company expects to be able to deploy the therapeutic initially in countries in Africa, followed by completion of EMA certification for use and distribution of the product for therapeutic use throughout Europe. The Company is also planning to launch IFP Immune in Europe and Canada. The Company has distributorship contacts in Europe and sees tremendous added potential from sales outside the U.S. 

The Positive Therapeutic Effects of ITV-1 are numerous and include inhibiting the infection of CD4 T-cells by HIV, Reducing HIV viral loads, Replacing or complementing current anti-retroviral therapies. ITV-1 is potentially less costly and much less toxic and may be effective as a periodic therapy instead of a daily one. It is unaffected by HIV mutations that can hamper anti-retroviral therapies (HAART) and tests have shown a 80.5% drop in viral loads. It raises CD4 T-cell counts to healthier levels, a 68% increase in CD4+T-lymphocytes and has good compatibility with other anti-retroviral drugs. ITV-1 has benefits that antiretrovirals do not and may be used in situations where antiretrovirals are not appropriate. 

The Company has engaged Scendea to assist in introducing ITV-1 to EU countries through the EMA and to North America through FDA. Scendea is a leading product development and regulatory consulting group serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Scendea’s service will focus on reducing time-to-market and minimizing development costs. Scendea’s team offers strategic and operational support in quality/CMC, non-clinical/toxicology, clinical/medical, and regulatory, guiding the Company’s ITV-1 therapy efficiently to market approval. 

The Company’s IPF Immune therapeutic is now entering the U.S. market. This science-backed immune modulator helps strengthen the body’s defenses against viruses or other pathogens. The product works as an immune booster that increases the ability of the immune system to fight infections by stimulating antiviral activity and helping to increase cell defense. The product supports the body’s immune system thereby enhancing recovery and reducing the recovery period after an illness. The Company is also planning to launch IFP Immune in Europe and Canada. The Company has distributorship contacts in Europe and sees tremendous added potential from foreign sales. This product enters the market as sales of American Dietary Supplements in North American reach $50.11 Billion. These sales are forecast to increase to $77.10 Billion in 2028. Enzolytics has engaged Nutritional Products International (NPI) to access this 50-billion-dollar market=Enzolytics IPF Immune will meet consumer needs due to its significant benefits. 

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Currently trading at a $171 million market valuation ENZC has 2,830,435,953 shares outstanding of which 483,789,585 are restricted. For a biotech, the most explosive sector in small caps ENZC has good numbers with $2.23 million in the treasury and manageable debt including some convertibles. ENZC is easily one of the most exciting stocks currently trading on the OTCQB; moving up steadily since reversing off $0.054 lows, ENZC has a history of big moves skyrocketing to highs of $0.958 per share in February 2021 and it still boasts a massive following of investors accumulating at current levels who believe this one is going back up to where it was. While ENZC has gotten cheaper the underlying Company has been busier than ever. Currently ENZC subsidiary Virogentics, is seeing progress toward the production and use of its ITV-1, anti-HIV immunotherapy treatment in the Central and Eastern regions of Africa for patients with HIV/AIDS. Toxicology, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies (toxicology studies) of the immunotherapy are planned, a prerequisite to use of the immunotherapy in certain African countries. These toxicology studies will also be used in the Company’s progress toward clinical trials necessary for EMA approval. The ITV-1 therapeutic has succeeded in clinical trials earlier and the Company is planning additional trials leading to EMA approval.  ENZC could become a major player in the enormous $30 billion annual HIV market expected to reach $37 billion in the next 5 years. In a market primarily controlled by Gilead who sold $17 billion in HIV drugs last year Enzolytic’s HIV treatment is immunotherapy, not chemotherapy. One of the things that makes Enzolytic’s  ITV-1 stand out from the pack is its safety profile. ITV-1 is really a form of immunotherapy that strengthens the immune system. Most of the HIV drugs are part of the Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) which does its best to use chemotherapy in multiple ways to disrupt the proliferation of the HIV virus. The point to make is all the drug has to do is keep the viral load at bay and the safety profile will be what drives the approval process forward. Don’t underestimate ENZC potential here, it’s a biotech right at 52 week lows, has one of the biggest audiences on the OTCQB, recent highs near $1 and is seeing significant progress with multiple upcoming catalysts in several different billion-dollar sectors.  Microcapdaily first reported on ENZC on September 16 just as it was taking off after closing at $0.0009 the day before. We will be updating on ENZC when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with ENZC.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in ENZC either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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