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Friday, December 2, 2022

General European Strategic Investments (OTCMKTS: GESI) Massive Drop as GESI Slapped with Dreaded Skull & Crossbones

General European Strategic Investments (OTCMKTS: GESI) finally saw the massive drop that everybody has been predicting for weeks now. We stated in our article on May 25 on GESI “As we stated earlier GESI has a powerful promoter behind it who may continue to push it much higher, but the bottom will drop out, GESI is not SEC reporting and cannot maintain this valuation. The steady ride up every day on plenty of liquidity is nice but be careful when the bottom drops out, it will happen very fast.” and it has happened fast for the GESI which was heavily promoted by a number of groups including The-FinancialNews.com linked to an aggressive google add campaign. The problem from the beginning is GESI never had anything to back up the price, the stock was non reporting with no revenues and no real assets. We stated in our last article that “Since they are not sending emails OTCMarkets does not show GESI is being promoted.” OTCMarkets has caught on now and slapped GESI with the dreaded skull & crossbones designation reserved for obvious scams. 

From current price levels GESI will see significant declines; currently trading at a $3.1 billion market valuation GESI is not SEC reporting and has no assets besides the lasko project which the Company values at $32.4 million on their balance sheet. According to a recent disclosure the Company has $77k in the treasury and carry $7.9 million in liabilities on the books and have no revenues to date. Last week as GESI market valuation was expanding by billions of dollars the Company’s 80% owned subsdiariy Euro Gas decided to press charges against Robert Schmid, Schmid Industrieholding GmbH (SIH), Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH (Baumit), Eurofillers GmbH and Eurotalc vaguely suggesting “wrongdoings of the Schmid Group” In any case instead of pointing fingers at others maybe GESI should worry about itself and its shareholders who are being taken to the cleaners. The reality is that GESI does not support a market valuation of more than $15 to $30 million which means the stock will be trading for pennies in the end and all shareholders buying at current levels will lose 95% of their investment. GESI will be good for some bounces on the way to pennies and some may exceed 100% in hours.  

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General European Strategic Investments (OTCMKTS: GESI) is a US OTC listed company holding significant interests in Tier-1 and district-scale projects, located in Europe. The portfolio of GESI includes: Gemerska Poloma – Arbitration Case, Laakso PGE-Nickel-Copper Project, ColdPro LTD and the Transcarpathian Gold Project. 

GESI has issued a number of press releases over the past few months but if you want to skip these because really the don’t mean anything, then skip to the conclusion that start with “currently trading at a $3.1 billion market valuation in bold; on May 20 they announced that following a strategic review of its capital structure, it plans to seek majority shareholder approval to designate a new series of preferred stock allowing it to implement strategic financing opportunities. Under the proposal the CEO Wolfgang Rauball selflessly agreed to take a salary of $1 per year, demonstrating his full commitment to creating value for all shareholders. Shareholders who will assuredly lose 95% of their investment or more. 

Wolfgang Rauball, GESI’s CEO, said at the time, “following majority shareholder approval we plan to submit a Certificate of Designation to the Nevada Secretary of State to effect this change in stock designation. Through the use of these authorized preferred shares, the Company’s management believes it will be able to better attract funding from various strategic sources.”  The Company entered into a Consortium Agreement for the Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods for Deep Mineral Exploration Project. GESI participates in the SEEMS DEEP Project through its wholly owned Finnish subsidiary Laakso Minerals Oy. The Consortium Agreement of the SEEMS DEEP Project has been signed by all the Parties and has come into force. 

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The Parties include: the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK); Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences, Sweden; Bureau des Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM), France; Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences; Geopartner Geofizyka sp. z. o.o., Poland; GRM-Services, Finland; IRIS Instruments, France; Laakso Minerals Oy, Finland. 

The Consortium Agreement specifies the relationship among the Parties, concerning the organization of the work between them, the management of the Project and the rights and obligations of the Parties concerning inter alia liability, access rights and dispute resolution. 

Being now in full force, the Consortium Agreement shall continue and be in effect until complete fulfilment of all obligations undertaken by the Parties under the ERA-MIN3 funding rules. 

Presentation of the first scientific results of the SEEMS DEEP Consortium will take place between the 18-22 September this year at the 4th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers in Belgrad, Serbia. 

The SEEMS DEEP Project is a part of the ERA-MIN3, a global innovative pan-European network of 24 European and non-European research funding organizations, aiming to strengthen the mineral raw materials community through the coordination of research and innovation programs. The Project has been selected for financing by the referees after a strong competition of 146 pre-proposals for its scientific excellence, impact and implementation. The total budget of the Project is € 2,182,518. Other Participants alongside GESI include the: Geological Survey of Finland, Bureau des Recherches Géologiques et Minières (France), Uppsala University (Sweden), Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, IRIS Instruments (France), GRM-Services (Finland), Geopartner Geofizyka (Poland). 

The SEEMS DEEP Consortium is implementing the innovative scientific-research methods, approaches and ideas in discovering of the deep-seated ore deposits within Laakso’s reservation permit through the development of a novel workflow, integrating seismic and electromagnetic methods. The SEEMS DEEP workflow aims to substantially improve geomodels that will enable better decisions in exploration drilling, which in turn will lead to decreased exploration cost and a smaller environmental impact. Its ambition is to produce high-confidence earth models that add more value to the exploration project than several drill holes that might miss the exploration target and provide only point-like data. 

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Currently trading at a $3.1 billion market valuation GESI started trading in late April at $5 per share and it has been a volatile ride since then, dropping to as low as $0.84 in early April the stock traded over $10 per share in June before a massive crash shaving half the price off to $5. Now that GESI has had the dreaded skull and crossbones designation added by OTCMarkets and the promotion that used an aggressive google add campaign leading to changing numbered pages at The-FinancialNews.com is waning GESI could drop very quakily. as we said before; the reality is that GESI does not support a market valuation of more than $15 to $30 million which means the stock will be trading for pennies in the end and all shareholders buying at current levels will lose 95% of their investment. GESI will be good for some bounces on the way to pennies and some may exceed 100% in hours.  We will be covering it. We will be updating on GESI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you dont miss out.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in GESI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article


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