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Friday, December 2, 2022

Here Comes Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH)

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) is an exciting story developing in small caps that has transformed in recent weeks to become one of the top most traded stocks on the entire exchange.

PPCH initially exploded out of sub penny land to $0.0465 highs in mid-March after a newsletter called the Wealthy Biotech Trader announced that “Biotech Company Could Be on the Cusp of New Proenzyme Drug for the Treatment and Prevention of Certain Forms of Cancer.”

After the initially run up PPCH drifted down to just over a penny where it formed a new base. In recent days PPCH has been moving up steadily on accelerating volume quickly attracting some of the biggest sub penny stock players around.

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) is focused on developing new cancer treatments for patients suffering from pancreatic and colorectal cancer. Together with their scientific and oncology consultants, they have developed a rational, composite formulation of anti-cancer compounds which exert a number of effects designed to control or prevent tumors from recurring and spreading throughout the body.

PPCH leading products are variations upon our novel formulation and involve or employ pro-enzymes, which are inactive precursors of enzymes. As a result of positive early indications of the anti-cancer effects of our technology, we intend to submit our pro-enzyme treatment to the rigorous, formal non-clinical and clinical development and trial processes required to obtain the regulatory approval necessary to commercialize it and any product(s) derived and/or to be derived therefrom.

In the near term, PPCH intends to target patients with limited remaining therapeutic options for the treatment of solid tumors such as colorectal or pancreatic tumors. In the future, we intend to development our lead product to treat (i) early stage cancer and (ii) pre-cancerous diseases and (iii) as a preventative measure for patients at risk of developing cancer based on genetic screening.

On March 10 the Wealthy Biotech Trader announced some recent breakthroughs in the development of new cancer treatments, and the companies that play in the field.

Chemotherapy and other key cancer treatments have so far only been effective in the elimination of cancer cells that are at the initial stages. Propanc Health Group Corp PPCH is a Company developing a revolutionary new drug, which in its trial stages, set to provide a lasting treatment option for advanced cancer cells. It will also prevent the re-growth of cancer cells through metastasis.

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Since 2007, Propanc, an innovative biopharmaceutical company, has been working with extensive drug development and oncology and clinical experts, Professor Klaus Kutz and Dr. Julian Kenyon whose combined experience of more than 60 years in medicine has been critical in the research and development of PRP anti-cancer treatment.

By focusing on metastasis (cancer spreading) as the main and most difficult challenge to treating cancer, Propanc’s PRP is designed to ensure that malignant cancer cells cannot transfer to secondary locations and seed new tumors. Its multi-functional cancer fighting properties ensure enhanced production of the naturally occurring protein E-Cadherin to prevent metastasis, prevent the transformation of epithelial cells into mesenchymal cells through epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), and prevents cancer cell re-growth, hence preventing the spreading of cancer to vital organs of the body.

By restoring E-Cadherin levels, transition of epithelial cells to mesenchymal cells is inhibited in a process that prevents the growth of invasive cells travelling to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or blood into surrounding tissues. PRP works by altering several critical pathways for cancer cells that otherwise lead to the growth of malignant tumors.

On March 19 PPCH announced it has commenced the second stage of its POP1 research program with the University of Jaen, Spain, to investigate further the anti-cancer effects and cellular mechanisms associated with proenzymes as a treatment for cancer. The aim is to identify new patentable drugs as back up compounds to the Company’s lead product, PRP.

PPCH CEO James Nathanielsz said “Our intention is to aggressively screen and develop new compounds for future development as a back up to our lead product, PRP. We hope to establish an exciting new treatment class in oncology which complements existing treatments and helps reduce the threat of tumor recurrence and metastasis. This is part of our strategic plan.”

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PPCH has some big names behind it; Klaus Kutz, CMO of Propanc has prepared multiple investigational new drugs (IND) FDA applications for Sanofi, a $48 stock. Dr. Ralph Brandt of Propanc successfully led the tumor biology program for animal studies at Novartis. Novartis is now trading at $98 a share.

PPCH has no revenues to date, minimal assets and significant rising short term debt. But this is an exciting story developing in small caps and the stock is quickly attracted a large, fast growing shareholder base that swears this one goes way higher. We will be updating on PPCH on a daily basis so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily.com so you know what is going on with PPCH.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in PPCH either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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