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Monday, December 5, 2022

Media Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDA) Back Below Where it Started

Media Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDA) has been in steady decline since the stock hit highs near $0.12 share towards the end of last year on a significant stock promotion. Since those heady days the stock has continued to drop recently falling below a penny.

MEDA is the latest promotion from new kids on the block Finestpennystocks.com, Smartstockchoices.com, Bestamericanstocks.com and Elitepennystock.com. New Kids came out with Glenmark Capital Corp; GLRKF back in November and they took it from illiquid at $0.20 to well over $0.60 on spectacular volume.

Media Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDA) operates in the social media space; they were incorporated in the state of Florida in mid-2011 as Fansport Inc. and planned to develop and provide social gaming mobile applications for fantasy sports enthusiasts. When this proved to be unsuccessful, they changed their name to Media Analytics Corp. in September of 2013.

MEDA is the official reseller of Klarity for the U.S and U.K. markets. Klarity provides detailed comparative metrics from the widest range of social platforms, and provides the added uniqueness for Western marketers to gain insights into the social behavior of Asian consumers.

MEDA has little fundamentals; their only asset is the 300,000 they carry on their books for the Klarity agreements which has not been paid for yet according to the amended agreement. The Company has $157k in current liabilities and $0 revenues to date.

According to Hotstocked who dug back deep into the filings”some unnamed investors paid $12,000 and in exchange, they received 24,000,000 shares of MEDA common stock back in August of 2011. The 24,000,000 shares were turned into 72,000,000 last month when MEDA decided to effectuate a 3-for-1 forward split. For the record, each and every one of those 72 million shares cost the unnamed investors just $0.00016”

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BestAmericanStocks said on MEDA ”Breaking News: MEDA associates with largest video portal in China. Dear Trader, MEDA has is on a one-way course to break 10-12 cents today. Did you buy shares of MEDA yet?

MEDA is strategically located out of Mountain View, CA in close proximity to Apple and Google’s headquarters which is giving the company a huge advantage in closing high profile deals. MEDA ‘s latest announcement is as good as it could get. The company issued an Official announcement through 8K filing (highest possible level of release) announcing its latest association with Youku to aggregate data for the social network’s portal.”

They end with ”Now may be the best time to buy MEDA shares and today is probably the last chance we will have of buying shares for a relatively low price so do make a move accordingly! Would you be surprised to see MEDA shares go past 20 cents? I absolutely wouldn’t! With this latest announcement anything is possible now!”

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Currently trading at a $1.8 million market valuation MEDA has little fundamentals. The stock was the subject of an aggressive promotion from new kids came to town. Finestpennystocks.com, Smartstockchoices.com, Bestamericanstocks.com and Elitepennystock.com showed us their ability to successfully trade a stock up over the longer term.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MEDA either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article

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