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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Gloves Come Off On SPO Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: SPOM)

SPO Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: SPOM) among the most volatile and explosive RM plays in small caps did not disappoint in recent days dropping well below $0.25 on Thursday before running to $0.50 plus on Friday.

The recent action revolves around the unaudited financials released by the Company on Friday showing $3.6 million in revenues for the Quarter ended March 31, 2020. Investors believe these numbers do not include Gerpang.

SPO Global Inc. (OTC Markets: SPOM) recently completed its merger with Gerpang Healthcare Group. Its subsidiary, Shandong Gerpang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an innovative and technological private enterprise located in the pharmaceutical Valley Industrial Park of Jinan high tech Zone. Its main business scope includes biomedical R&D, medical information software development and sales, medical high-tech introduction, medical high-quality consumables production and sales, health care products, drugs, medical equipment consumables agency and sales. According to its website:  GP Healthcare Group is located in Jinan Pharma Valley Industrial Park, High-tech District. It is an innovative technology-based private and high-tech enterprise. The group was founded by School of Pharmaceutical Science of Shandong University Prof. Fengyou Lu. Mr. Lu possesses 24 years of market operating experience in pharmaceutical market in the Greater China region, and has successfully run four foreign-funded enterprises and large private enterprises. The main business scope of the Group includes bio-pharmaceutical R&D, development and sales of medical informatization software, medical high-tech introduction, production and sales of medical quality supplies, dietary supplement, medicine, as well as agents and sales of medical equipment supplies. There are 220 staff. Besides the Group had more than 10 international and national patents, and its annual turnover nearly reaches RMB 1 billion.

Microcapdaily has been reporting on SPOM along the way stating on February 13 when the stock started running stating at the time: SPOM was up over 600% in afternoon trading after the Company announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Gerpang Healthcare Group of Shandong in a reverse merger agreement. Gerpang has a staff of over 220 people, more than 10 international and national patents, and an annual turnover of approximately RMB 1 billion.

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In May SPOM announced its CEO Lu Fengyu  and his business partner Yu Jianjun visited  Shandong Linjie medical Co., Ltd.. The Company’s president, Mr. Wang Jianzhong, led them to visit the company’s office building, logistics center and the quality control department as the two companies discussed the key points and terms of cooperation in the “ShiPuSheng Chinese Medicine Chain Clinic Project”.  Shandong Linjie Medical Co is an important third-end outpatient medical institution product distributor in the  pharmaceutical  field  of  Jinan City. The Company currently has authorization to sell more than 4,000 medical and health products, and its business covers more than 500 Chinese medicine clinics in the jurisdiction, with an annual turnover of 250 million yuan RMB, even during the period of the coronavirus epidemic.  Shandong Linjie anticipates a period of strong growth for all sectors of its business.  In the next three years, under the leadership of the company’s management team, the Linjie team strives to developnewservicesfor2000 outpatient clinics.

On June 19 SPOM released its unaudited quarterly report showing $3.6mm in revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2020. Currently its getting plenty of attention on twitter

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Trading at a $64 million market valuation SPOM is virtually debt free with a fairly tight stock structure that has been among the most volatile and explosive RM plays in small caps. The new Company Gerpang Healthcare Group of Shandong, China says they have a staff of 220 people, more than 10 international and national patents, and an annual turnover of approximately RMB 1 billion. On Friday SPOM released its unaudited financials for the quarter ended March 31, 2020 showing $3.6 million in revenues for the Quarter. Investors believe these numbers do not include Gerpang. We will be updating on SPOM on a daily basis so make sure you are subscribed to microcapdaily.com so you know what is going on with SPOM.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in SPOM either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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